Inside the MAMBI Big Happy Planners

I have a different kind of post for you guys today! Sharing with you a few photos of my Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Happy Planners! Click the read more tab below to see inside of these beautifffffful planners!

I got these from the States at Michael’s, my aunty got me these as gifts when she came back to visit a few months ago and I loveeeee them. I got three, two big planners and one classic planners. I actually forgot to take photos of the classic planner which is the one I’m actually using at the moment.

The Big Happy Planners were around $17 at the time, this was during the Black Friday sale but normal retail price I believe is $40, so do wait for these sales! These box sets come with the planer, stickers, sticky notes and a pen. These are also undated planners, so the stickers included the months and days too.

The stickers are amazing quality!!! And I really love the pen, hehe.

This rainbow edition has a horizontal layout which I’m not to use to using but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I actually started using this one at the beginning of the year when I first got them and I was using it as a day to day planner until I realized it was just waaaaay to heavy to bring along with me to work every single day. So I ended up switching to the classic planner (smaller size).

I loveeeeeeeee the design of this one though! The pretty pink rings and the monthly pages are so cute.

The second Big Happy Planner I got was the “Be Happy Everyday” Planner. It’s pretty much the same as the Rainbow Planner as also came with stickers, a pen and sticky notes; the only different is the layout. This one is the vertical layout, which I think most people prefer.

What planner do you guys use and why do you like it? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to check out some other planners too. Alsoooo you can check out more designs, add-ons, accessories on the Michael’s website here and the MAMBI website here

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  1. Wow! Those planners are really cute amd dainty! Im not really into planners because i dont usually write on them. But whenever i find one that is just too cute to let go, i buy it amd keep it as a collection. While my daughter loves doodling on it from time to time so i stopped collecting while she’s little. By the way, i love that one with a heart ❤

  2. Planners!!! I used to love planners as well and yearly I would buy lots of planners for friends as well. I also receive a lot from friends, perhaps they know me that well.

    Those are so cute. Makes planning and writing more inspiring and fun. The “be happy” one seems what’s fitting for me.

  3. NOOOOO! My Planner addiction has just started to calm down and you post this! While I’ve known this brand for a while, I haven’t really been attracted to too much cuteness haha. I currently own a Kikki.K, Bliss, SB, ABC Daily Journal, and another one I forgot, and I love how simple they look. I love painting and lettering on my planners, so something this cute would make me feel so guilty if I painted over it. Hahaha.

  4. These MAMBI planners are gorgeous. I have been seeing a lot of them in our planner group on Facebook, but have not found the guts to get me one, as they are way too pricey for this stingy mum! 😛 But, I might just end up getting one if I find one from the de-stash selling group I frequent!

    Currently, I am using the Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner which is just perfect for mums like me, and the Plains and Prints 2017 Planner, where I jot down my gratitude list for each day.

  5. I’m so envious right now!!! I love those stickers. I have a CNS planner and because I’m a new mom, I’m super busy and I don’t have much time in planning. Stickers saves me. Always! I would love to get extra planner to push my planning hobby but I just don’t have much time so I don’t buy anymore.

  6. Those planners really look cute and a bit girly! Haha. I admire you and the other people who are into planners. I have a hard time accomplishing and finishing one. Though, I’m more of a blank journal type of person. But most of my planners are onto the creative side like FILED’s Scribble Planners. 🙂

  7. The planner is soooo nice! Been looking for a nice planner for 2017 but I didn’t see this online. I am using one right now but I haven’t really written anything for the past weeks haha! Guess I am only good at the start of the year. IF this is my planner, I would have probably won’t stop planning lol! How can you not plan with the cute little one? 🙂

  8. It’s a really beautiful planner.I really love when a planner is undated.So I can use it even later if I already have one.These stickers are really beautiful and helpful for planning the dates properly.Lovely idea!

  9. Lovely designs! I have used planners my whole life. These are not really my style, as I prefer the plain minimalist type designs. I hardly do the “planner scrapbooking” thing, too, I like the cute stuff but have no time anymore to use them. I commend though all the people who are able to make their planners functional and beautiful, though!

  10. Love your planners, they are so cool. I just started using them though. But my life is much heppier now since I am finally organised. Believe it or not, now I have much free time and I am never late with anything.

  11. This is such a girly girl planner I must say, like look at all those cute stickers. If I have it I probably wouldn’t want to use it hahaha… But given how cute it is, I think it’s an ideal gift. Price is a bit steep when it’s not on sale huh.

  12. Oh! These are so pretty. I don’t use planners but seeing these I really want to have one for myself and I am not sure I will be able to use it or no! But I will love to keep them for their pretty designs.

  13. I am a planner addict! I wish I had this store where I live. I would buy all of these! The stickers are amazing!

  14. This is the first time I heard about MAMBI planners but it is sure to be beautiful. I super love the stickers and the detailed designs they have. Will definitely consider this for next year if they are available locally.

  15. I’m not really familiar with planners these days… I mean I used to be fond of them in college. But I must say, this one you got is ver interesting. I feel happy seeing the colors, the stickers, the sheets… must be wonderful to plan things esp travels with this planner!!!

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