Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Welcome to Mount Nebo!

From the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ (full blog here), we headed up the mountain for around 45 minutes and arrived to a very very windy, Mount Nebo. It is located 710 meters (2,330 ft) above sea level – around 10 km North West of Madaba and around 26 km from the capital city, Amman.

Mount Nebo is believed to be where Moses saw the Promised Land. People say it is here, where Moses lived out his final days. He was buried here, but no one knows the exact location.

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Entrance Fee

1 JD (approx. Php 71.67)

Opening Hours

April to October – 5 am to 7 pm
November to March – 7 am to 7 pm

Mount Nebo

“Unus deus pater omnium super omnes

translates as: “One God and Father of all, who is above all”
Mount Nebo
It was very windy and cold!

Today, Mount Nebo is an active Franciscan monastery that is open to visitors. Here you can see very beautiful panoramic views over areas such as the Jordan River, the West Bank, the Dead Sea and on clear days even Jerusalem.

Mount Nebo

Views of Moses Springs

The sign below reads:

“The earliest record of monks in the Nebo region is attested in the valley of ‘Ulyn Musa, an area rich in water supply and fields. The ancient human occupation of the valley is attested by megalithic stones and by an Iron Age fortress. Nearby is the Roman road that connected the town of Livias with Esbus.

Itineraries written by Byzantine pilgrims, notable that of Egeria in 384 AD, along with the archaeological surveys by Fr. Bellarmino Bagatti and Fr. Sylvester Saller, identified dwellings in natural caves, monastic communities and two churches: the Kayanos church and the church of the Deacon Thomas.”

Promised Land
Beautiful views!
Moses Springs
Moses Springs
Mount Nebo

The Brazen Serpent Monument

The sign reads:

“The metal sculpture in the shape of a serpentine cross that stands on the terrace of Mount Nebo was created by the Italian artist Gian Paolo Dantoni. It recalls the bronze serpent on a pole which God told Moses to erect to protect his people from the poisonous snakes that God himself has sent as punishment. It was enough to look at the bronze serpent erected by the prophet in order to be healed and saved. The inspiring image merges the healing bronze serpent of Moses with the crucified Jesus who was the entire world.”

Mount Nebo

While visiting, you will see a lot of mosaics uncovered from archaeological digs dating back to the 6th century. Most of the mosaics are placed in the two museums but there are some also located outside.

Mt Nebo

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Mount Nebo

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