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Two months of 2016 left. Can you believe it??? Christmas time is just around the corner! The stress of planning all the holiday parties and thinking of awesome Christmas gifts are slowly creeping up. But we can’t let the stress get to us! We all need to look fab when we go to these parties right??? And to make sure that I look stunningly fabulous this holiday season I make sure that I take care of two things: My body and my skin. Thanks to Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons, I can do just that!

To take care of my body, I’ve recently just started going to the gym and there are a ton of great discounts on fun fitness activities on Groupon like Rock Climbing classes, Yoga classes, Dances classes and more! Take a look at some of the great deals:


Apart from working out, I especially take care of my skin. Everyone knows that it’s best to start taking care of your skin at an early age. You’ll definitely thank yourself in the future! Check out the awesome deals below:


One more thing I love at Groupon are all the make-up deals! My staples for a perfect night-out look: flawless foundation, killer eyeliner, beautiful mascara and a bold lip color.


All these items can also be great Christmas gifts for your loved ones! View more Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupon deals here. Happy Shopping! #Groupon #Ad

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  1. Hey, that is so cool. I agree, Groupon offers nice deals. As always when it comes to spending, I encourage smart spending. Meaning, buy products that you are really buying from sites that offers the best deals.

  2. I also use groupon, I just think that it helps me buy the products or services that I like without hurting my budget. I am now eyeing the yoga class especially now that I’m trying amp up my fitness effort because yeah, Christmas (the season of endless eating) is just around the corner.

  3. I think im subscribe to groupon. Eversince online shopping has become a trend i subscribe to buying sites that offer really great deals. I think groupon has getaways or travel deals too which i prefer most of the time. And yes! I do love their beauty, health and wellness deals..

  4. groupon definitely does offer good deals most of the time, but some merchants will unscrupulously hide behind fine prints (or sometimes, just relentlessly hardsell you with no intentions of honouring the groupon deal) to get more money out of you. which is why i only get goods from groupon these days, after getting conned twice from the groupon merchant. well, not really ‘conned’, but just…. greatly pressurised into spending more than 10x of what i paid for the voucher. groupon deals for facial salons, hair salons and etc are best avoided.

  5. Groupon offer a lot of amazing deals! I have only tried Groupon once. It was a discount deal that I got for a restaurant where I treated my friends and family for dinner. It was my first time buying Groupon deal and at first, I was feeling skeptical about it, but then the restaurant really accepted the coupon! I normally buy coupons only now whenever I would plan a dine out with my friends or with my family. My fiance loves the discounts too!

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