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MASUNGI GEORESERVE BLOG | Masungi Georeserve, a silent sanctuary located in Baras, Rizal flocked by hundreds every week to become one with nature. Spanning across 1,500 hectares of land and surrounded by trees, plants and lime stones, it’s hard to believe that this place used to be underwater! My office mates and I booked this trail months in advance and we were worried it was going to rain, but thankfully the skies cleared and we had an awesome time! Sharing with you guys my experience and some tips for the trail. 🙂



I highly highly highlyyyyyyy recommend using private transportation. Either drive up with your cars or hire a van. We rented out a van for the day; which picked us up in Mandaluyong, dropped us off at Masungi, waited for us to finish the trail, drove us to have lunch then back to our drop off, Mandaluyong. We were a group of 12 and we paid P350 each for the van rental (inclusive of gas). We also initially planned to also visit the Pinto Art Museum which is also in the area but we were so tired afterwards that we just decided to head home.

via Private Transport
Route 1 via Marcos Highway (RECOMMENDED): Cruise through Marcos Highway. You will pass through Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-Boso Resort, Foremost Farms, and Palo Alto. Slow down at Garden Cottages along Marcos Highway. The entrance to Masungi, signalled by its logo, will be on your right.

Route 2 Via Sampaloc in Tanay, from the Manila East Road
Take Sampaloc Road. You will pass by the street to Daranak Falls. Go straight until you arrived a junction. Turn left. Follow this scenic road. It’ll be a 45 minutes to an hour ride. You will pass by Sierra Madre resort on your right, and Ten Cents to Heaven. Kilometer 47 Masungi entrance, signalled by its logo, will be on your left when taking this route.

OR simply, input Masungi Georeserve in Waze or Google and you’re on your way 😛

welcome sign

via Public Transportation (Jeeps are only available until 6:30 pm)
Route 1 Via Cogeo
Ride a van or jeepney going to Padilla/Cogeo Gate 2. Get off at Gate 2 and from there, take a jeepney bound to Sampaloc via Marcos Highway in Tanay. It’ll be the same route as Route 1 in private transportation.

Route 2 Via Tanay
Take a jeepney to Tanay town proper. Hire a tricycle to take you to Garden Cottages. Fare is P500 one way but can be haggled down to P350. Alternatively, you can hire up to the Sampaloc junction. There are jeepneys going to Antipolo/Cogeo that will pass by Kilometer 47 Masungi entrance (NOTE: Jeeps rarely pass by and when they do they’re usually full, with people on the roofs as well!)

masungi georeserve

group photo


Weekdays: Php 1,500 per person
Weekends: Php 1,800 per person

Prices are for groups of 7 to 14. There is an option for those groups lower than 7, but payment would be the minimum total group charge. Groups over 14 can also be accommodated, you’d have to contact them directly to arrange this. You can also join their shared trails, they announcement them on their Facebook page. See their scheduled Shared Trails for August here.

Note: Before the date and time of your trail visit, you need to make a 50% down payment which is also non-refundable. Full payment must also be made four days before your scheduled trek.


Click the link here to request for a trail visit:

1. First thing you need to do is check the available dates and times. If you want an early morning and weekend slot you’d have to book MONTHS in advance. From my experience, we booked around Jan/Feb for 7:00 am on July 1st.

2. Once you have chosen a time and date. You need to fill in the names, contact details, birthdays and locations of all the people in your group.

3. Next, payment options. You can chose to pay the 50% deposit or full payment through BPI or Credit Card.

Then click reserve a slot! 😀


The light snacks included are sandwiches (choices; tuna with onion and pickles OR chicken with celery), banana and juice. You can also choose to dine at their Silayan Resturant for Php 600 per person (minimum of 4 persons) which includes an appetizer, soup, entree with rice and of course, dessert. You can check out their monthly menu here:


Definitely wear comfortable hiking attire/active wear, closed shoes like running shoes or walking shoes. The trail will push through rain or shine (they will provide ponchos!) so best to  bring some extra clothes, plus you do get quite sweaty after the trail.


