Exploring Baler, Aurora

Welcome to Baler, Auroraaaaaaaaaaaa! Visited Baler for the first time a few weeks ago, it was a spontaneous two-day trip with my family and it was so much fun (yes, surfing was the best!).



We were traveling from Pampanga so the drive there was roughly 4-5 hours, if coming from Manila that would probably be a 5-6 hour drive. There are a lot zigzag roads and sharp turn curves, as well as a lot of on-going road reconstruction on the way there so please be alert!

If you are planning to commute there, from what I know, Genesis is the only bus company that travels directly to Baler (which you can ride in Cubao) or you can commute there via Cabanatuan then straight to Baler. I’m not exactly sure about the schedules so it would be best to contact the bus company before travelling. Also, once you get to Baler there are a lot of tricycles so you won’t have trouble travelling around the town.


First stop, exploring the town proper. There’s a big red Baler sign in the town that you have to take a photo with (first photo), don’t worry you won’t miss it. I think every time we passed the sign there were always new people taking photos with it, it’s a like a never ending photo shoot!


Museo de Baler!


There’s registration fee of P30, more details in the photo below.


The museum was small, but there are plenty of nice and interesting things to see inside and also a lot of photo-op moments!






Next, we went to see the Diguisit Rock Formations, beautiful view! We stayed here for a bit just taking a lot photos. We just took photos from the road along the water front, but if you have time to chill you can go to Diguisit beach and rent a picnic table, nice view to enjoy while snacking on some food!





Sabang Beach! It’s surfing timeeeeeeeeee! We were up early that morning cause we had to drive back home that day and also because it would be too painfully hot to be surfing out in the midday sun.


Surf boards for rent and surfing lessons are everywhere so just pick a place and go! Hahaha. The general rate is P200/hour for surf board rent only or P350/hour for surfing lessons, so I wouldn’t go higher than those rates. My brother and I got the surfing lessons for an hour. For me, an hour is more than enough, I had no idea it was so tiring! I mean with, the strong waves and falling off your board more often than not, it’s quite a work out. Also, I think I swallowed a few liters of sea water that day. Hahahaha!


It’s hard to see in the photo above, but the person in the middle of the photo standing on the board, is me!!! I stood up and made it all the way to the the shore a few times. And let me tell you, it’s such thrill when you  stand for the first time! So much funnnnnn! Of course, I did fall a lot of the time but as the saying goes, fall down seven times, get back eight! Hoooooray, that’s another thing to check off my bucket list!



Before going home, we stopped at the 600 year old Balete tree!


This tree is hugeeeeeeeeee! And also quite beautiful and maybe a little creepy (I mean just imagine, 600 years!!!!)



Entrance or exit (I’m not too sure, either way will do) to the inside the tree


The photo above is the view of the roots from the inside, it’s a bit narrow so if you’re claustrophobic I’d skip it, but definitely worth seeing the inside.


That’s it for our trip to Baler! It was short but sweet! We did miss a few things but that just gives me another reason to come back soon! And of course, maybe go surfing again. What are you waiting for? Get up, pack a bag, and go on an adventure!


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  1. I really wanted to go here! But oooh 5-6 hours ride from Manila. Hope I can bear it but because of the place think I will try to be more patient with the long wait.

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