Visiting The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum

Welcome to The Egyptian Museum! Also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and Museum of Cairo. It was built in 1901 and is one of the largest museums in the Middle East region, housing an extensive collective of over 120,000 ancient Egyptian antiquities.

My family and I were taken here by our tour guides before visiting the Pyramids of Giza. Click the button below to continue reading!

Where is it located?

The Egyptian Museum is located in Downtown Cairo, on the north side of Midan Tahrir.
Here is the Google Maps link:

The Egyptian Museum

Opening Hours

It is open everyday.

Mornings Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (ticket booth closes at 4.15pm)
Evening Hours: 5:30pm to 9:00 pm Sunday and Thursday (ticket booth opens at 5:30 pm and closes at 8:00 pm)

Egyptian Museum Entry Fees
Entrance Gate

How much are the entrance fees?

Main MuseumPrices in EGPPrices in PHP
Morning HoursEvening HoursMorning HoursEvening Hours
For the Mummies Room
These are the foreigner prices. Conversion as of Dec 2020
Prices in EGPPrices in PHP
*Photo/Videography is not allowed in the Mummy Rooms and in the Tutankhamun’s Room

What is there to see?

There is so so so much to see here! As I mentioned before, it houses over 120,000 antiquities. I definitely recommend getting a guide if you go here so that they can tell you a little bit about the special pieces in the museum, including mummies, sarcophagi (stone coffins), pottery, jewelry and of course King Tutankhamen’s treasures. Of course, one the most stunning pieces is the Gold Mask of Tutankhamun which is composed of 11 kg of solid gold!

Here’s a gallery of some photos I took inside the museum:
*Note: Some areas of the museum do not allow taking photos/videos

I enjoyed learning about mummies! Our guide was able to explain the process briefly, it was really interesting! I also loved looking at all their gold jewelry 😀 see the two photos below, so beautiful! 😀

There is also a gift shop on the way out. My mum just bought a mug and magnet here. 🙂
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The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum

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