My Paris Bucketlist

I did a London Bucketlist a few weeks back so I decided to do one for Paris as well! I’ve been wanting to go for years and years and years, and finally, back in April my family and I spent a few days there. It was just a couple of days into Spring and it was really cold, with some days hitting roughly 2 degrees Celsius! We weren’t prepared “clothes-wise” but we made do with the clothes we had, layered and layered up, and had an amazing few days in one of the beautiful cities in the world!

Read on to see all the things I got to check off my Paris bucketlist! You can also check out my other Paris blogs here and here.

1. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral
A very beautiful Church, inside and out! With it’s Gothic-style people flock this place, with lines almost reaching the road, but don’t worry, the line moves fairly quickly and you’ll be inside before you know it.


2. Take a photo with the Louvre Pyramid
The famous pyramid of the famous museum! There is usually a massive line going inside, but this was taken in the late afternoon (less people!).


3. Visit the LouvreΒ Museum
Just beautiful, isn’t it? It was so huge we didn’t even get to visit the whole museum. Had to rest our feet every now and then too! So many things to see.



4. See the Mona Lisa in person and try to get aΒ nice picture with it
It was pretty damn crowded as you can see! It was amazing to finally see it in person though. A LOT of people, but it’s not this crowded throughout the museum. Just in this particular room hehe, so don’t be discourage to visit!


5. See the Eiffel Tower in person
Dream come trueeeeee! It’s beautiful!


6. Go to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower
Definitely worth going up to the top floor! You get an amazing view of Paris from above!


7. Lunch by the Eiffel Tower
We had pizzas for lunch. They were delishhhhh!


8. Visit any bridge in Paris with love locks
I’ve always wanted to see this! Glad we found some since they took the locks from the Pont des Arts bridge down already.



9. Walk through the Parisian streets
Just admiring the beautiful architecture. Walking through Paris is nice, reminds me of the movie, Midnight in Paris. Hehehe.


What’s on your Paris bucketlist or what things have you crossed off? Let me know in the comments section below!

Au revoir Γ  Paris, til next time.Β 


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  1. These are all in my Paris bucketlist! Every single one. So happy that you got to visit Paris already!

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  2. Thank you for sharing your Paris travel. I love your outfit in your photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. I really love reading about someone’s travel and so I was delighted when I chanced upon your blog. I will be bookmarking your blog URL. I’m going to backread your posts for sure. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, did you go down to see if there is a tomb under that triangle thingie at the Louvre? I think I saw that in the movie… was that Da Vince Code? LOL!

    Anyway, glad you look to be having fun bundled up. Paris is really a beautiful city. With so much written about it, and rightfully so, the city has this … aura and charm.

  4. I have bookmarked your posts. It has been my dream to visit Paris. Will make sure to visit all the places you mentioned and I am looking forward to have lunch by the Eiffel Tower.

    Thank you for sharing these. If you can include budget and a more specific guide that would be awesome. Thank you!

  5. I’m happy for you that you got to do your bucketlist. I, too, of course want to see Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. What I also want to visit is the Les Catacombes since it’s full of history and it’s creepingly interesting. Another place I want to see, although not in Paris, is the Versailles Palace.

  6. The city of love! I always wanted to visit this place. I am trying not to get discourage of the people surrounding Mona Liza, believe me. I will still try to see her if I can.

  7. OMG! The church!! That country really has a lot of great structures that are full of sophistication and details. And the museum, really lovely. I am not into art, but I fell in love in just one sight. Hope to be here someday.

  8. I’ve been to Paris. My husband took me there in the beginning of our relationship. It was lovely, I’ve so many nice memoriesfrom there! We wasn’t at the top of the Eiffel Tower, we didn’t want to stand in line. But we sat down and had a picknick just next to it.. At night and that was just amazing!

  9. I feel happy whenever i see people being fulfilled with their bucket check list! Its like an affirmation for me that someday i can do it too and that dreams do come true! Paris is such a dreamy place and i’ve written it in my bucket list since i was a young child… soon i wish! πŸ™‚

  10. Oh my… Paris is really one of my dream destination.. I can’t help but to admire those stunning architecture… I just hope that I’ll get a chance to visit this place someday and marvel the beauty it has to offer!

  11. You are living one of my dreams. I have been dreaming of going to France for a very long time. I don’t want to just visit, I want to live there. I want to learn their language, learn how to cook their food, and really learn about their culture. I hope to go there in the near future. When I do, I’m going to check out the places you included here of course, most especially the Louvre museum.

