Visiting the Eiffel Tower


Yesssss, finally made it!!! Can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower!!! ♥


If you read my previous post about our first day in Paris, you’d know that for the first few days that we were there it was freezing cold and raining all day! We prayed and hoped that the sun would come out on our last day and voilàààààà!



We took our Hop-On-Hop-Off bus to the Eiffel tower and headed straight for the lines since we knew it was going to be a long wait! See all the people in the lines behind me! I think we waited around 30 mins to 1 hour. There are also separate lines for those taking the stairs vs the elevator so make sure you’re in the right line! 😛

The guards are the entrance of the Tower are quite rude. Don’t let them ruin your day though!


Ticket prices: (Adult rates | 12 to 24 years | Reduced rate for 4 to 11 years and Disabled)
Lift to 2nd floor = €11.00 | €8.50 | €4.00                                        €1 = Php 53 *as of November 2016*
Lift to top floor = €17.00 | €14.50 | €8.00
Stairs to 2nd floor = €7.00 | €5.00 | €3.00

We opted to take the lift to the top floor then stop on the 2nd going down!


Paris from above!!! Kind of reminds me of the view of New York from the Empire State Building 🙂



There are a lot of people here! There are defintiely some parts of the tower are just full of people. Still a great view and awesome expereince though 😛


You can also buy champagne from the bar while you’re enjoying the view!

In love with Paris!!!  ♥

On our way down we stopped at the 2nd floor. This is where all the restaurants are and the souvenir shop!


I love the clear glass floors! Hehehe.

Of course, who can forget to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground!


Look at this cute kid, just chillin’ in his stroller. Hahaha!

The Eiffel tower is also a lot bigger than I expected! In previous years I think there was an ice rink here, not sure if they’ll have it again this year but that would’ve been fun to try!


We had pizzas for lunch beside the Eiffel Tower. Stunning lunch view if you ask me 😛 Also bring snacks from the grocery stores to save money, snacks near the popular tourist destinations are quite pricey.



While we were in Paris we also wanted to visit the Pont des Arts bridge to see the famous love locks but we weren’t sure if they were still up. So after visiting the Eiffel Tower we decided to stop by another bridge with love locks!



I’m actually not to sure about the exact location of this place but if you take the L’OpenTour Hop-On-Hop-Off bus you’ll pass by it! Or you can definitely just ask for directions, we used google maps. Just search/ask for Vedettes du Pont Neuf.





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  1. France is on top of my dream destinations. I don’t just wish to visit, I actually dream of living there, to learn French and really know the culture. I am so envious that you finally got to see the Eiffel tower. 1 hour is a long wait indeed but it looks like it’s worth it. I wouldn’t mind waiting at all!

    1. I took French back in my younger years but forget everything! And just the other day I actually downloaded an app on my phone to teach me basic French! So far, so good 😛 Hehehe.

  2. I felt you here “DREAM. COME. TRUE. Yesssss, finally made it!!! Can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower!!! ♥” CAN I CRY WITH YOU? HAHAHA! It’s my dream destination too, so envy you already saw it. I need to work extra hard for this dream. What did you feel when you saw it? Baka maiyak ako when my time comes. HAHA

    1. It was overwhelming! Hehe. Maybe because I’ve been reading about it for so so so long hehe. Your time will come!!! And when it does, please let write about it 😀

  3. I loved the way you have captured the Eiffel tower from different angles. Most of the pics of the tower I have seen are taken from afar so as to get the complete view of the tower. Some of your pictures presented the tower in a completely new perspective. Thanks for this visual treat. Not to forget, the pic with the locks galore looks amazing.

  4. Excellent photography.
    My only regret was I didn’t climb to top. Anyways got to see the views of city through your pics.

      1. Hi Indrani! Why didn’t you climb? I wish you could have. I mean, going to the Eiffel tower is a rare chance for foreigners like me. Maybe climb the next time around?

  5. I’m so happy you finally made it to the Eiffel Tower! We got engaged there so it will always hold a special place in my heart. It looked pretty busy, but seems like you made the most of it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It brought back a lot of great memories! But now I want to go back LOL

  6. thanks for sharing all these gorgeous and magnificent views and pictures.. i was in paris long ago before digital cameras were the rage and my photos were all lost now.. wish i can go back there… i however missed going up the eiffel tower and am still beating myself up over it…

  7. Paris is always on top of my international travel goals. Haha! I don’t know when but I’m sure I’ll be able to visit one of these days. Your photos gave me a glimpse of what to expect and it made me even want to visit! And your OOTD was also super fab, you look good on it. 🙂

  8. Lovely! Wow, didn`t expect the line to be that long! I`ve never seen it this close in photos, people are usually content with the full shot from afar hehe Enjoy your stay!

  9. The pictures of the Eiffel Tower brought back memories of our visit to Paris a couple of years ago. Love the Eiffel Tower standing by the Seine in majestic splendour.

  10. I share your joy in finally being able to go to a place that you’ve always wanted to visit. The experience will always be worth it. But boy, look at that line – didn’t know it could be that long. Cheers to happy travels and I hope to be able to go to Paris too in one of my future trips.

