Weekend Cruising – Not Your Average Weekend!

When most people think of cruises, they think of long-haul trips that last weeks or even months but never an option for a long weekend or even short weekend, but this option is more than possible and becoming more popular all the time. The price of a cruise is also a factor for many people, but many short cruises actually represent great value for money. In fact, when you factor in how much it costs for a weekend in Sydney including meals, drinks and entertainment the prices are actually comparable.

You may be asking yourself, where to find these great weekend cruises? This is the easy part, there are a number of cruise comparison sites that you can find online where you can select a cruise based on duration, price and also departure point. At the time of writing, cruises from Sydney offer great value for money and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Using Sydney as an example, let’s have a closer look at some of the short cruises you can enjoy at the drop of a hat.

Short Cruises from Sydney

As previously mentioned, a cruise duration no longer has to last weeks or months. There are a number of cruises that people can take just for the weekend! Of course, time allowing, a longer cruise might be preferable, but they are no less enjoyable than some of the shorter options on offer.

Please see below for just a few possible itineraries from Sydney for short cruising breaks.

  • Sydney to Sydney – 3 nights at sea – This is a cruise where you can pack your bags on a Thursday morning and enjoy 3 nights enjoying all the ships entertainment. From a comedy themed cruise to a mega celebration for a special event or milestone birthday, you are guaranteed have a memorable break and one you’ll want to repeat whenever you can.
  • Sydney to Sydney via Moreton Island – 4 Days – Although life onboard a cruise ship is enjoyable with all the mod cons you could ever need; many people like to get off the boat not only to stretch their legs a bit more but also to include an actual destination. Beautiful Moreton Island makes a perfect place to stop for a day and boasts great beaches and snorkeling opportunities.
  • Sydney To Brisbane – 2 Days – If you’ve been planning a trip to Brisbane and don’t fancy a long road trip or flying, this enjoyable cruise up the east coast could be exactly what you’re looking for. Brisbane is great city and one you can enjoy over a few days before you head back to Sydney. You might need to factor in a long weekend to get the most out of this cruise.

There are many more short cruises to be found online, all you need to do is have a good and find one that meets your duration requirements, destination wishes and price point. Cruise comparison sites constantly update their available cruises enabling you to find the right cruise at the right price.

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