Life Lately No. 1

Hallllloooooo! I know I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last written a post and I say it all the time, haha! But to be really honest, lately, blogging has felt more like extra work! One of the reasons why I started this blog was because I wanted a creative outlet away from the corporate world. It’s supposed to be fun, inspiring. Most of you probably know I work full time – I’m at my work for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week – the majority of my time is spent in front of a laptop screen and the last thing I want to do when I get home is get in front of the computer again!

I’ve been very unmotivated the past month. Can’t really pinpoint the reason behind it – I feel like I need a whole week or a whole month to just sleep and binge watch TV series. Anyway, I’m sitting here at home just writing what ever comes to mind; thinking about all the backlog posts I have from my Europe+Israel vacation last year March  to April. I’ve also been reading a lot of my past posts and realizing that I’ve come so far! A lot of my family and friends support my blog and it’s incredibly humbling. Thanking everyone for supporting this love and dream of mine. Gives me warms fuzzy inside ❤ Now that I’ve taken a short break from blogging, I’m reminded that writing should always just be about writing. Writing to sooth the soul, to clear the mind, to inspire. Writing just for the love of it. ❤

I’m fully aware that this post is very muddled, my thoughts are scattered. Basically there is no point to the first part of this post – just me explaining my one month hiatus (haha!). To conclude… I’ve decided to change up my blog a little – introducing more categories to my blog, other than travel I also want to start writing about food (yes, I love eating!), about life, about random things – anything and everything!

Also, it was very hard to click publish on this post – I drafted this about a week or two ago – not so comfortable writing my personal thoughts for the world to see but hey! apparently – “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Anyyyyywayyyy, to kick off this “new and improved” blog of mine, I’ve decided to add a new segment –> Life Lately! I’m sure a lot of you have seen this on other blogs, although I’m not so sure who started it. It’s going to be a monthly thing – just me writing about what I’ve been up to lately, things I like, things I don’t like, new discoveries, new adventures; basically anything under the sun!

For the first installment in this series, I’ll just go through my latest 9 photos on my Instagram feed! I’ve been more active than usual lately, you guys can follow me and watch my IG stories! Hehe. Username: @johnapgnt <3

  1. This is me in Tambo Lake

My family and I went on a ATV adventure in Capas, Tarlac. It was a lot of funnnn! The sun was out and we were off roading through the water, through the dirt, through the mud, passing by carabaos. Such an awesome experience! Writing about it soon!

  1. Venice Canals

Posted a throwback photo of Venice because Venice is just stunning! Definitely miss being in Europe. Can’t wait to be back and explore more.

  1. Happy Planners!!!

Asked my auntie from the US to buy me a few Happy Planners when they went on sale during Black Friday. These two were the boxed undated sets that came with stickers, a pen and some sticky notes. Got these for only $17 each! PS. You’ll definitely be seeing more planner related posts on my blog too – hahaha!

  1. Washi Tapes

I love washi tapes!!! I’ve also been selling them (P25 and P40 each!), you can PM me for the available items – #shamelessplugging.

  1. Planner Spread

In addition to my washi tape craze, I’ve also been loving pretty planner stickers! Although I’ve always loved stickers, even when I was a little kid – I’d have sticker books and packets and packets of stickers. I think I still have a few of them lying around! Bought some sticker paper from NBS, downloaded some free printables only and violà! Ain’t it pretty???? 😀

  1. Moderno

One of the many new food parks (they’re popping up everywhere!) in Pampanga! Finally met up with my college besties! Can’t even remember the last time we hung out. It’s hard to set a date when everyone’s available. Ahhh, the working life.

  1. March quote

Nuffffffffsaid – love these beautiful quotes in my classic Happy Planner!

  1. Florence

The Florence Basilica is so beautiful. The detailing is just amazing – also currently written about my family’s quick day tour. Watch out for it!

  1. Me and Brownieeeee

One of my five dogs. So cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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  1. How cute is Brownie! What is his/her breed? Well, welcome back from your hiatus! Sometimes, we just want to unplug for a bit and just chill. But why is your work 10hrs a day? You really could use a vacation from all the stress you are encountering because of work. I love your vacation photos! Legit goals!

  2. I totally understand you. I also have a dayjob which is a challenge in maintaining my blog. Your blog has interesting posts and I wanna cheer you on that. There are just times when we have a different mood and sometimes it’s not that easy to let the creative juices flow. But, I am glad you had a fun vacation!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, blogging can be real stressful and just the thought of thinking what to write can add stress. Now, if I do not feel like writing, I dont force myself, unless I have a deadline like a product review waiting to be read by a client. I’ve learned to write only the things I love the most because from theIr, I find the inspiration to write. Anway, welcome back from your hiatus and happy to read something new from you again.

  4. Your dogs are so cute! I’ve never been to Venice and I really want to bring my other half there. I visited Florence though and it’s so beautiful.
    I definitely relate the lack of motivation sometimes. Sometimes I just wanna stay in bed and watch Netflix all day or spend the whole day in front of my videogames like when I was kid. We are actually getting ready a moving abroad and it’s stressing and exhausting

  5. Oh I love your planners and your washi tapes collection. The last time I saw a collection as extensive as that was when I was preparing for my wedding. I so many washi tapes. Those planners are really pretty. I wish they are available locally.I’d probably hoard a few.

