Jeds Island Resort

Jed’s Island Resort is located in Calumpit, Bulacan – it’s an affordable place to take your kids in the summer time.  Currently with 26 swimming pools, including a wave pool, kiddie pools, 15 ft diving pool, 7 ft pool, 5 ft pool and more. There are also a lot of  cottages to choose from starting from P300+

Jed's Island Resort

So many characters you can take photos with here. Hehe!

Jed's Island Resort

Great prices also. Entrance fee, below:

Day entrance: P150 for adults; P120 for children
Night entrance: P180 for adults; P150 for children

Jed's Island Resort Rates


Great photo opportunities with their wide variety of characters on display.

Jed's Island Resort

Jed's Island Resort

They also have a lot of slides you can ride, which I love! Always a sucker for slides, although it does get tiring climbing all the way up, but the adrenaline rush when your speeding down is definitely worth it.

Jed's Island Resort

Jed's Island Resort

This is their wave pool area. It’s pretty big!
Jed's Island Resort

More slides!Jed's Island Resort


Kiddie slides!

Jed's Island Resort

Super colorful and very kid friendly. Have a lot places where kids can hang out and enjoy 🙂

Jed's Island Resort

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  1. how much is the entrance for overnight and what time? For adult and for kids? What day you have a singing band?

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