Villa Escudero, Quezon, Philippines

Villa Escudero! Been hearing this name popping up, also seeing it on Jessica Soho’s show and my family and I wanted to check it out! It’s located in Quezon Province and I live in Pampanga so it took us roughly 4/5 hours. From Manila however, it should only take 3 or 4 hours. We got there at around lunch time so we were pretty hungry, excited to have lunch at the waterfall resturant!
It was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wide Dona Claudia Marasigan where it was a self-contained working coconut plantation. Upon entering the hacienda you are greeted with sky high coconut trees. It wasn’t open to the public until 1981 and since then has been a great tourist spot for all Filipinos and visitors.
We originally weren’t going to stay overnight, but since it was a long drive back home and there was still other things to see we opted to stay for the night. Upon arrival we were offered welcome drinks (Gulaman) and then escorted to our room.
There are many rooms available ranging from P2,200 to P7,000 depending on the room and number of people. We had rented the Long House (no aircon, but we went during December so it was not hot or uncomfortable at all), and we were 5, so it costs us P2,300 each, which included lodging, use of recreational facilities, lunch at the waterfall, dinner and breakfast in the morning (all buffet!).
They do offer day tour packages if you live near by: Mondays to Thursday (Adults : P1,250/Half rate P625 (Children below 4 feet). Fridays to Sundays & Holidays (Adults : P1,400/Half rate : P700 (Children below 4 feet))
  Delicious food! However I was a little disappointed with the varity, I was expecting more choices. However, I loved the ambiance. I would recommended coming with sandals as your feet will get wet. Although they do have a shoe rack if you wish to go barefoot.
This is the museum which you can have a look at, full of antiques and great collections. Unfortunately no photography is allowed inside. I’ll you guys will have to come check it out for yourselves!
Carabao ride! Although it is slow, it’s nice to be able to take your time and look around, plus there are people singing beautiful Filipino songs for you. My dad really enjoyed this hehe.
Philippine Experience Show. Usually happens after lunch, a performance by the employees of Villa Escudero featuring traditional Filipino dances with their beautiful costumes.
Other activities you can: swimming in their pool, bamboo rafting (we didn’t get to do this!), rural village tour and bird watching.
I really enjoyed my stay here. I’d love to hear about your experiences! For more information, check their website:


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  1. We’ve been here ages ago.. Maybe it was 8 years since then.. I think they got better and better as years went by… I wanna visit it again! I love the lunch at the falls.. Awesome experience!

    1. Yes I have heard that it’s improved for the better, you should definitely go back! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I’ve been here before, though I was quite preoccupied with something else to notice the view, huhu. I want to go back and experience the place again. For some reason, your photos aren’t loading for me 🙁 I wanna see them!

  3. I think I need to add the Philippines to my bucket list and travel there. I always hear beautiful things about this place. 🙂 great article!

  4. The pics on this post is not loading (at least on my end, w/ error message file not found ).

    Have not been to the place, but we’ve seen the road going to it on our way to Matnog Port, Bicol. Hope to have a chance to enjoy the place soon.

  5. OMG! I am from Quezon Province but I never visited Villa Escudero. Such a shame! I missed a lot. Wohoo!This is nice. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Seems like this is a good way to enjoy the old farm life in the Philippines. It would be a perfect family bonding trip with the carabao ride and the lunch by the waterfalls. Too bad they didn’t have more variety but hey, at least it has good ambiance. I would maybe go on a weekday when it is cheaper.

  7. One place I regret not being able to visit when I lived in the capital for two decades is Villa Escudero. Since I was in college I have heard of the place but never got around to go there, thinking that “it’s just there”. I have been to Quezon countless times but I didn’t placed Villa Escudero in the itinerary. Now, I’m back in the Visayas and it’s no longer accessible to me.

  8. Honestly, I am from Quezon but I have not been to Villa Escudero in Tiaong. My family have visited it twice but I’m here in Manila during those days. I’d love to experience dining in the man-made waterfalls.

  9. Ah this is one of the places I really wanted to visit! One on my bucket list indeed! I really want to experience dining in in this beautiful and nature friendly place! I saw a travel package deal that will take us here .. maybe I’ll ask my family to visit this place soon!

  10. A farmland! Wow. Thank you for providing the itineraries. I like reading blogs like this. Uhm. Btw, i think i must tell you that everytime i visit your blog, it loads so slow. And the photos as well.

  11. Been to Villa Escudero twice or thrice and it still never fails to amaze me. Love the carabao ride and the museum, the food and long walk. Love lunch by the falls and the amiable people around. Hope to bring my mom there as she havent experienced what we had experienced there.

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