Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

With Christmas only a few weeks away, most you must be slowly filling up your social calendar with get-together, reunions and holiday parties with friends and family. Aside from planning your schedule around the holidays, you will undoubtedly also have trouble thinking of awesome friends for all your friends and families. The challenge of giving gifts that are thoughtful yet practical, generic yet unique and special yet cheap is quite a tough call.

Fortunately, there are online catalogues that can help you come up with great gift ideas! If you are like most people, you usually give the same gift to a group of friends – of course, this saves you on time, effort and money. Butttt, while this the most accepted practice and still a thoughtful gesture, may this year you can crank it up a notch! 😛

Here are some great ideas for the women who always have your back:

  1. Experience Gifts. Think about it – this group of women are the people you generally experience firsts with – why not give a gift of experience and enjoy it too? You can give out salon or spa gift certificates and book them together. You can even choose to book a little staycation for you and your friends. Alternatively, why not purchase tickets to events you would surely enjoy together such as concerts, movies or plays? Go even further – purchase extreme sports tickets and experience them together! Do rock climbing, trampoline jumping, bungee jumping, zipline coasting and other extreme sports adventures. You and your friends will surely label them “one for the books.”
  2. Memory Gifts. Like the rest of us in the digital age, you most probably have hundreds of photos with your girl friends at every date and trip you have together. The thing is, nothing ever gets printed. AT ALL. It’s time to make things different. Print pictures together and assemble them into an album. Or you might want to do it digitally and order a photobook online from most photo web site printers. Have a memorable picture of you and your friends enlarged and printed and give it to them in a wacky picture frame. It will work – we women live for those kinds of stuff!
  3. Hobby/Collection Gifts. You know those things that they buy and collect but never get enough of? Be a good friend and add to their collections – the more limited edition or “vintage” it is, the better. Buy that collectible. Your friend will forever thank you for it.
  4. Vanity Gifts. Girl friends would need never ending supplies of pouches, lip balms, mascara, the current trend of lipstick shade and cologne. Buy one of each, assemble them in a cute basket or bag and you’re all set. Call it “The Little Bag of Everyday Essentials”.
  5. Money. Now, we are not saying you give cold cash outright (but you can, if it’s something you and your friends are comfortable giving out). You can give out money gifts in the form of a savings account under their name, a prepaid credit card or even stock units. Make it a gift that allows them to grow the money and lets them have control on what they want to do with it. The objective of giving something financial is to help or encourage them to save.

Alsooooo don’t forget – it is all about the packaging! Present your gifts, no matter how small, and they will surely swoon with delight even without opening it first! Happy gift buying everyone ♥ What do you plan on giving your friends this Christmas? 🙂


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  1. Great article! Shopping online is much better than visiting a store. Its less stressful, quicker and often cheaper. The only disadvantage is that sometimes if you are buying clothes, they may not fit properly and sending them back can take some time.

  2. Christmas is sooo near! I am extra excited this year because my son already knows how to open gifts. Last year, he was just playing with the gift wrapper. This year, I’d know it would be a really fun one. As for gifts, I always like giving out personalized gifts. For me, it makes it more special 🙂

  3. I love experience day gifts. It’s been about 3 years now since I have started gifting them, knowing that they will be always well received, especially the spa vouchers or the dinner ones. It’s great that they also are valid for a year, so there is plenty of time to be used. I would love to receive one also, I never did yet. 🙂

  4. For me, I am thinking and looking for things to give to my family. I surely don’t want to give them money because for me it seems kind of awkward. It’s the thought that count’s they say, so I guess reminding me of the things that their hobby could be a really nice gift. And this list is a great reminder for everyone.

  5. I’m going for the last item. Money! It’s not that I’m “mukhang pera” or what but you can just buy the things you like when you have money. It’s hard to guess what the person likes unless you know the person so much. But, it’s really nice to be challenged on how to think gifts for another person.

  6. This got to be one of the best gift list this season that I saw. I personally love experience gifts. I gave such this year. I love the Memory gifts idea too!

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