Must Have Rules for Travel Packing

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Travelling is an art, and one that is learned through years of practice, with many occasions where mistakes have been made that eventually leads to solid hands-on experience. Packing for a journey is a classic example of this, and with that in mind, here are a few firm rules when packing your kit for a long journey.

Choose your Clothes and Halve That

This is the number one rule for the veteran traveller; when you have chosen the items you think you will need, start eliminating items one by one that you do not really need. Look at each and every item and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, then don’t include it in your luggage, it is as simple as that! There are a few more essential packing tips for seasoned travellers, which is recommended reading for all novice travellers.

Avoid Denim Clothing

You might love your denim jeans and they are hardwearing, but the trouble is they are also very heavy and extremely hard to dry. Cotton pants are much preferred and when you consider that three pairs of cotton pants weigh as much a single pair of denim jeans, it makes sense to keep your luggage weight down.

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Research Your Destination

This will help you to decide what to take, and if you are yet to decide where to take a holiday this year, there are unforgettable Trans-Siberian express tours you can choose online. Such a long train journey requires some careful thought regarding luggage – something the tour operator can help with – and by carrying out your own online research, you can familiarise yourself with the coming trip.

Roll Clothes – Don’t Fold

If you want to fit more garments into a space, you are advised to roll up your clothing rather than folding. You will be amazed at just how much more you can fit into a backpack or suitcase, and once you’ve rolled, you will never go back to folding.

Layers for Cold Climates

If you are packing for a cold climate, resist the temptation to include thick, shaggy sweaters and jackets, rather go for thin layers of clothing that can be worn to give you as much protection, yet take up half the room.

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Create a Luggage Checklist

By doing this, you will always identify anything that has been overlooked, and it is always a good idea to ask a friend or family member to take a look, as they might think of something you had not considered. Weigh your luggage prior to arriving at the airport, and know your baggage allowances, otherwise you might be in for a nasty shock when it comes to checking in.

Whether you are travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express or on an overnight coach trip in Europe, the same rules apply, and by following all of the above, it is likely that you will not have any luggage issues.

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