Life Lately No. 2

Ahh. Life lately has been incredibly lazy yet very productive at the same time. Weird, I know hehe. I’ve lacked the time to draft a lot of posts, but I’m making up for lost time. Drafting two today! This post plus one about our day trip in Florence (which was a year, oops). Anyway, I have been writing a lot though outside the online world, it helps to ease my mind. Sometimes I also find myself randomly doodling or writing to help keep my thoughts at bay. It’s also been quite an eventful past few weeks for the world, a lot of tragedies, a lot innocent lives lost. Praying for their souls and their grieving families and friends, I’m sure one day we’ll all find peace.

Palm Tree view while watching the sun go down

On a more positive note… My family and I went to Boracay during the April break! It was my first time visitig the place. I heard so many mixed reviews from colleagues and friends and unfortunately, most were negative. I hate to say it, but yeah I kind of agree. More on this in my Boracay blog post soon! It’s still a beautiful place though, some places were nice, some not so much. It’s just been urbanized way too much.

Cute place for picture taking in Puka Beach, Boracay Island

I mentioned that there was some really nice places in Boracay, this is one of them! A lot less people, clearer water, away from the noise so it’s very relaxing and chill. We went here twice, once via boat and the other via tricycle. I prefer the tricycle. It was our last stop on our land our which cost us P700 for 5 people. Pretty good rate! 😀

Avocado Banana flavor. Yummmmm!

Ahhh. The famous shake place. I’ve heard that everyone who goes to Boracay NEEDS to try this shake place. It’s located at Station 1 and has a beautiful view of the sunset. Most of the shakes are around P90 to P150, definitely try the Choco Peanut Banana flavor and of course, the fruit flavors are always good!

A day after we got back from Boracay, we headed to Palawan! Probably one of my favorite places in the Philippines. We took a flight from Clark to Puerto Princesa, then took a van going to El Nido which took 5 hours. It was a long ride but definitely worth it!!! This was our view every morning 😀 So beautiful!

This photo was taken during our second day touring El Nido at the Big Lagoon. We did Tour C for our first day then Tour A for our second. Another post that I have to draft soon!!! I have soooooo many photos to go through, currently picking out the best ones, but everyone needs to see this place at least once. Paradise!!! ❤️

Ahhh. Currently obsessed wih Korean skin care! I remember one night I was just watching random videos on Youtube and a video came up about the 10 step skin care routine. I was so intrigue! I ended up buying a lot of facial masks, a serum, toner and eye cream from Shopee! Blogging about this soon as well, also urging everyone to try the Innisfree Super Volcanic Mask!!!

My most recent trip was to Hermana Menor in Sta. Cruz, Zambales with a few of my work friends! We took a day tour for P1,200 per person, which included the van transfer (from Manila to Zambales), boat rental, island entrance fee and boodle fight lunch!

The beach was nice, not many people which I like, although there was some pieces of plastic lying around which isn’t good! Please allow me to rant a for few moments: A lot people here just don’t understand the concept of throwing rubbish/trash in the right places. Sometimes I’ll be walking around Metro Manila and men, women and children just throw random pieces of paper and plastic everywhere! Call me crazy but it just drives me insane!!! Sometimes I end picking it up and throwing it properly myself, ugh I just can’t stand it!!! Sorry, rant over but please dispose of trash properly. Hahaha!

Ended this entry with a sunset photo from up high. So stunning  Missing being in the air, looking forward to my next adventures, exploring more of the Philippines soon!!! 🙂

How was everyone’s May? April? Hope you all had an amazing month! Share a few things you did in the comment section below, I’d loved to hear about it!

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  1. I love your photos, especially the one with your arms stretched out to the water. I would like to hear more about your trip there.

  2. Oh yeah! It’s good that you are living the LIFE! Traveling is a chill pill and we should have a daily dose of it. It’s the only thing that will make us sane! Weeeee!

  3. All your pictures are so lovely! They make me want to go to the Philippines. I was thinking about buying the mask from Innisfree and I think I will once I am back in BKK. 😀
    I traveled Vietnam this past month, fell in love with Hoi An and had a couple of breakdowns thanks to the traffic in Saigon. Now I am enjoying lovely Chiang Mai and catching up on blog posts.

  4. Agree with you, writing on paper is quite relieving. I’ve never been to Boracay still – I thought I’d want to see first places that are not too mainstream. But recently people had been ravaging how Boracay has been getting worse, I’d suddenly want to see it before it’s too late. I would love to visit El Nido, too!!! And about the Korean skincare – I SOO DEFINITELY YOU. Right now I’m using a lot of Laneige products. I will wait for your review about your recent purchase.

  5. Boracay is indeed lovely. The pictures bring out tbe beauty of Boracay and Palawan, such beautiful gems of the Philippines. Can see you had a great time. Hope to visit these heavenly places some day.

  6. Thanks for the honest reviews… I’ve heard also that Boracay is too far from how beautiful it is before… hope they’ll allow some time to make the nature recharge like what they’re doing in Lake Holon in Mindanao. There are months that they don’t allow any tourist to visit the area. But Boracay is Boracay, one of the tourist spot of the Philippines. Hope we can still preserve it and all the tourist spot….

  7. You have a handful of places visited in the Philippines in one post. That’s too amazing. I know you got tired but I also know that it is all worth it. Btw, I agree with what you saw in Boracay, it is way too commercialized, but I think there are still parts of it worth visiting.

  8. woah!!! PH is indeed very beautiful. Lucky you visited 2 of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

  9. Boracay seems to be an interesting destination. Beaches without crowd are always a welcome for me. And looks like it gave you a very nice vacation. I would love to add it to my list of places to visit

  10. It’s sad that you didn’t like Boracay. I am in love with it, it is my absolute favorite place. I like that there’s a beautiful beach out there but at the same time it’s not too remote. Definitely, not as beautiful as Palawan, but I don’t know I just love it. Did you go to Diniwid? If not, you should have, you might have loved it better than the white beach.

  11. Such lovely pictures, especially the awesome view in Palawan and the sunsets. It looked like a nice trip with lot of photo ops and some good food, not to forget beauty care 🙂 . Thanks for sharing

  12. I understand that rant. After we see the European countries, how cleanly they are maintained, the scattered garbage irritates. Loved you capture. I hope to get to Boracay some day.

  13. This is how a post should be like. Short, friendly and have some pictures. And honesty too.
    Hey, I read somewhere that Boracay is one of the best destinations in Asia, is it true?

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