  12. You’re so blessed for this! Almost anyone loves Paris, who isn’t? It’s been always tagged as one of the most romantic and beautiful countries in the world. I’ll put more in this bucketlist. Heh!

  13. We have been to Paris and have done through all of these except Louvre trying to avoid the crowds we just strolled around outside. We love the charm and beauty of the city which would immerse into once you step in the city.

  14. I missed the locks! Couldn’t figure out where exactly it was!
    Others of course were done with lot of enthusiasm! I am yet to see a pic where Mona Lisa’s room isn’t so crowded.

  15. Wow! Congrats for ticking them off your bucketlist! I have always been in awe with the beauty of Paris and it’s one of the places I aspire to visit someday! I want to try their gelato! Haha! And of course, take an iconic photo with the Eiffel Tower. πŸ™‚

  16. It seems you got the most out of Paris despite the weather! You even have a selfie with mona lisa, which is always very challenging πŸ˜‰ You are welcome to post this post on worldinparis fb group for more clicks and likes

  17. Paris is such a charming city that you are drawn to it again and again. I loved the Notre Dame cathedral, the eiffel tower and the Louvre, The most enchanting part of my visit was a cruise down the river Seine.

  18. Your paris bucket list is very similar to mine.. I am going to go there next year and I am going to follow almost the same list. I will message you if I need any help

  19. Glad you got to check all those things off; Paris never disappoints does it? I remember being wowed by the Notre Dame when I went. I’d also like to go back and spend a bit more time in Montmartre and just soak up the atmosphere.

  20. I think just as many people I know. We all have ultimate dream or goal when we visit Paris and that’s to see the Eiffel Tower in person. I swear, if that day happen. I will surely cry πŸ™‚

  21. AHHHHH! You have experienced the dream! I’m so envious! You must have been so happy ans overwhelmed to be in Paris! The place is so beautiful. Your pictures have been taken so beautifully. πŸ™‚

  22. I havent been to Paris. What you have itemized are truly famous places within the place and I would want to visit them as well. I imagine it to be the most romantic vacation ever so having my husband beside me would surely be the plan.

    I love your smile on your photos. Truly, you must have enjoyed the trip.

  23. these are just so awesome but it got me kicking myself up again… why, because when i was there at the notre dame, eiffel tower and also the louvre, i did not enter the places… i was more fascinated at taking photos outside…. and so that is the reason… how dumb am i… huhuhu… same goes for my visit to versailles as well… huhuh, but then again I only spent a couple of days there and one full day at Disneyland…

    1. Aww maybe you should go back and go inside! I’m sure you’ll love it πŸ˜€ We skipped Disneyland but didn’t get to go to Versailles. Next time! Hehe.

  24. Paris is a beautiful city and you’ve put up quite a nice little guide for it! Looks like you’ve had a great time!

  25. Awwwe! Every traveler’s dream to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. The list showcases the best places to see, Great pic! Which one was your favorite?

  26. Paris is one of the places I would really love to visit in this lifetime! And most of these items are also in my bucketlist! I sure hope I can visit this beautiful and charming city one day with my boys! I definitely would love to visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa upclose!

  27. happy that you went on your Paris trip with your family…. your list is interesting… lucky for you you gor so many things crossed off from it… as for me.. well hehe i need to wait for a coupld of more months.. but i think id have more of a similar list like yours πŸ™‚

  28. Love it! So happy you were able to slash off items from your bucket list! Getting a decent pic of Mona Lisa can be quite a challenge with all your felling tourists in the way haha but at least you got a pic of it! πŸ˜€

  29. Waaah Paris IS my bucket list huhuhu. Actually, seeing the Eiffel tower and the Mona Lisa in Louvre — are fine with me, even just that two! Congrats on your “Achievement Unlocked”!

  30. Wow, I got chills from reading and looking at your pictures! Great bucket list, and I’m so jealous you went to Paris. I would love to go and do these things! The Lourve looks absolutely dreamy!

    What’s your absolute favorite part of the trip?

  31. Paris looks wonderful! I haven’t been t Paris but I wish I could do so someday. The number one in my bucket list is definitely the Eiffel Tower! Did you have a hard time getting the visa? I was told that the visa takes a while to process, and not everyone gets approved too. :/

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