How to Teach Science in a Fun Way for Kids

Many students feel like science is just another subject that schools mandate to be included in the curriculum so early on. Some think science is boring and useless most especially if they don’t plan on going into the medical field. Being a more complicated and a forever advancing subject, it is sometimes taken for granted because of its complexity.

Why would students need to study science and be good at it? Science is a wonderful world of its own. It teaches us about the world around us, how things work, what makes them work and what roles each plays. It teaches students of analytical and critical thinking, patience, problem-solving and much more which are important in any course or career path they may take.

We understand that learning science can sometimes be boring, confusing and sometimes frustrating at times, but teaching doesn’t have to be boring. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, we can help our little scientists be more curious and hungry for knowledge.

By creating cool activities where kids can have a more in-depth view on how science topics works, they get to learn while being entertained and enlightened at the same time. Experiments fall into this category. There are so many different types of activities that can be found on Pinterest that you’re sure to never be bored!

The internet offers a huge collection of science videos you can show kids to aid you in teaching. Lively and animated characters will surely catch kid’s attention while they teach students with science topics.

More often than not, we are able to memorize a song faster than a page of a book. By incorporating topics into a song or putting tune and melody into it, much like nursery songs, chances are kids will be able to remember facts just by singing, and they get to retain the memory a bit longer.

Little kids would rather color than listen to a boring subject, so why not do both? Coloring helps reduce stress by relaxing the brain. By incorporating colors when teaching, you get to have a material that is effective, fun and memorable.

This one can peak any little scientist’s interest almost instantly. Kids, being curious ones and all, gets to experience science like no other way. Science fairs help kids to test, evaluate and tinker with available projects teaching them more than words can.

These are just some of the things we can do to make learning science a fun way. Find out more ways to help your kid love science (click this link). We appreciate each and every teacher’s effort in teaching students with the knowledge they need to have a good grasp of the science subject the traditional way, but sometimes, this is not enough.

Give your child the opportunity and advantage to learn more about science with the help and guidance of a compete science tutor. With Smile Tutor, learning is fun, creative and practical.

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  1. Science is something that children may get bored of. Yet, young as I was then and very curious about how things work, science has always captivated me with all its mysteries. Watching videos and learning about it in school was the only access I had. Now, I get envious of children who have access to various museums and places that could teach them about Science. Even though some may not realize it yet, but Science is something that we cannot live in our daily lives.

  2. I admit that I hated Science at first but suddenly go the excitement to it when I studied Chemistry on the 3rd year. I can remember that my teacher even complimented me that I got higher that the proclaimed valedictorian. I feel that I have a gift in Science. Though admittedly, parents and teachers of students needs to consider these in case you need more assistance to your children.

  3. I like your suggestions. I do these also with my kids. Since my kids are musically-inclined, we use songs a lot to help them discover and learn their lessons. They are love to do arts and crafts. Of course, we love field trips! We always look forward to our field trips!

  4. I have always enjoyed learning about science and it is important for everyone to have a good understanding about science; even if you do not pursue science as a career. People are constantly bombarded with ideas on how we can cure any ailments with magnetic fields, how vaccines do not work, or even conflicting views on climate change. Since these ideas can have serious consequences, it is important for everyone to be able to sort out what is real science and what can actually help them.

  5. Science can be fun. But because it is loaded with facts and based on experiments some times, it makes it a difficult subject to like. I, for one, hates exams and quizzes about science but I love nre discoveries and learning. What you’ve enumerated here are pretty much fun ways to learn science and make an impression it isn’t not a bore.

  6. Science can be a tough subject to get kids interested in. These are excellent ways though to make it fun for them. Usually doing actual activities and applying it is more helpful. Field trips are also a good idea. Gets the kids out of the house.

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