Common Mistakes People Make when Travelling to China

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Travelling in China can be a rocky road if you’re not prepared. Depending on where you are coming from, the culture, the climate, the customs will be completely different to what you are used to. This is why preparation is key when travelling, especially when the destination is further from your home.

This article will list some of the common mistakes that people make when travelling to China for the first time. Moreover, you’ll have a good heads-up on what to do and what not to do during your stay. This will make your vacation much more enjoyable as you immerse into your environment smoothly.

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When In China

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  1. Not Getting Your Mobile Ready

Not preparing your mobile phone is a big mistake. It should be top priority in your suitcase as you will need it for countless things from navigation to simple translations as you go about your day. No matter what, always bring your phone. Even better, try and get a dual sim card that works when you travel abroad so you can even make calls and send texts.

  • Not Researching Common Scams

Scams happen no matter where you go. If you look like a foreigner, you are a clear target for scamming. Moreover, it’s crucial to research into common scams and thefts that happen so you know what to avoid and don’t get caught out. Simple things such as wearing your bag to the front and not carrying large amounts of money can save your trip potentially.

  • Not Getting A Travel Guide

Even a pocket-sized travel guide will do. China is such a large place with so much to see you will seriously regret not buying one. You want to make the most of your time so either signing up to a tour group or using a guide will add depth to your trip. See local cultural highlights, know about historical stories and create more meaning with a travel guide.

  • Not Being Respectful At Temples

It’s important when you visit locals’ homes or go into holy places of worship, you show respect. Common signs of politeness in China feature actions like taking your shoes off before you enter a home. Also, when sitting down, avoid showing the soles of your feet to the person you’re facing as this is considered rude.

  • Watch How Tactile You Are

If you are someone who loves hugs and physical contact, be very careful. As the Chinese culture is more formal, a simple nod or handshake suffices when meeting. Never kiss or hug as this is rarely seen. Also, remember that the head is a sacred area of the body in Chinese culture, so avoid touching here.

Image Source: Unsplash

Following these tips will help you gain insight into the culture and avoid common mistakes people make when travelling to China.

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