  6. Those planners are so damn cute (I’m a stationery addict, what can I say!); and Venice is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance to. Definitely on my plans for some time soon. I know how it feels when blogging feels like extra work, specially after a long day at work. Wishing you all the best!

  7. Hi. Welcome back and great job on your new posts and sharing a glimpse of your life lately. Sometimes, blogging can be overwhelming. I think the biggest hindrance in being consistent is the lack of inspiration. I know that is true in my case. I could write a lot, which I do, as a freelance writer. But after several work related articles in a day, it can become an ordeal to write about something else for the blog. In that sense, I could relate with you when you say seating in front of a computer is the last thing you want to do after coming home from work.

    Over the years, though, blogging has become a habit. To keep myself motivated and inspired, I have small wins on the blog in the form of compensation, but mostly when I see posts that are valued and shared, not here in the country, but worldwide.

    When I started blogging years ago, I was writing for myself. So, there were stretches when I stop. But now that I focus more on giving value where I see I could, it seems to have worked better for me.

    I wish you all the best and that you would find one inspiration after another, one reasn after another, to put something up.

  8. Planners are great! I’ve lately fallen in love with bullet journaling and it sure helps me to get motivated and inspired. 🙂 Your pictures are beautiful btw, and that Brownie is super cute! I hope you have had a great April so far.

  9. So happy that you get your hand back on writing. I love planners, washi, travel and brownie too. I have my happy planner too, set up as my blogging planner to remind me what to forceful write and do on my site… hahaha! kinda my boss, lol! Keep it up and waiting for April adventures… Aja!

  10. I love this last picture with Brownie.Really cute and adorable.Glad to read more about trips including Venice.These planners are great.I always want to have such planner to organize my work.Though I use a diary,I feel I need to be more organized!

  11. Pretty eventful! The trip to Italy alone would keep me afloat and in seventh heave for awhile. It’s my dream destination! Sometimes we get that feeling of just being meh and it’s okay to feel that way. What matters is we try not to dwell too much on it and move on.

  12. I love architectures, and Europe has most of my favorites! You’re so lucky to be able to travel there. I have a question though, how do you use Washi tapes? I mean, for what purpose? I see a lot of people selling them, but I just thought to myself, to just use an ordinary scotch tape to do the sticking purposes. Sorry if my question is somewhat stupid. haha

    1. Thank you Jill! Well I just use washi tapes for decorations hehe. I love to scrapbook so I use them for that and also in my planners to make them look more prettier 😛

      1. I see. Thanks for letting me know! Now that I think about it, washi tapes are very pretty. I now realize that if you’re into scrap books, the tapes serve as a nice accent. I guess I’ll expect some of your scrap book works in your future blogs? Good luck!

  13. This is a great way for your readers who failed to read all your blog posts or who simply miss you to be updated on your life. Truly, one needs rest for writing too. I’m guilty of binge watching too instead of catching up on back log. So I still have loads of travel back log.

  14. I’m actually on a stage right now where I can feel that blogging is indeed extra work. To be honest, I haven’t blogged for a long time already and most of the post on my blog are guest posts. I feel guilty that I can no longer take care of my blog but I’m really just busy about so many things.

    Good thing that you kind of passed this stage and is already back blogging. Hopefully, I can start blogging again soon like you. And by the way, I love those planners and the washi tapes!

  15. It’s really tough to balance a corporate job and your passion project. It really entails a lot of extra work! I hope you will continue to inspired to keep sharing your adventures. Your photos are lovely especially the ones from your Europe trip.

  16. Glad to hear you finally were able to click the publish post for this update. Welcome back! Years back I remember I had months of hiatus as well… it is indeed difficult to conceive words but it is rewarding when we are able to have an output. I am also thinking of adding life lately into my site. I feel it is therapeutic. But again, time is an issue. I should try my best!

  17. I can relate to blogging being a chore. I started to notice, however, that when I would write articles that have value to others (like my series on How to Start Blogging with Purpose), I started to see the value my blogging could give me. It takes time to really make a blog work, but it’s worth it and now I have made the jump from office life to blogging, and to other opportunities for business. Kudos to you for pummeling through, just keep going. (And I love your Europe pics! Missing Italy, too!)

  18. “One of the reasons why I started this blog was because I wanted a creative outlet away from the corporate world. It’s supposed to be fun, inspiring.”

    And then… Comes the inevitable backlogs, personal projects and series that you want to write but life takes a toll on you and things begin to pile up… and then you feel that you don’t want to open your blog because there’s too much to do.

    On times that this happens what I do is take a hiatus and just let things be, until I find motivation to write and photograph once again 😀 Doing a series like Life Lately is a great idea to still keep that spark for blogging though 😀 Because that is what blogs are really about- an online diary 😀

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