Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

On one of my free days in Melbourne, my friend, her family and I went for a visit at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. I LOVEEEE flowers so it was so nice to wander around the garden, take pretty photos with the flowers and just enjoy the scenery. Luckily it was a beautiful day, the weather was cool and the sun was shining bright. Also, entrance is free here which is great! Hehe.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

About the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

This garden is actual one of two gardens under the “Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria”. The other site is in Cranbourne – they’re about an hour away apart. Here’s a little snippet I got from their website:

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria plays a leading role in the conservation of plants through biodiversity research, programs to protect rare and threatened plants, and the study of habitats. This work is supported by education and visitor programs about the importance of plants to life.

The organisation encompasses two diverse sites at Melbourne and Cranbourne and the State Botanical Collection housed at the National Herbarium of Victoria. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Board Victoria, which is responsible to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

How to get to the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne?

  • Bus: Route 605 (Melbourne Observatory/Birdwood Avenue)
  • Tram: Routes 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67 and 72 (Stop 19 Shrine of Remembrance/St Kilda Road

Operating Hours & Entrance

Everyday – 7:30 am to Sunset
Entrance is FREE!

Rose Garden
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

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Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

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