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As the year comes to an end, with Christmas right around the corner, most of us have already started writing down our gift lists! Trying to find the perfect gifts for all of our families, friends and work mates. So even as early as now, we need to start saving money! I’ve found a way we can all do that. Groupon Coupons! If you haven’t heard of it before, better check out their website here.


It’s a great and easy way to save money! Groupon offers so many great deals and discounts for a variety of brands. Some of my favorites that I found while browsing were discounts on Skechers and Kenneth Cole!! Big fan of these two brands and now that I’ve found these discounts I can buy something nice for myself this Christmas season ANNNNNND save money as well! Win win!!

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Another great thing about Groupon is that their website is really easy to navigate and filter out your searches! You can also download their app for easy browsing on your phones/tablets (to download the app just head to or simple search for the app on Google Play or Itunes). Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter 🙂

Have you guys tried Groupon Coupon before? What amazing deals did you find? Let me know!

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  1. Groupons no longer exist here in Sweden. That’s really too bad. They still exist in the Netherlands however. I use ‘lets deal’ here in Sweden instead. It’s the same principle. Enjoy all the groupons, it’s safes so much money! Good tips!

  2. Good thing that Groupon is now back! And what is more exciting about it is that it comes with so many options to use. Well, lucky for those who reside the western countries. But glad that there are still coupons available for online purchases.

  3. Do we still have Groupon here in the Philippines? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to buy rubber shoes because my running shoes are already worn and about to retire. Sketchers is one of my options, I’ll see if there is anything interesting on Groupon and if in fact we have it here. If not, well that’d be sad.

  4. Using groupons will surely give lots of savings. It will also help anyone’s shopping a lot easier and comfortable. I just hope we have it here in our country.

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