Welcome to Venice!

I was so sad to leave Paris but very very excited that we were heading to Venice! We were up pretty early for our train ride and thankfully the train station was just walking distance from our apartment. Unfortunately when we got there, we had trouble finding our way, there weren’t many people around to ask for directions! We did eventually find our way. But my random tip for everyone is that if you’re not familiar with the place you’re going to be sure to leave earlier than usually so you don’t miss your train/flight!

We booked our train tickets online through Loco2 around 3 months before our trip. They were £14.36 each or roughly P900. We had a quick stop over in Turin, where we had lunch and looked around the station and rested. We boarded our next train at about 2pm and everything was pretty normal, running smoothly. So we had another 4 more hours to go then suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, in some sort of baron land, we started to slow down and eventually stopped. No one knew what was going on!

My dad asked around and found out that apparently someone had committed suicide!!! :O So sad to hear! There were investigations, police, etc. etc. They didn’t disclose it over the intercom though, I guess they didn’t want to freak out their passengers, which is fair enough. I was pretty freaked! Butttt around 2 hours later we continued our journey. We arrived in Venice at around 11 pm.

It was late and we were all tired but when I walked out of the train station and saw Venice, AHHH it was just so stunning. There was something about that moment that made me fall in love with Venice! Venice is probably my favorite city in Italy, or maybe tied with Rome. Hehe!

Another random tip! Make sure you either buy a simcard or have coins ready for the telephone booths especially if you’ve made arrangement with people when you get to your location. Unfortunately we couldn’t contact the person that was going help us with our apartment so he had no idea that our train had been delayed for 2 hours. We rang him up eventually at one of payphones at the station, explained everything to him. Thankfully he wasn’t that pissed off, hahaha! We did have to pay a little more extra cause we checked it late, but that was no problem since they disclosed it on the booking website (we booked through booking.com – if you want to see some of the apartments we stayed at, click here).

We woke up early the next day, had breakfast and we were off to explore this beautiful Italian city.

I love the rustic architecture! And the streets always seem buzzing with energy! It’s also filled with so much art. We walked by a ton of art galleries and people holding exhibits.

On our first touring day we decided to explore the San Polo and San Croce area which was where our apartment was. We also opted to take a Gondola ride here since we were assuming there would be a ton of people riding Gondolas in the San Marco area.

It was €50 (around P2600) per Gondola for 30 minutes and we were a family of 5. The Gondola is quite big as well so I’m guessing you could fit roughly 6-8 people including the Gondolier. This is the standard rate (so I’ve heard, circa 2016) so if someone asks you to pay more then just go find another one, there are plenty to choose from. Also try to go on one with pretty decors, like the one we had hehe. Felt quite royal, to be honest. Hahaha!

Ahhhh. Just like I always imagined it. Hehe! Another dream come true for me!! 😛

Be sure to choose a good Gondolier! There are a lottttt of them but try to figure out the good ones from the bad. We got an awesome one! She told us a lot of facts about Venice, told us stories and even sang us some songs! Anddd she was willing to take our family photos which is always a big plus! I can’t, for the life of me, remember her name though, which is a shame.

Before we came here I did read a lot online about some Gondoliers that were quite rude, would ask for more money and were just pretty grumpy the whole ride. Definitely stay away from them, they’ll ruin your experience for sure.


Look at all those people!! For the rest of the day we just walked around, did a little shopping. Bought some awesome leather bags too.

Always remember to give thanks. Everyday blessings ♥

Who could forget Gelato??? I think I had one everyday while we were in Italy. So goooooooood, craving some right now just looking at it. Oops 😛

Everywhere you look is a stunning sight. Picture perfect memories!

The building on the far right (photo above) is St. Lucia station.

While we were strolling around at 8-9ish pm we heard all this commotion down in the port below the Ponte degli Scalzi (aka The Bridge of the Barefoot). We were curious and when we had a look, the Venice Police were pulling up man! He was soaked! We assumed he was unconscious and not lifeless, since they did wrap him in a space blanket. We weren’t sure what happened after, it was quite scary, but we left before the people started piling up.

The next day we went to St. Mark’s Square, I’ll be writing about it soon! Venice is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the chance to explore and the few days my family and I spent here at some of my most favorite memories ♥

Have you guys been here before? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d to hear from all of you!


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  1. Indeed picture perfect memories. Even the gelato is love. Would love to travel the world someday and feel, see and smell Venice, too. Ive been to very few countries and traveling for me wouldn’t be complete without ticking off from my list Venice. Thanks for inspiring me to dream of Venice. I will someday.