First and foremost, make sure you have a big breakfast/lunch. If you’re planning to eat on the way, better stop at a restaurant in the town central since there aren’t many choices up in the mountain area. We managed to find a small store further up the road that offered pancit, spaghetti, eggs and burgers. It did not taste good but we had no choice, we didn’t bring food 🙁 ???


You need to get there at least 30 mins to 1 hr before your trail. This gives you time to use the rest room, put sun block (yes, take care of your skin! :P) etc. and you’ll also to have your orientation and have to sign a waiver before you start.

Medium-sized lockers are available for rent (P20, per locker)


Pathway going to the Restrooms (Sun blocks, powders and after sun lotions are available for free too!)


Your first look at the endless beautiful views of the Sierra Madre. We spent about 10 or 15 minutes here just enjoying the view and taking epic shots. Our guide, Jimboy, was the best! He would be standing on sharp rocks and doing all sorts, wasn’t exactly safe but he definitely knew what he was doing plus we got some amazing photos, hehe.




While we were taking a breather in one of the resting areas we actually met Ruben, he was the one who discovered the cave 🙂

ruben's cave


The Duyan is basically a HUGE hammock that’s a few hundred meters long. If you’re scared of heights, best not to look down when walking, hehe.







One of the two peaks!




Both Tatay and Nanay were beasts to climb. I was out of breath when I reached the top but the views were definitely worth it. â™¥



The last hurdle! And probably the most scary/thrilling one of all! If you see the photo below, you’ll see why. But don’t worry, climbing down is not as hard as it looks, just make sure to always look where you’re stepping. Also try to enjoy the view if you can, hehehe.

Yes, you need to climb down from the tip of that rope all the way down 😛

We made it! Now, time to eat and rest! 😛 (Also, when you’re sitting here, look up! You’ll notice why they call this part Bayawak.)


After 4 hours of trekking and climbing ropes, we were ready to wash our faces with cool refreshing water and dig into the snacks! I was so hungry that I forgot to take the photo of the food! It was good though and the places was so cute 😀

dining area

dining area


It was such a thrilling adventure! Definitely recommend everyone to give it a go! â™¥


  • Emails: |
  • Numbers: 09951869911 | 09088887002

Have any of you guys been here or done something similar? Would you give it go? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂 P.S. Thank you Kuya Marco for some of the photos I used!


Masungi Georeserve

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  1. Masungi Georeserve looks like fantastic place to visit! thanks for the awesome write up, will be coming back to this when i visit for sure 🙂

  2. Masungi Georeserve looks like an amazing place to hike in. The rope bridge reminds me of a similar hike in East Africa in the rain forests which ended in a canopy walk over a hanging bridge above the jungles.

  3. OMG..I couldn’t help feeling dizzy looking at your snaps. Hats off to you for trying that climb. By the way, you have put in all the required information for someone who would want to try this day trip, very neatly and in order. A mini guide I would call this post.

  4. It should be our collective endeavor to preserve the various geo reserves all over the world. If I were given a chance, then I would discourage people to stop going to such places for a couple of years to let the vegetation and the animals breathe. Don’t you think so?
    I like the photo where you are gazing at the clouds in front of you with a bag hung on your shoulders.

  5. Masungi Georeserve looks like an amazing place. I would love to try these hikes. The rope bridge looks really inviting, I am sure you and your office friends had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing

  6. Masungi Georeserve looks like a cocktail of picturesque locales and a host of adventure activities. Seems you had a great outing!

  7. Seems like a great place to hike with friends. Love your pictures on the same. And pretty useful tips on getting there, what to carry and what to expect.

  8. Climbing a giant hammock in the middle of nowhere would definitely have freaked me out. I am terrified of heights and this would have scared me. But the views are definitely worth it. Masungi Georeserve seems to be really gorgeous.

  9. Wow! This looks like a pretty intense adventure. I love that everyone has all the safety equipment. I’m a bit scared of heights but with safety equipment to protect you the worry lessens… I hope!

  10. Funny thing, Masungi is only a few kilometers away from home but I wasn’t able to visit this place yet due to personal reasons haha. Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of posts about Masungi georeserve and I think it’s perfect for people who wants to have a close encounter with nature. The price though for me is expensive given it’s only a day tour. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth a try.

