Sleeping at Incheon Airport!

Okay. I’m not very good at this now -.- My last post was way back in March! Well, I was feeling a bit inspired today so I decided to kick off my Korea + Japan posts. Be warned, there will be quite a few, hehe. Starting off with our journey, what we did and just some little tips and tricks from Manila to Incheon Airport.

We left our house at around 9am and arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 at 11:30 am. A little bit of traffic but that’s always expected.

We arrived veryyyyy early – our flight wasn’t until 5 pm hehe. We are actually waiting to do self check-in but apparently it’s only for domestic flights so we just waited for the counter to open, checked-in and ate some lunch.

Tip: I always like to eat a full meal before my flight, just in case the food on the plane isn’t good. Don’t like being hungry while flying hehe. Also, Chowking’s dimsum sauce is soooooooooooo good. I also always take Meclizine (Dizitab or Bonamine) an 1hr before flying because I get plane/car/sea sick easily.

We got our tickets during one of CebuPac’s promos – our one way ticket to Incheon was only about Php 4,300 per person all-in with one meal.

Booarding! First time flying internationally with Cebu Pacific and it was okay. Not the best but definitely not the worst. There were no screens or iPads to borrow but it was only a 4 hour flight to Incheon so I just watched some YouTube videos that I downloaded offline and slept for most of the flight.

Airplane food: Salted Egg Glazed Chicken, Rice and C2 Apple Juice. It was pretty good!

Touch down Incheon! I was very tired in this photo hehe.

We were our of immigration at around 11pm and we actually just slept at the airport. It’s a very big airport and I was walking around the 2nd and 3rd floor looking for some confortable benches for us to sleep on but there were soooooo many people already sleeping on them. I found a couple, went a got my family with all our luggage but by the time we went up it was already taken!

We just ended up going back to the 1st floor and sleeping on some benches near the exit gate of Immigration. Did not sleep well but I did get a few hours sleep hehe.

Banana Milk
First meal in Korea! Breakfast from one of the convenient stores in the airport. Banana Milk – 1,900 won (Php 93), Triangle Gimbap – 2,000 won (Php 97) (MUST TRY!!!) and a Starbucks Skinny Latte Cup – 2,400 won (Php 117).
Incheon Airport is quite beautiful!

Morning came and we took a train to the Seoul Station!

Made it to Seoul Station! We put our bags in a locker, freshened up a bit and went touring straight away! Hehe.

Lockers in Seoul Station! Easy to use and super convenient. We put our bags here in the morning since we weren’t able to check in yet. We fit five small carry-on bags in the large locker (in the photo: bottom far right). It was 6,000 KRW (roughly Php 300) for the whole day.

Have anyone of you slept at the Airport? How many of you have been to Seoul, South Korea? What were your first impressions of the place? Let me know in the comments section below, love to hear what you guys think! ♥


incheon airport

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  1. Yeah!! Lovely posting you have shared here, really enjoyed reading it. Guess what? I slept in this same airport as well 😀 Ha…Ha…While reading it, I recalled my memories many years ago ~ 1st trip to Seoul too 🙂 A happy backpacking travelling I had. Wanna revisit soon 😀 Cheers,

  2. I did not know there’s already Chowking in the airport. I also usually take a full meal before the flight so, that I can just rest or sleep while onboard.

    Never tried sleeping in the airport yet but thank you for your tip about the lockers.

  3. Never have I ever flown to South Korea yet. But I have slept in other airports already. At some point, I always tell myself to always stay awake and be alert in case there are gate transfers or flight delays. When I saw it in photos, it felt like it was not an airport at all which is one thing we don’t have. Hahaha!

  4. I also rode Cebu Pacific Air the first time I flew to South Korea. I don’t recall having to sleep at the airport. I think they already changed the time. Anyway, this is a good post for those who wants to maximize their visit to South Korea and who is also flying via Cebu Pacific ?

  5. I’ve never slept in an airport yet.. well maybe early this year when we went to taipei on our flight back to Manila we had incovenient departure time so we slept for like 2-3hours while waiting for boarding haha.. It was more like a nap though with all our luggages at the side.. I like the lockers at the airport of Seoul! And it was pretty cheap too… planning to book a tcket to Korea this nov. Or dec. And im looking forward to your other posts about the trip!

  6. I have experienced sleeping in Bangkok airports and more, that’s not a problem. I guess Incheon airport is also super cool and comfortable, you experienced an adventure to share with us. Yes, sleeping in the airport is no less than an adventure. hahaha hope you had a great trip!

  7. i rarely sleep at transit points , though i prefer to pass my time looking around or on the electronic gadgets that i am always carrying

    1. Hello. My sister and I will be visiting Korea this August and actually plan on sleeping there because we will be arriving 11pm (granted there are no delays). Can you suggest a FREE comfy place to sleep? Emphasis on the free. Hahaha

      1. There are a lot of benches there you can choose from but they aren’t comfy hahaha. You could probably try the seats on the 2nd floor which is the departure area but it’s usually full. 😊

  8. I haven’t slept but experienced waiting for at least8 hours before our flight back to Japan! It was okay, no discomforts whatsoever. Me and son, who was 4 years old that time had taken advantage of some shopping and bonding time. Agree with that, Incheon Airport is very well maintained and beautiful.

  9. Amazing architecture of Incheon airport. ?So lucky to be able to book Cebupac promo to South Korea. I am envious with your trip. Sana next time may sale na naman papuntang South Korea. Hehe

  10. Incheon Airport looks lovely. I won’t mind spending some time here if I had to. Although so far I never spent on any airport, except for some short nap on Abu Dhabi while on trip to Europe. But I must say, the facilities at Incheon Airport seem to be much better suited to someone who wanted to take a nap

  11. I’ve never been to Korea, nor have I ever slept in an airport before. Looks like a smart way to travel, though. I barely get enough rest when travelling. This is actually a good idea! I hope the airports we have here in the PH are better though.

  12. I’ve never tried sleeping in airports since we were never in a connecting flight but it looks so uncomfortable. I would definitely want to try staying at an airport for hours. It would give me time to explore the airport since I love doing so. Singapore’s airport is definitely one I’d LOVE to get hours of layover in. Have you seen? There’s so much to explore in their airport. Anyway, I would definitely visit Seoul soon! A lot of my friends have been and it looked like they really enjoyed.

  13. Thanks for the pictures u posted. Really help me warming up before going there. It feels like fun when arrive…but sad when its time to leave. Why do i feel that..?? I plan to go there and let myself feels like im home. Like local. Just like i did in my past travel in UK. Just blend in and have some talk with them.

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