California, USA (Part 2 of 2)

Beautiful palm trees along the highways of California. Ahhhh, it’s raining while I’m writing this #TravelbackThrowback post, dreaming that I’m on the beach or near the beach haha. There’s so much to do in California besides the theme parks and the five days we had just weren’t enough! I’ll have to come back soon!



  • Take a stroll through Venice Beach

Welcome to Venice Beach! It was a bit cloudy when we went, I think it was about to rain so we didn’t stay for long.


We took a short stroll along the beach, browsed the small stores, bought some sunnies, took photos, and took a little breather.




I see this all the time in movies!!! Hahaha.



Beverly Hills that’s where I want to be…. dah dum dum dah hahaha

  • Tour the celebrity houses

Well to tell you the truth this wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Haha, didn’t see any celebrities and all we saw while driving through the “celebrity houses” were their pretty gates. Hmmm, I’d skip this haha


  • See the TCL Chinese Theater
  • Take a photo with some of the hand prints (lol!)


A lot of impersonators here that will make you pay to take a photo with them (are you kidding me!) Haha. There’s always a lot of people here so if you don’t like being in a crowded place, better not.

  • Walk through Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame



  • Visit San Diego Zoo



We also visited Old Town in San Diego, our driver/tour guide recommended it so we took a little stroll around and had some tacos!




  • Spend the day at Sea World



This was such an awesome ride!


  • Watch a Shamu show

P6280269After this I feel in love with orcas or made me love them even more. I think I’ve been in love with them since Free Willy (who doesn’t love that movie!)


That was a brief post about California, USA. Still so much to see, so much to do! I had so much fun though, five days was short but so memorable. I love this place! Everyone should definitely go at least once in their life time. Put it on your bucket list guys!


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  1. When I was a kid and I used to watch Beverly Hills, I dreamed of going to California. Years later, the dream has faded but I think looking at your photos make me wanna continue the dream, so to speak. I’d love to go to the TCL Chinese Theater and the San Diego Zoo. I love the photo of the flamingos, they are so pink!

  2. I was really excited to see the Hollywood before. However, when I got there, I was in for a big disappointment. I felt that it was overrated. There were tons of tourists so it’s also pretty difficult to see the star of a celebrity. I still haven’t been also to the parts you’ve been too. I just enjoyed in Six Flags Theme Park.

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