  11. What an adventure!I would love to do something like this. Some of the obstacles reminds of this zip lining tour I when on a few years ago, with sky bridges. Looks like a great time.

  12. Masungi georeserve sounds so exciting and adventurous. I can see the fun and happiness on your faces.I really want to these hikes some day. Saving up this info for now.

  13. This looks like an amazing place to hike in! I love the Philippines and I go every year, I may need to try and convince my dad and step mom to come here! The price is a little steep but I am sure it goes back into the reserve which is great! Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. This is absolutely stunning. I would love to spend the day hiking about. I’m not too afraid of heights, but I have a feeling this would still test me! Those views look totally worth it though!

  15. This looks like an awesome action-packed adventure. I love doing active things like this…i try to in every country! I’ve never heard of this place, but i’m intrigued!Love all your pics 🙂

  16. Huhu I really want to visit Musingi Georeserve eversince I arrived back in PH, but after a year it is still a dream. Beautiful photos, wish to visit this soon.

  17. I liked the view that this place has. Quite cant believe this place was underground a while back. How did it come up above sea level? Very useful and practical tips to get there

  18. I have always wanted to go to Masungi, but the fact that it’s always booked discouraged me. I heard though that it’s no longer as busy as before according to foreign travelers that we met who have been there. I think I’m gonna give it a go and check the site for the schedule. Maybe it’s a lot better now.

  19. We’re supposed to be here last July 28 but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we opted to cancel. The tips here are awesome, Johna! Very good for people who don’t have private vehicle like me lmao! Weekends are always booked though :3

  20. Very interesting trip withall vital details. Weren’t you scared in that rope bridge? I would have been worried – what if my feet slips through the holes. 😛 🙂 Making a note of the place, hopefully I will make a trip there.

  21. This trail looks like so much fun! There are a few sections that I can see in your photos that would probably make my heart stop, as I am afraid of heights. Was it easy to walk on the rope bridges? I imagine it being difficult but I have never done it before so I can be wrong. It looks like an epic adventure though 🙂

  22. Wow. So many things to do in one place. At first, I find the fee too expensive for me but then when I got to see all the thrills and adventures that come with it, I guess the fee is just fair. How I wish I could travel soonest and try that. Surely my boys would love the adventure as well.

  23. I was actually waiting for someone to blog about this place. Well, thank you for doing that! I love how detailed you were when you wrote about it. Looking at your photos and reading your experience makes me really find a schedule and try it out. Question though, if you’re just a group of 5-6, will you be allowed to proceed with the trail?

  24. I was reading a tour guide about Rizal the other day, but they didn’t mention Masungi georeserve. This is an amazing place for all the nature enthusiasts and lovers. I would love to visit it especially because they seem to be very well organized so I find them a serious company that knows what to do. I will listen to your advice, though, food is a must before the trail.

  25. I have been to Tanay numerous times but I have never got a chance to visit Masungi haha I guess that’s the disadvantage of being a solo traveler since the place will require at least 7 members in order to book a slot haha.. I’m looking for some group tours though..
    This must be a great and thrilling experience and I would love to try that huge hammock too!

  26. This place is definitely for the adventurous! One must really be fit to climb those challenging heights. It looks like you and your friends had so much fun. I’m happy for all of you.

  27. I wish to visit the place soon. I can’t leave baby now because it’s difficult to leave him with the relatives because night time will be hard on them. He won’t sleep without latching on me. Soon! I swear I will travel soon!

  28. A couple of suggestions to preserve this pristine place. One ban plastics totally in this park. these substances area nuisance to our planet. Secondly, it should be made mandatory for every traveler to this place to plant a small sapling ( of local species) to make this place bloom more. What do you say?

  29. It has been on my bucketlist for sooo long. I just love exploring nature and Masungi is one of the best nature trip that anyone can ever experience. Good thing you included some tips before going there. I guess I have to plan carefully our itinerary.

  30. I’ve been eyeing this place for a long time but we couldn’t find a group to go with. How I wish we can visit soon. I’ll bookmark this blog post as reference for when we go there. It’s awesome that they have a pink helmet btw.

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