  2. I’d freak out if I hear about someone committing suicide in the same train where I am as well. Glad your trip still pushed through albeit being delayed for 2 hours. Venice looks like a place I would really love as well because I have a penchant for old architecture. And you encountered another commotion! What a memorable trip you must have had! Was it an overcast day when you toured Venice?

  3. OMG!! I love those pictures and that Gondola ride………… ah looks super worth it! <3 I was in Greece a few months ago and my co-interns and I were supposed to go to Venice until they flaked cause it might be too expensive for us. I'm so sad cause it seems like I missed out on so much 🙁 Waaaa, bookmarking this for future reference tho. Thanks!

  4. What a great vacay! From Paris to Venice.. ahhhh.. I could only dream about the grand canal right now. And if I was there, I would probably have a gelato every single day too! I would probably eat my heart out. Lol! The gondola ride looks superb too! This definitely looks like a great vacation. 🙂 Safe travels!

  5. I am just so envious. I tried the gondola ride at McKinley but I am sure that this is nothing compared to your experience. I felt goosebumps just looking at the photo. Dream come true indeed.

  6. Awesome eurotrip you have there! I think I’ll just keep on snapping photos at europe cos everywhere is picture worthy! The buildings, the houses, the streets, everything is just so nice. Haaay. <3 Take care on your next stop!

  7. Wow from Paris to Venice – that sounds amazing! Sorry your trip got off to a bad start but it sounds like you had a good time in the end. I’ve never been to Venice but I would love to take a trip on a Gondola. I didn’t know you could fit 6-8 people in just one!

  8. Wow! Another lovely travel post and this tome its Venice! A few weeks ago i went to Venice Grand Canal mall in Mckinley and i wasn’t able to ride the gondola. Nonetheless i was inspired to dream about visiting Venice Italy someday! Next year we are booked for Macau and i hope to ride the gondola at venetian, but still Venice is on the bucket list! Nithing beats the original 🙂

    1. Yesss the original is always the best! 😛 Still haven’t been to Mckinley yet, will try to go some time next year. And I hope you have fun in Macau! 😀

  9. Someone died on the train tracks?! Oh my god, that’s horrible! I would be pretty freaked out too. But I’m glad that the rest of your trip went okay. I dream of going to Venice too, you girl, is lucky. It’s also my wish to ride a gondola, hopefully with a loved one.

  10. You saw a lot going on there! Haha but anyway the photos are STUNNING! I love how rustic everything looks, the buildings kahit na hindi na vibrant kulay nila maganda padin. The gondola ride is one i always wanted to try. Lalo na if he is a good singer 🙂

  11. Ohhhh! Italy! I love and trust you as they say. Lol. I would love to visit it, ot’s my dream country. I feel envious with you because you did!

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience, and the photos made the story alive. I love the rustic look of the city.

    I was wondering if they’re able to keep our Pasig river clean, and planned well urbanization, could we have a similar waterways like that of Venice?

  13. So sad about that suicide bit, otherwise Venice can never be a disappointment. I was there almost 6 years back and your pictures brought back wonderful memories.

  14. If you ever have to leave Paris, I can’t think of a better reason than to visit Venice! I always thought gondola rides were more expensive, 50 euros for half an hour sounds really reasonable, especially with 5 people. Putting it on my bucket list!

  15. Venice, of course, we think of the canals when we think of this city. It’s an awesome experience for you and your family and thank you for sharing it here. I love how honest you are in this post, and this is the first time I read how some of them could be rude. I think the price you pay to ride for 30 minutes on a gondolier is expensive. The train ride was much cheaper, but then again, you are paying per person, … but I digress. It’s a great reminder of what makes Filipinos so great too. Because if it is here, one thing you will not hear about from complaints is the rudeness. We are far more hospitable and friendlier.

  16. Oh that gelato cup!
    My bucket list destination Venice.
    Even though you plan your vacation 100% there will always be something that will never go right away and going to a destination and asking for directions frustrates me a little. Some people can never be that helpful. Thanks for bringing us to Venice! 🙂

  17. It’s my dream to visit Italy. Venice would be on my top places to visit within Italy. Everything about it is a dream. The Gelato and gondola ride would be the must do’s! Thanks for the tips here. I’ve been bookmarking posts such as yours for my future trip! 🙂

  18. Venice is also part of my bucket list. Well, I want to be my partner in the future. I’ll take note of getting a good gondolier. I hope we are good at assessing as it’s P2600 for just 30 min. after all. Whew… So long as we feel cozy there and we feel the romance with the serenades. I also would love to try gelatos there.

