Tochoji Temple

Tochoji Temple

The Tochoji Temple was built in 806 AD by famous a Buddhist priest, Kukai. A lot of worshipers visit the temple for the Fudo Festival in January, Setsubun Festival in February and the anniversary of his death in March.

My family and I visited during May and there weren’t many people around. It wasn’t too far from where we were staying so we decided to come and have a look. Click the link below to read more!

The description says:
“Legend has it that this temple was founded in 8-6 bu Kukai upon his return from Tang (modern-day China). The principal object of worship here, a status of a standing thousand-armed Kannon, has been designated a national cultural asset. The temple grounds also house a hexagonal building with calligraphy by prominent people of the day engraved on the inner doors, as well as the grave of the Fukuoka feudal lords. In 1992, the “The Buddha of Fukuoka” was installed here, the largest class wooden statue of a seated Buddha in Japan,”

How to get to Tochijo Temple?

Address: Gokushomachi 2-2-4 Fukuoka Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0037 Japan

Below are the lists of train stations where you can walk from:

  • Gion Station (1 minute) – BEST!
  • Gofukumachi Station (8 minutes)
  • Nakasu Kawabata Station (10 minutes)
  • Hakata Station (12 minutes)
  • Chiyo-Kenchoguchi Station (13 minutes)

Useful Information:

OPEN: 9am to 5pm

Contact No.:092-291-4459 
Parking: 50 vehicles (10 buses)

On the 2nd floor there is the “Fukuoka Daibutsu” (Great Buddha of Fukuoka). We didn’t go up to see it but it’s said to be the largest wooden statue in Japan, sitting at 10.8 meters, weight is 30 tons!
Open to the public: 9am to 4:45pm

We didn’t spend to long here, maybe 30 minutes max. My family and I just took a stroll around the place, but it was nice to see a Japanese Temple!

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Tochoji Temple

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