Hello Pisa!

More than a year has gone by since I was in Europe and I know I should’ve written this a loooooong time ago, while the momentum was high but here we are. I’ll try to recollect my thoughts and hope that I have some sort of content for my Pisa post.

We were almost half way through our vacation and we had just arrived in Florence in the morning, travelled from Venice by train which took about 2-ish hours. We met up with the owner of the apartment we had rented out for two days (we booked through booking.com). She showed us around the apartment which was on the 4th floor (with no elevator! Woo that was a work out, the stairs were high!). It didn’t look like much from the outside but it was quite nice on the inside – you can see pictures and read more about our apartment in my other blog post here.

We had a little rest that morning, got ready and headed out to explore more of Italy! We ended up deciding on visiting Pisa first and then exploring Florence the next day. So we walked back to the train station (not far from our apartment) and took a train which took less than an hour. Be sure to get your tickets validated though before you hop on! We had no idea we had to do this since the other trains we took didn’t require it. Unfortunately we did have to pay a fine (€50 each!!!!), they did let us off though and let us pay €50 for the 5 of us.

We arrived at the Piazza Del Duomo and headed straight for the Leaning Tower. It was amazing seeing it for the first time. Just like with the Eiffel Tower, after seeing it so many times in pictures, in videos and movies, it just feels so different and feels so amazing to see it with your own eyes!

We bought our tickets at the Sinopie Museum (Museo delle Sinopie), I’m not sure if that’s still where there being sold cause when we went there there was quite a few renovations going on. The great thing about the Piazza Del Duomo (aka Piazza del Miracoli) area is that you have one ticket for all the places and if you’re with a group you can also have one ticket for the whole family/group. Environmentally friendly (less paper!) and of course less tickets to be mindful of, hehe.

We only paid to see Baptistery and Camposanto (the Cathedral is free, but still requires a ticket). It cost us €6 each. We opted not to climb the tower cause the line was quite long and the view from the ground is pretty spectacular already 😛

We didn’t get to see everything but here’s a complete list of places you can visit in the Piazza Del Duomo:

  • Baptistery

Very stunning architecture, detailing of Italian buildings always amazing! It’s also really huge!

  • Sinopie Museum
  • Cathedral


  • Camposanto

The tombs were kinda freaky to see, nice designs on some of them though!

  • Opera del Duomo Palace
  • Leaning Tower
  • Opera del Duomo Museum

Check out some more photos I took of beautiful Pisa!

Top photo: Inside the Baptistery Bottom photo: Inside the Camposanto

We were pretty tired walking around the whole day, so we relaxed for a bit on the nice grass. Taking lots of photos! Headed home after that, it was such a beautiful day! Enjoyed seeing Pisa!

Have you been to Pisa before? How did you like it? Were you able to visit other places in Pisa? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you guys <3 Alsoooo, check out one of my favorite photos below (the one of the right), I just love all the people taking the “classic Leaning Tower of Pisa photo”, of course I did take a couple myself! Hahaha 😛

P.S. Definitely working hard on my blog for the rest of the year, PROMISE. More posts on my blog, on my social media accounts too! Hoping that I somehow inspire some of you to travel and explore the world. ♥

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  1. It is a pity that people (me included) spend only few hours to visit Pisa, there is so much to see! I had no idea that visitors could climb the tower, the proof that I need to go back and check all that I missed

  2. Yeah, everyone thinks Pisa its just the Tower but it is not true, so much to see and learn. Italy is full of history. The Baptistery is amazing, love your picture from the top to see the round room.

  3. It’s better late than never, LOL. But yeah, it’s hard if you have pending posts and delayed ones. It is hard to recollect the thoughts and memories for something that had gone a long time ago. But anyway, I am astonished by the photos. I mean, this is my first time seeing other stuff like how they all looked outside. Nice post!

  4. The ceiling up there looks like a yummy waffle ? It’s classy. Ah, those Pisa tower photos shouldn’t be missed!

  5. I didn’t get to go all the way up the tower because the lines were too long. Another reason to go back! 🙂

  6. I have visited Pisa before and actually really like the small town (I know that many people don’t). Besides visiting the Tower of Pisa I really loved eating ice cream and exploring the narrow streets of the town.

  7. Woow! The cathedral looks amazing. I did not know such a beautiful structure existed so close to the leaning tower. The interior pictures of baptistry look so fascinating. I wonder why it is not as popular as its neighboring structure.

  8. I can truly say that the memories that you have during your visit is still so fresh. Pisa is I guess on everyone’s bucket list because of its astonishing building structure from the Interior to its exterior. The facade is also beautiful and I like to have a photo of myself with that beautiful background. I hope I can visit here as well. Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience with us.

  9. I didn’t realize there was more to Pisa than just simply taking funny pictures around the tower. I was supposed to visit when in Italy but had to cancel due to a train strike. Now I definitely want to go back. Thanks for letting me know about all the other places to visit.

  10. Perfect in every angle! Pisa is one of the most visited spots in Europe.
    Everyone is curious about this leaning tower. But the City of Pisa has a lot to offer other than it’s leaning tower. We had a lovely time in Pisa a couple of years ago and your post brought back pleasant memories.

  11. I am myself so curious to see Leaning Tower of Pisa. Your words are clearly depicting how fascinating this is in real. Your pictures are good and that ceiling is really awesome.

  12. Looks like a really good time! I was in Pisa many years ago and also didn’t climb the tower. I have to admit I regret it now…going to have to go back again soon!

  13. I love how everyone has this classic pic of theirs in front of Pisa 🙂 Hard to skip this grand building, right! I would love to visit this soon.

  14. I know what you mean by saying that it is different when you see it for yourself. I mean it really leans! I felt the same way about it when I feasted my eyes on it. The one thing that I really regret is not being able to climb it. Did not know about the prior booking for it. Ah well!
    Lovely post on Pisa.

  15. Pisa is beautiful and so is the Cathedral and its bell tower. Just back from a holiday here. Good that you took the train. We took a bus and were stuck in traffic. Although back that you didn’t know about the stamping.

  16. Wow! Such luck to have seen and been there. I have only seen Pisa on books and the puzzle my son tried to complete years ago. Indeed the architecture is such a beauty. The Cathedral as well is stunning.

  17. hi
    lovely post , reminded me of my visit to Pisa , i was staying nearby at La Spezia and hence loved visiting Pisa whenever i got some time to spare , the streets too are simply beautiful and one can explore them in a leisure manner if time is available

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