Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Welcome to Huinnyeoul Culture Village aka the White Rift Culture Village. This was our first stop on our first full day in Busan. It’s a small little village with a lot of character! Click the link below to take a sneak peak inside the village.

Huinyeoul Culture Village
Translation: It is a simple village that retains the traces of the pain and time of the refugee history that was created after the Korean War. This village is a beautiful village resembling Greece’s Santorini, built on the cliffs of the sea. This place is attracting attention as a filming place, such as ‘Attorneys’, ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time’ In our district, we are transforming some houses on the huinnyeoul road into creative spaces, encouraging local artists to create their creative minds, and creating a culture and arts village where people can feel culture and art in their daily lives.

How to get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village?

1st Option: Busan City Tour Bus (My family and I chose this one! Highly recommend this! Will write a separate blog all about this soon.) 
We waited for the bus at Busan Station; left around 9:25 am, travel time to get to the village was only 10 minutes. 

2nd Option: (from the Korean Tourism Org.)
From Busan station  :  No. 508 -> Alight at “영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment”.

3rd Option: (from the Korean Tourism Org.)
From Busan Station  :  No. 85 / No. 82 -> Alight at “이송도곡각지 Yee-Songdo-Gokakji” (20mins) and walk for about 507m (6mins) 

4th Option: (from the Korean Tourism Org.)
From Nampo Station : Bus 7, 70, 71 or 508 -> Alight at “영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment”.

What to do? / What to see?

  • See the murals on the houses
  • Take a costal walk/run
  • Enjoy the views of Busan
  • Walk to the Sky Observatory (didn’t get to do this, but be mindful – there are a lot of stairs to get there!)
Huinyeoul Culture Village

Beautiful views of Busan!

We only stayed for around 30 minutes, just a quick look around and also grabbed some snacks before we rode the bus again. Unless you were planning to walk the around the WHOLE village, I think 30 mins to 1 hr here is definitely enough 🙂 Also, just a reminder, this is a residential area so please do respect the people who live there.

Have any of you been here before? Is it similar to the Gamcheon Village? (didn’t get to go here!) Let me know in the comments section below! Also if you’ve missed my last few blogs check the links below or click here (for Seoul blogs) and here (for Busan blogs).  ♥

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Huinnyeoul Culture Village

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