Jagalchi Market

Looking for some authentic Korean cuisine or just want to check out a traditional Korean seafood market? If yes, then definitely stop by Jagalchi Market – where you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market.

PS. The Blue Crab Stew was amazing!!! Click read more to know more about we ate at the market!

There are A LOT of restaurants at Jagalchi Market. This is the one we ate at. 

How to get to Jagalchi Market?

There are two stations close to the market, you can get off at either Jagalchi Station or Nampo Station. We were coming from Busan Tower so we just walked to the market – probably only around 15 minutes (thanks Google for the directions, hehe).

When we finished up dinner, we made our way to Nampo Station and got off at Jungang Station (1,400 krw each) and walked to our Hotel.

For other information, check out the Korea tourism website here.

The restaurant was nice! Not a lot of customers which was good because it wasn’t too noisy. The waiters were helpful although they didn’t know a lot of English so when we were ordering there was a lot pointing to the menu and hand signals. Hahaha!

What we ate?

1x Grilled Fish10,000
Blue Crab Stew (good for 4 to 5 people)40,000
3x rice (1,000 each)3,000
TOTALKRW 53,000 ( equiv. to Php 2,600 or USD 47)
Blue Crab Stew includes: Octopus, Clams, Mussels, Prawns, Crab, and a few others that we weren’t familiar with. So delicious! Highly recommend you guys try this or something similar – authentic Korean cuisine! 
Menu – sorry it’s a little small 😛 They offer also some raw fish / seafood but it’s just not really our thing – I like my seafood cooked hehe.

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  1. To be honest, I clicked on this cause I was curious of the red spice that is atop the veggies. What exactly is that red thing on top of the blue crab stew? Also, Is it super spicy or is it even spicy at all? 😀

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