My Top 5 Online Purchases During Quarantine

Shopee Lazada OShopping Datablitz

Well well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here on my blog. I guess I just haven’t been motivated to write anything during the quarantine. I’ve been missing travelling a lot but I’m grateful that I’m at home with my family and that we’re all safe and healthy. Today is a different sort of blog because I’ll be talking about all my happy online purchases during the quarantine! Mostly things to keep me sane while staying at home. Click the button below to read more about what I bought from Shopee, Lazada, OShopping and Datablitz.

Nintendo Switch + Animal Crossing Game

I’ll admit, I had never heard of Animal Crossing until last April. I don’t remember exactly how I came across it, I guess through social media because it was soooo hyped during the launch. I was watching so many YouTube videos about Animal Crossing and Nintendo Switch that I eventually gave in and bought myself one. At the time (during ECQ), it was really hard to get your hands on a console, most stores were either sold out or extremely over priced. Luckily I got one at a reasonable price from Datablitz – it came as bundle. The prices have gone down now though.

I’ve always loved gaming ever since I was a kid so definitely no regrets! Right now I’m saving up for Crash Bandicoot Trilogy – probably my favorite game growing up. So good!

Where did I buy it?

Datablitz (link here)

How much did it cost?

Nintendo Switch Console (Version 2) + Robot Labo Kit + Dobe Protective Pack = Php 22,295.00
Shipping Fee (to Pampanga) = Php 399.00
TOTAL: Php 22,894.00

Animal Crossing Game – from Australia EShop
AUD 79.95 = Approx. Php 2,700

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Labo

Back Joy (Posture Core)

I had been having some lower back problems during quarantine and I had heard of Backjoy before but I never really thought to buy one because it was so expensive. The original price of the one I bought was Php 4,290.00.

I had read and watched some reviews online and most of them were really positive and highly recommended, especially for people who have to sit most of the day because of their work. So I was looking online and saw that The Travel Club was having a 20% sale plus I had a free voucher of P1000 off, so I grabbed the opportunity and ordered one!

The product itself (Posture Core) is going great so far! It has definitely helped my posture and lower back pain. I had some trouble with the shipment though from Travel Club, it was veryyyyy long. Around 3 weeks and customer service was long as well, took them so long to answer my query. They only responded when I left a comment on their public Facebook page.

Where did I buy it?

The Travel Club Philippines (link here)

How much did it cost?

Posture Core (Black) original price Php 4,290 minus 20% discount minus Php 1000 discount voucher
Shipping – FREE!
TOTAL: Php 2,342.00 (saved 1,828!)


Yoga Mat

I started doing Yoga while in quarantine! As I mentioned before I had some lower back problems and I read that you need to strengthen your core muscles and that Yoga can really help with that. I always thought Yoga was boring but I surprisingly fell in love with it, hehe. Now, I do it everyday even if it’s just for 15 minutes. I watch Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube, highly recommend you to try it!

With that I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a really good quality Yoga mat because the one I had previously was really thin and didn’t provide support, especially on the hands and knees. I’ve been using this mat for about 3 months now and I love it! Very good quality, really thick and I love the color.

Where did I buy it?

Shopee – (link here)
Mine was the Matcha Green 8mm

How much did it cost?

Yoga Mat – Php 1,381.00
Shipping – Php 65
Shopee Pay discount – Php 266
Shipping discount – Php 50
Coins redeemed – 139
TOTAL: Php 991.00

Ordered June 5, 2020, arrived in Pampanga (coming from China) on June 13, 2020.

Yoga Mat


Another purchase for my back! Hahaha. I have always wanted one of these, they just looked so relaxing. It’s been about 2 months now since I’ve ordered it and it’s still working well! I use it everyday, usually before I go to bed or after a work out.

Where did I buy it?

OShopping (through Lazada)

How much did it cost?

Wedo Multi Massager – Php 1,495.00
Shipping (to Pampanga) – Php 90.00
TOTAL: Php 1,585.00


Art & Craft Supplies

Most of you probably know this already but I love all things related to crafting! Most of my free time and weekends are spent doing something related to arts and crafts. It keeps me sane during the quarantine! I’ve also made an Instagram all about my crafting and diy – @diywithlittlej – link here:

All of my purchases below were bought from Shopee, I’ll put the prices and links under the captions of each of the photos.

Sketch Book (A5) – Php 120
Gouache Paint Set – Php 170
Paint Brushes (Pink Set) P50
Paint Brushes (Black) – P85
Mixing Plate – P40
Scrapbook Papers (24 sheets + 3 die cut sheets) – P180
Cutter with tools (came with a ruler as well, not in pic) – P280
Yarn (50 grams) – P58 each
Crochet hooks set – P97
Stich markers (5 pieces) – P14

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