Flying with Cebu Pacific – Manila to Melbourne

Cebu Pacific

Way back in December of last year I flew from Manila to Melbourne via Cebu Pacific. It was my first time flying that route, click the button below to read more about my experience!

Cebu Pacific
Love this reminder! #MakeMomentsHappen 💕

Cebu Pacific Flight Details

My ticket was Php 7,600 including 20kg check in luggage and one meal. Super cheap! It was during one of Cebu Pacific’s promo periods.

Departure 6:00AM, at NAIA Terminal 3.

My flight was early in the morning so I barely had any sleep that night, but it’s okay I fell asleep straight away when I got on the plane. Basically slept the whole way, it was great! Hehehe.

Checking In

The check in counter opened at around 2am. Before you head to the counter to check in, they will inspect your carry on luggage using some sort of stick detector (sorry I don’t know what it’s called or what it’s for haha, it was my first time to experience it). After you have had your bags checked they’ll stick a verication sticker on your bag, check your passport then you can proceed to the counter.

Tip: always bring an extra bag or foldable bags! I was 3kg over the limit and had to move a few of my items into my carry on instead hehe.

I went through immigration at around 3 am and it went smoothly! Not a lot of people during that time of the morning which is great!

Before heading to your gate make sure you use the bathroom or ask if there is one at your gate. This will save you the hassle and time since there is ANOTHER security check before you can enter your boarding gate. No water allowed, which is a little weird since I bought the water after immigration but anyway that’s their policies. And of course, the usual no liquid CONTAINERS above 100ml.

After bag checking, next is a body check then you can proceed to boarding gate.

Boarded at 5:30am, arrived in Melbourne 5:20pm (delayed by 30 mins, roughly a 8 hour flight).

Cebu Pacific
Bag check before you can enter the boarding gate
Cebu Pacific
I love getting a window seat 💕

My pre-ordered meal, Beef Kare-Kare. It was quite good! 😊

Cebu Pacific

There are no screens or ipads on the flight so do bring something to entertain yourself with. Also, blankets and pillows are charged so just bring your own hehe 😊

Cebu Pacific
Wasn’t a full flight so I had one whole row (3 seats) all to myself. It was great! I slept the whole way hehe.
Touch down! 💕🇦🇺

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Cebu Pacific

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