Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls + Osmeña Peak


Day 2 of my detailed Cebu blogs features Canyoneering in Badian/Alegria, Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak! Click the link below to read more.

Full 4D 3N Cebu Itinerary can be viewed here!

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We travel from Oslob to Badian – leaving at around 8 in the morning. Followed by a bus going to Bato for P40 (1 hour), then another bus from Bato to Oslob for P55 (1 hour).

The bus dropped us off infront of 7-H Canyoneering Adventure so we just decided to go with them. Standard rate is P1,500.

We decided to take the Alegria route over the Badian route because we didn’t want to hike for 1 hour. The Alegria route, however, does not end up at Kawasan Falls, but this was okay with us since we could just take a habal-habal there (only 5 mins away).

The Alegria route’s hike is only 5 mins (yay! hahaha)

This was the first jump!!!
Sliding!!! So much fun 😛

BBQ pit stop! We forgot to bring money LOL but we did bring snacks. You’ll definitely start to feel a little bit hungry at this point so do remember to bring some food and water but DO NOT leave any rubbish behind.

There’s a little pouch at the front of the lifevests so you can put a small wallet, snacks, water, etc. Your guide can also bring some in a dry bag if it can’t fit.

Crawling across a bamboo bridge is harder than it looks. Hahaha! I was afraid to walk across it cause I might slip!
Celebrating victories! Jumping off 30ft cliffs! 😛
The bluest water!
Short trek back to the start drop off point.

Canyoneering was amazing!!! It was the highlight of my Cebu trip. I loved jumping off the cliffs and sliding into the waters. Not going to lie, there were some that were really scary but exhilarating at the same time. If you are able and well, definitely try Canyoneering. You won’t regret it!

Few other reminders:
1. Bring food / snack / water
2. Wear proper footwear
3. Do not hesitate when jumping – it’s how accidents happen! (not all jumps are mandatory – don’t worry)
5. If you are using a GoPro, bring batteries!

This is the video my friend made of our adventure. Check it out!

Kawasan Falls

By taking the Alegria route for the Canyoneering we didn’t end up at Kawasan Falls. Instead we took a habal-habal (P20 each) to Kawasan Falls, it was only about a 5 min ride.

Habal-habal on the way to Kawasan Falls!


Entrance Fee (Eco Tourism Development Fee P20 + User’s Fee P25) 45
Action camera500
Aqua shoes 50
Tour Guide / Hauler Fee (not compulsary to hire)200 (first 4 hours) + P50 for succeeding hour
Porterage Fee (not compulsary)P150 (up to max 10 KG) + P25succeeding KG

Other important info:

Philippine National Police – Badian Station
Tel No.: 475-9317
Mobile: 0998-5986-354 (Smart) / 0922-7670-647 (Sun)

Local Government Unit – Badian, Cebu
Tel No.: 475-9118
Facebook: Municipality of Badian – Cebu

We also had lunch at Matutino Resort (right infront of the Kawasan Falls entrance). What we ordered:

3x Rice (P25 each)75
Chopsuey (for sharing)230
3pcs Lumpia (P15 each)45
6pcs Pork BBQ sticks (P20 each)120
3x Mango Juice (p50 each)150
Our view during lunch! Beautiful!

Osmeña Peak

Since we didn’t stay too long at Kawasan Falls we still had a bit of time to spare so we decided to go to Osmeña Peak. At the entrance of Kawasan Falls there are some habal-habals which can take you there.

It costs us Php 1,000 for 3 people – one way only. And took us around an hour to get there. The roads going there are quite windy and was a little scary, tbh! Haha, but we made it just before the sun set!

Osmena Peak

From the drop off point, there is a 20 minute hike up to the peak. Fairly easy hike 🙂

Osmena Peak

On the way back, we again took another habal-habal (P600 for 3 people) to Dalaguete. After that we took a bus to Oslob for P50 each (travel time: 1 hour)

That’s it for Day 2! Above all, it was a very action packed day and so much 😀 Are you planning on going here? Or have you been here before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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