  11. OMG! I am so happy for you! I guess everyone has Paris in their bucket list and I’m glad you were able to tick it off from your list! Did you visit the Louvre Museum? I also want to visit Paris but I’m currently trying to finish South East Asia first before I visit European countries. And btw, your photos are all so nice.. Makes me really jealous. hehe!

  12. Can we switch lives for the period you went to see the Eiffel?! This is also something on my bucketlist and you are SO LUCKY to have been able to see the place in person! Your outfit was SO chic! I just adore that red button skirt you have on! So cool!

  13. Lucky you! Thanks for taking us there. I enjoy looking at your photos and feel I am there with you hahaha! I really love to put a love lock in that bridge someday!

  14. I now that Eiffel tower is lovely, but your pictures are breathtaking. I am also hoping that one day, I could go there and see for myself. It’s been one of my goals after finishing school.

  15. The views from the top of the tower are so beautiful! I have never been to Paris but I do know one thing about the Eiffel tower, the steel that it’s made from it was produced in Romania. 🙂

  16. Wow, awesome view, guards shouldn’t be rude, hahaha, they need to be patient with a lot of people visiting the place as a front liner, but anyway, you had a great experience, that’s the thing that matter, I really wanted to visit that place, hopefully in the near future, I only saw their tower on movies and that locks, it’s a lot

  17. Looking at the photos, I had a sudden realization. What makes the Eiffel Tower special? Is it the height and the fact that it is a tower? Is it the view? I don’t think so. I think it is the stories that have been told, settings on the tower, the love stories that makes it special. Imagine if we do that here too… create stories of our destinations.

    1. It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Paris or see the Eiffel Tower in real life, it always makes me so emotional. I don’t know why! <3

      To answer Robert's question, the Eiffel Tower is special because it was never intended to be a permanent structure in Paris. It was a temporary installation to celebrate France's 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution.

      It is also a television / radio tower.

      Thank you so much for your images and for transporting me back to a country I adore! I also value how you included the prices to visit, this is something alot of travel bloggers could learn from.

      Merci Beaucoup!

  18. It’s my dream to go there too. Still waiting to be married to my current bf so we can go to Europe for honeymoon. Hahaha! The Eiffel Tower reminds me of Tokyo Tower in Japan. Thanks for including the price. We really have to take our time when we’re there since there’s long wait and it’s pretty expensive.

    1. That would be a lovely honeymoon! Definitely try and have dinner at the restaurants there hehe, I’ve heard good things although quite pricey!

  19. Your post is a great read for me because I am heading to Paris in a few months time and I do want to get a beautiful view of and on eiffel tower 🙂 I love the views.

  20. Ah, Eifel Tower! Envy you! hahaha
    but is it true that people who go to see Eifel tower are mostly couples? Because if it is, then I hope I’d visit it with my partner! haha so it’s more romantic!
    Love your outfits too!

  21. I guess most would want to see Eiffel Tower and experience its beauty and majesty. I also dream of being there with my loved ones. Perhaps in the near future. Even my boys know and are familiar with Eiffel Tower because of the literatures they read.

  22. Oh wow the Eiffel Tower! If I ever go to Paris that’s the one place that I HAVE to go! I don’t know many places there, but this is a must-see for me. I’m a bit surprised though that it’s not very cheap to ride to the top, but I guess as a tourist since we don’t see it often we ought to get our wallets ready to spend a bit! 🙂

  23. Oh, my! Oh, my! Paris, the city of love! Oh, how I dreamed of going there! Just so sad that it is not possible for me as of the moment and I can’t see it yet in the near future. Maybe soon, but not yet.

    Anyway, I love your photos. I am super happy that you were able to fulfill your dream at your age! Keep going, girl! I can see that you have a lot of places to visit ahead of you. Keep sharing to the world!

    My gosh! What was I doing when I was 23?!

  24. Envious does not even begin to describe how I feel. This has always been one of my dream cities but I may never visit. I’d rather spend the money on family and family vacations. At least I get to see more of it through your site.

  25. Second to Italy would be France on my dream destinations. I would love to visit the Eiffel Tower one day. Along with the Louvre. Hopefully I finally get some travel in this year. Maybe not France but hopefully somewhere new!

  26. When I was in Paris I did not have the time to up to the tower because of my strict business schedule then. I remember myself standing on the ground underneath the 4 “legs” of the tower and it felt to me HUGE!! Next time I ll be in Paris this would be my first thing to do there! I loved the 4th photo with the weird angle of view and the sun flare. Did you do this on purpose? Did you leave the sun flare on purpose?

    1. That’s exactly how I felt when I was standing under the Eiffel Tower!! The photo wasn’t taken on purpose but I’m happy how it turned out hehe. Thank you 😀 😀

  27. It definitely must be feeling like you’ve conquered the Eiffel Tower when you are atop, clicking a picture. Even I wish do to so some day. The view from top is stunning. Being able to see a panorama of the city itself sounds really amazing.

    – Pixellicious

  28. I saw the Eiffel Tower in 2009, after studying French for three years (all forgotten now). It was a good moment, I’ll admit. Unfortunately, it was cloudy at the top, so no view for us. 🙁

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