Why Take Your Kids on a Trip to Russia

If you are planning on taking your teenage children with you when you travel across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, it will be an amazing trip for all, especially the young ones. To be exposed to such a unique culture at such a young age will do your children no harm at all, and for kids aged between 10-16, a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway has much to offer.

Broadening Horizons

By travelling on the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Vladivostok, your children will see a completely new approach to life, and we all know that travel broadens the mind, as it makes people aware that there are other cultures, with their own religious beliefs, customs and practices. It is never too early to expose your children to other cultures, and with the right guidance, they will learn a lot about what makes the world go round.

The Planning

There’s no better opportunity to help your kids understand the need for making plans than a trip to Russia, and if you involve them in the preparation from the very outset, they will gain some very valuable hands-on experience on how to plan for a holiday. Your children can start by planning what they will pack for the holiday, and you can review their choices, which will help them develop their critical thinking skills, and who knows? They might teach you a thing or two! There’s also an interesting article on why we should introduce responsibility in young children, which puts forward a good case.

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Learning About Geography

By the end of the trip, your children should be able to read and understand a map, and you could give each child a map of Russia and ask them to plot their journey as the trip unfolds. This could begin prior to the trip, and you could help your children to research places of interest, which will enhance their appreciation when they finally arrive.

Developing the Family Bond

When a family experiences something together, it enhances the strong bond, and by helping each other through the highs and lows (there will be lows), you will become a stronger family. Doing things together creates a union, and with everyone working towards the same goals, you will be giving your kids much needed moral support, as they learn new things.

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Learning How to Handle Responsibility

If you gradually give your children more responsibility, they will become more dependable, and as you are all thousands of miles from home, in a country where you can’t speak the language and have little knowledge of local ways, there are plenty of opportunities to load a little more responsibility into their daily lives. You could, for example, delegate tasks to your kids, making one responsible for ensuring that everyone is hydrated, while another one has the role to stay with the valuables when out and about. The trick is to gauge their level of reliability and always task them with something that is within their capabilities, and they will rise to the occasion. A family that is on the other side of the world, travelling together in unfamiliar territory, needs to pull together, especially if you happen to be on the train during a festive holiday.

There are endless ways that your children will benefit from this epic adventure you are about to embark on, and by booking with an established tour operator, you will all have the experience of a lifetime and will grow together.

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

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