Quick Glance: Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, ahhh. Aren’t both these places on everyone’s London bucket list?! We didn’t spend too much time at these places but I wanted to give you guys a quick glance since they’re too beautiful too miss!  


Welcome to Westminster Abbey! We walked here from the London Eye ’cause it was must easier and cheaper than catching a bus or cab. It’s not hard to find and everyone knows where it is so if you do get lost, ask around 🙂



Such a beautiful church! This is where Prince William and Duchess Catherine were married back in 2011.



No photography or videography allowed inside the church, which is why all my photos are of the outside. Still beautiful though. Love the details!


This church is huge! And there is a lot to see. Stroll through, enjoy it, it’s nice 🙂 I recommend maybe spending maybe around an hour here.


Stunning views of the outside! 🙂


After Westminster Abbey, we headed to Buckingham Palace! We walked through St. James Park to get here. Nice park although it was cold and a bit wet when we were there.


We went in the afternoon so we missed the changing of the guards which is what most people like to see. It happens at 11:30 am and usually last around 45 minutes. I heard that there are a lot of people so do try to come early if you plan on seeing that.



Made it!


Love the gates!



Take a few photos, take a look at the palace and be off. Other than the changing of the guards, there’s not much to see here. I’m glad we stopped by and got to see this in person though!





Have you guys visited the Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey? What are your thoughts on these places? Do you think they’re worth visiting? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts. ♡

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  1. That is where Abbey Road is? Did you do the walk? LOL! There’s gotta be four of you. I have never been to England and could only admire the beautiful and truly magnificent structures. Seriously, I wish we have better-maintained destinations in Metro Manila so that there are go to places where tourists could be taken care of.

  2. Ahh your photos are awesome! The sites are so classy and the architectures really look superb! I wish I could visit that place too. Soon! Thanks for sharing. Bookmarking this post for future reference 🙂

  3. I’ve been living here in London for more than a month and yet, I haven’t had a glimpse of these two. Lol. I did see both during my first London trip but it was very very rushed so I never got to enjoy my visit. I plan on doing it next week. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  4. When I was doing my MA in London, we got to go into the archives and library of Westminster Abbey and it was AMAZING. We were high up above everyone else milling around looking at 12th century papers and seals. Such a beautiful place. I wish they would have let us take photographs. Glad you had a wonderful time, the abbey is one of my favorite attractions in London.

  5. I’ve walked past Westminster Abbey so so so many times but I’ve never entered the grounds or gone inside! Thanks for the photo tour– and the reminder! I never really noticed all the detail on the Buckingham Palace gates either. The iron and gold crests are amazing.

  6. Aww, I miss London even more! I didn’t enter the Westminster Abbey when I was in London as there are lots of things to see and do. But we went to take a few photos of the Buckingham Palace. Didn’t see Kate and Wills, though. A friend did so I was sooo envious! Anyway, the park beside the Buckingham Palace is a nice place for a stroll, too. There are lots of squirrels running around – so cute!

  7. That’s such cool photos! This trip worth the price, because the Westminster Abbey is just such an amzing architectural and magnificent place! I’ve been to London quite some years ago, but Im dreaming to go after seeing your post!All those details, and I’ve never catch up on those!

  8. I find these 2 of the most beautiful sites in all of London and definitely worth visiting, although I must admit I haven’t visited Westminster Abbey properly before despite living in London, jut walked past it many times! 🙂 your post has definitely inspired me to visit it properly and have a stroll around 🙂

  9. I haven’t visited the Westminster Abby on the inside as I found it to be way too pricey. But from the outside it indeed looks very beautiful. It actually reminds me of the Salisbury Cathedral, which has the same type of courtyard and architecture.

  10. This is very well put and picturesque! You take very nice photos as well. I love cathedral and medieval buildings so much. Another item in my bucket list!

  11. Yes i have! I am like you, though it isn’t life changing but still good to see it in person! Love all your photos xx

  12. Wow! Westminster Abbey, yup that’s definitely one from the Bucketlist. The photos are great by the way 🙂 and good thing the weather was nice! Tho I think 3 days is very very very short atleast you still visited and you had fun 🙂

  13. My first exposure of the Buckingham Palace is when Princess Diana died, yeah I know morbid. But really because of that I learned about the royal family. The Westminster Abbey on the other hand I learned from the book The Da Vinci Code.

    Anyway, I am quite amazed by how intricate the details of these two structures and I’d love to come visit them someday of course.

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