Ichiran Ramen Review

Ichiran Ramen

What comes to mind when you hear Ichiran Ramen???


Am I right???

If you’re looking to try this famous ramen place without waiting for hours, I know the right place to go! Click the read more button below to find out where and what I thought about the place.

Ichiran Ramen

The best place to try Ichiran Ramen? Hakata Sun Plaza Underground in Fukuoka, Japan!

We spent the whole morning at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (Love this place! I’ll write about it soon!) and we were so so so hungry and I really wanted to try Ichiran Ramen! Luckily, there was one just near the train station where we got off and turns out this one didn’t have there really long lines compared to the ones in Tokyo or Osaka.

I was even telling my family to expect a long line! Hahaha. But when we got there at around 2pm, there’s was none! We went straight in. Yasssss! 😛

How to get there? When you go out the main entrance of Hakata Station, just keep walking forward until you see some stairs and arrows indicating Sun Plaza.

Ichiran Ramen

First things first, order! I got the Ramen + Egg (1,050 yen or Php 486)
Current rate (as of Mar 2019): 1 YEN = 0.46 PHP

All you have to do is put your money in the vending machine and press the button of the dish you want, then a little ticket stub will come out. Once you have ordered, some one will show you to your seat.

Next, you’ll receive a sheet of paper to choose how you want your ramen. The recommended choices are the ones with the dotted circle. I chose all the recommended ones except I didn’t want mine to be spicy! Hehe.

Once you’re done just place the order sheet and stub at the front of your table, press the button and someone will pick it up and start preparing your order.

For extra orders, you can see the menu in the photo above. Same process, just press the button then order 🙂

Ichiran Ramen

A few minutes later, my ramen arrived! IT WAS SO GOOD! BEST RAMEN THAT I’VE HAD SO FAR! 🙂

As you can see from my face, I really really loved this ramen! The broth was so rich and the noodles were just YUM!!!
I highly recommend this place! If you’re ever in Fukuoka or in any place in Japan, definitely check it out. I know that there are long lines in other Ichiran restaurants but don’t let it put you off, it’s definitely worth it (for me!).

Have you ever been to Ichiran Ramen before? What did you think? Let me know if you loved it or hated it or if there are other ramen places in Japan that you think are better. I would love to know your thoughts! ♥

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Ichiran Ramen

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