  19. I would love to visit Venice soon! Wow! I also want to ride on a Venetian Gondola! Would definitely include this on my bucket list in the future! The information here are very helpful and would love to experience Italian hospitality. 🙂

  20. Venice is really a dreamy place! We’ve been hearing about the canals since we studied literature. I sure would love to see the place with my own eyes. It’s kind of pricey though, so I better save up!

  21. Venice is one of the places I would really love to visit in this lifetime. I was just reading Dan Brown’s Inferno a few weeks back and it made me want to go to this beautiful, quaint place now. If only I can afford it. I sure hope I can go to Italy one day!

  22. Venice never disappoints and I am lucky to have been there a few times as well as other places in Italy. I am glad you were able to enjoy it and take great pictures. I like the straightforward and direct nature you have. Happy 2017!

  23. I always wanted to visit Venice and I’m planning to invite my girlfriend for a trip in Venice as a surprise. I know many people who went there and said it was really beautiful. 50€ for the gondola is not too expensive. I’ve been told way more expensive price. Now I just hope that it won’t be too long and difficult to find a good one once we’ll be there

  24. The gelato looks so amazing!!!! Wow! Venice truly is wonderful and beautiful!!! I’m so happy to have seen it through your eyes and your lens. Everything seems so magnificent. The way you wrote this post is so enticing and how your pictures are shown just shows how good of a writer you are,

  25. We’ve been meaning to visit Venice for SO long! It looks like such an amazing city, full of vibrance, culture and beautiful architecture! Do you think gondoliers are worth it? Just because they are so expensive!

  26. Oh wow! Venice looks amazing. I’m planning to travel to Europe next year and this definitely makes the cut because of your post!

    Julia Antoinette

  27. Venice looks unreal! I had a choice between Venice and Rome one year and picked Rome, but have slightly grown to regret that recently. It looks so beautiful, and your gondola ride sounds like a great experience!

  28. I almost went to Venice last year but I had such mixed reviews on it I was a bit put off. I couldn’t make the dates anyway so had to cancel. But reading your post on it has made me think again. It is somewhere I want to experience for myself to make up my own mind about it I think. Oh and the inside of the gondolier looks so regal! Love it.

    1. Aww. If you do end up going to Venice, let me know what you think! I also heard so good and bad reviews but I just had to see it for myself, no regrets! Hehe.

  29. Venice isin my bucket list so it was nice being able to live vicariously through you. Everything looks amazing- I’m now even more motivated to make sure I visit soon. Seemed like you had an exciting trip though – first a suicide on the train and then man being pulled out of the water by the police, that must have been overwhelming! You definitely had a trip to remember, that’s for sure!

  30. Oh, more Venice, lucky you 🙂 I really enjoyed the other post about Venice, where you got ‘attacked’ by Hitchcock’s birds, but that one is also full of stunning images. Venice, be sure we will meet one day !! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos with the world 🙂

  31. Venice is the city that my mother like most, i showed to her your post and she loved the pictures 🙂
    It makes me want to go to Italy!

  32. I love each and every aspect of Venice you have shown here. I wish I get the chance one day to experience the same. Hope you didn’t let the bad incident on the train bother you on the trip. I would have surely freaked out to hear about a suicide.

  33. I’ve been to Venice once. Unfortunately, it was early October and the weather was terrible, and I also had a few bad experiences (one with Gondolier, and two with people from the restaurant). So, I said I would never visit it again.
    However, now that I see your pictures and read your beautiful memories, I wish to come back to Venice at least once again. Wish me luck. 🙂

    1. Oh no! Did it flood while you were there? Heard also a lot of flood experiences. Wishing you the best of luck, hope it’s much much better! 😀

  34. I just came home from Italy and miss it very much…Venice was my last Italian stop before going on to Amsterdam. I loved everything about Italy although I did have some difficulty here and there with directions and communication as I only know a few Italian words. Venice and Rome both stole my heart they were like being in a fairy tale story book. I was lucky enough to meet a Limo boat rider who gave me a wonderful tour of the beautiful city and canals. Adored it there…I also got to see the Island of Burano and Murano..I loved Burano where they are world famous for lacemaking it is a beautiful place! Glad you enjoyed your time in Venice loved your photos…Venice will be in my heart forever! Gelato omg I think I ate 4 scoops a day while I was in Italy…sooooo good!! ???

    1. Wow! Lucky youuuu 🙂 Sounds like such an amazing experience! I also heard so many great things about Burano and Murano. Will have to go back to visit! Thank you Maureen!

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