Life Lately 2018-02 and 2018-03

“If it moves you, if it inspires you, if it makes you happy, let it.” – IW

Ahhhhh life. I’ve been pretty busy with work the past few weeks – doing a lot of over time, trying to meet deadlines; not having much time to write new blogs and post photos buuttttt I have a few days off so yay! – combining February’s and March’s update into one – since I missed it hehe. Here’s what I’ve been up to/loving lately:

  • Travel Videos

I have been making a lot of travel videos lately! Been going through my GoPro footage from about a year ago up to now – I’ve made three new ones so far. Posting them below you so you check them out. Let me know what you think! Excited for my travels this year – can’t wait to make more! Hehe. ♥

  • KBeauty / Korean Skin Care

I started using Korean products last year and I’m loving it! I’ve never really had a problem with my skin but since I started taken better care of my skin I’ve noticed that it’s much more smoother and brighter and just looks a lot healthier. I’ve just started using The Ordinary’s Vitamin C suspension 23% (got mine from Shopee for P450) – I use it after my toner as “treatment”. I really like the results so far although I’m not sure everyone would like the powdery after feel of it.

Life Lately

Also been trying Dear Klair’s Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion. It’s PF40/PA++. Loving it so far! Got mine from Wishtrend – Click here (PS They also have FREE shipping worldwide for orders over $69!)

Dear Klairs

I don’t have pictures but I also love the Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I do also want to try some things from CosRx, more The Ordinary products and more Dear Klairs products!

  • Bullet Journaling

I’ve started bullet journaling! Last year I was into the Happy Planners and I still actually have a few planners left – good thing they’re undated, so I can still use them for next year.

Bullet Journal

It was just one of those late YouTube watching nights – where you just end up watching these random videos and I stumbled across a few of these bullet journal set up videos and was so intrigued! Of course, I didn’t get myself an original Leuchtturm notebook because 1) they’re quite pricey, I think it was around Php 1,200 at National Book Store – so I DIYed instead! and 2) wasn’t sure how long I’d commit to bullet journaling hehe.

Also, if you just are in need of an English tutor click here.

#ThingsToRemember – I have these quote pages thorough my journal ♥ also love @amandarachdoodles monthly and weekly spreads. Check her videos out on Youtube!

P.S. Also loving Muji pens!!! Will maybe try to hoard some while I’m in Japan!

  • Swimming

I’ve only been swimming twice so far – like doing laps of freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, my arms are too weak to learn how to do butterfly – but I plan to do it more often, esp. in the mornings. Squeezing in a quick workout before heading into the office. Adding “do a triathlon or duathlon” to my bucket list! I remember actually doing a duathlon back in primary school – it was fun but I just looked up the standard distances and I definitely need more training!

Swimming Pool

  • Shercon Resort in Batangas

Went for a day tour with some of my office mates a few weeks ago. Trying to decide if I should make a post about which I think I might, I’ll try to get it up in a few weeks but until then – here are a few photos of the place:

Shercon Resort

Shercon Resort

Shercon Resort

Shercon Resort


Leaving you also with this quote I came across online:

“Take some time to reflect on how much you’ve grown over the last few months in any way – whether you started going to therapy, got a new job, gained new interests, finished your exams, started journalling, or even became more empathetic towards yourself. Remind yourself that growth is always there and that it doesn’t need to be incredibly life-changing to hold significance. You are gowning in every way and these events often lead to very bright things.”

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  1. I haven’t been to Abra and Dumaguete and I wanna go to those places. Watching your videos gave me more motivation to do it. I am going to South Korea this April and I am planning to hoard beauty products haha… I know that Korean beauty products are not really made for our weather but I wanna give them a try. Like most girls I do want to achieve glass skin.

    I’ve seen the bullet journals on the Nifty page, and though they are cute, I’m not sure if I could do it when I have the worse penmanship and I also cannot draw (laki ng problema ko haha…)

    Looks like you’ve been living a fun life.

  2. You are not only visiting different places, but also trying out different activities and new products. Now, that’s really impressive to me. Your videos are very inspiring. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Abra before reading your post. Researched a bit now and the place sounds really interesting.

  3. pushing the boundaries … yes that came to my mind as i was reading through your post and seeing the various activities that you were looking into .. all the very best from my side

  4. Your life seems so balanced! I love your travel vids, it inspire me more to push on my dream of wandering, but first, we need to secure our finances! Hahaha! I’ve also started using Korean Products and I am loving them! When I owned a laptop, I have almost disregarded my bullet journal – but I need to continue with it, because I tend to forget the “notes” I’ve listed in my laptop. Hahaha!

  5. My husband joined an aquathlon last year in Subic. It is his dream to do the Ironman. He is training our kids to become triathletes also. They are currently having swimming lessons to improve their skills.

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