Hello, The Garden of Morning Calm!

garden of morning calm

Next stop, The Garden of Morning Calm! Another popular place for not just the foreign tourists but also the local because it’s a popular filming location for KDrama’s. Surround yourself with stunning flowers and gardens AND get to see a 1,000 year old Juniper Tree. Click the link below to read more of what we saw and got up to here.

How to get here?

We got here by, “The Shuttle Bus for Gapyeong Tourist Resort”, which we caught from the Gapyeong Train Station – this is just like a Hop-On Hop Off bus. This is also how we got to the Nami Island port. From Nami Island it’s around a one hour ride to The Garden of Morning Calm.

Fares for the Shuttle Bus (for 1 day)
Adult: 6,000 won
Children/Teenager (4 to 18 y/o): 4,000
PWD and Seniors: 4,000
Children under 3 y/o: Free

A Course (this is what we took)
Gapyeong Terminal > Gapyeong Station Terminal > Jarasum > Gapyeong Rail Bike > Nami Island > Geumdae-ri Hall > Interactive Art Museum > Bokjang-ri samgeori > Petite France > Homyeong-ri > Cheongpyeong Terminal > Imchogyo Ap > Morning Calm Arboretum

B Course
Mok-dong Terminal > Hyeonam Agricultural Museum > Gapyeong Rail Bike > Jarasum > Gapyeong Station Terminal > Cheonpyeong Station > Chi-Ong Arts Center > Morning Calm Arboretum


Adults: 9,500 won 
Teenagers (middle school & high school students): 7,000 won 
Children (3 y/o to elementary students): 6,000 won
* Seniors (65 y/o above), PWD and local residents also have discounts – bring an ID.

Group rates (+30 people, during weekdays only)
Adults: 8,500 won
Teenagers: 6,000 won
Children: 5,000

Open from 8:30 am to sunset

Best Course (as advised in their brochure)

Cloud Bridge > Millennium Juniper > Sunken Garden > J’s Cottage Garden > Pond Garden > Moonlight Garden > Road to Heaven > Morning Plaza > Green House > Morning Clam Gallery

We didn’t actually get to see the whole place because it’s huge! We arrived in the late afternoon and spent around an hour just wandering around, looking at the beautiful gardens and flowers. 

Bonsai Garden


Just after the Cloud Bridge you past by the beautiful Bonsai Garden!

Millennium Juniper

Can’t believe this tree is over 1,000 years old! WOW!

Road to Heaven (aka the Tulip Garden)

How many of you have been here before? Was it worth? Let me know in the comments section below! ♥ Also if you haven’t read any of my previous posts from Korea, check the links here or below.


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  1. The garden and landscape looks beautiful (man made and we’ll tendered)… That tree also looks very healthy for a plant that is a millennium old.

    I have never visited there but it seems like a peaceful place to think/relax especially in the morning.

  2. At some point, all the KDramas come rushing to my mind at the same time when I saw the photos. You took very good photos btw! The bonsai garden looks so awesome and I find it very amusing. I want to already have a bonsai of my own!

  3. The flowers look so pretty! but it kinda reminds me of Camp John Hay in Baguio, 20 years ago. I do wish to see korea, but I want it to be with my sister because I know that she loves the place and culture.. and those locations look like something off k-drama!

  4. Ooh! I’ve been here!! I absolutely love it! The flowers and the trees looked like they came straight out of a storybook. We went during the summer, but I want to try going on a different season also. 🙂 love your pictures by the way. 🙂

  5. This looks like quite the adventure!I haven’t been here but definitely a spot I would add to my bucket list. Love your photos BTW, they were a great representation of the garden making me feel as though I was there.

  6. This is such a serene place. Going there and spending a weekend without any network connectivity would be my goal 🙂
    We have a couple of such places in India as well, but not with a place to stay though… I’m a big fan of beautiful flowery gardens,as they help me think through many things. Beautiful place!

  7. Wow! This place is amazing and really beautiful. It is a dream to visit since I am a big fan of Kdramas. Also, it would be very exciting to see that 1000-year-old tree.

  8. Wow. Looking at the pictures made me jealous! Hahaha! I would love to visit Korea especially the tulip garden. 🙂 I was wondering though, what season was it when you went to visit? Or what would be the best month to go? Thanks in advance!

  9. Thanks for sharing this as I have enjoyed reading it. Love garden walking in the morning too. Just so relaxing & refreshing. Cheers

  10. This looks like quite the adventure! A spot I would add to my bucket list. 1000 years old Juniper tree must be a sight! I love bonsai gardens. We have one here too. Great pics and those remind me I should take some.

  11. Your blog about the Garden of Morning Calm makes me want to fly back to South Korea now. I surely would enjoy strolling there. Also, that 1000-year-old Juniper tree is quite a sight. The bonsai gardens are equally enticing to see.

  12. I’ve been here when I visited Korea before, and it was majestic! We joined a tour with Klook so we were a bit rushed so I wished I could spend more time here. Maybe I can visit again by myself after following your guide on how to get there! I also saw a lot of photographers in the area when I was there, so I should probably get my photographer friend too haha! Thanks for sharing this!

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