Busan City Tour – Jumbo Bus Review

Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus

Reviewing another Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus, this time in Busan. We were able to visit 7 places in one day! Check out all the details in my post and get a glimpse of the places were able to see.

What to see? | Stops

Stop 1: Busan Station – location of departure (we started here!)

Stop 2: Yeongdodaegyo Bridge – the first and only drawbridge in South Korea. Near by – Jagalchi Market.

Stop 2-1: White Rift Culture Village (Huinnyeoul Culture Village) – Mural village with coastal walk

Huinnyeoul Culture Village
FULL BLOG: http://johnapgnt.com/huinnyeoul-culture-village/

Stop 3: Sky Observatory – enjoy the scenery of Youngdo at a glance. Can walk from here to White Rift Culture Village, but there are lots of stairs!

Stop 4: 75 Plaz – 8 great sceneries in Youngdo with Jeolyoung Marina Trail.

Stop 5: Taejongdae Park – marine cliff with forest and amazing rocks and stone. By Walk, around 2 hours and 30 minutes. By Danubi Train bus, around 1 hour 30 minutes. By pleasure boat, around 45 minutes.

Taejongdae Park
FULL BLOG: http://johnapgnt.com/taejongdae-park-in-busan/

Stop 6: National Maritime Museum – the first comprehensive maritime museum with an aquarium in the world.

Stop 7: Oryukdo Islands – these islands are seen as 5 or 6 islands according to a daily tide. Also, you can enjoy the Oryukdo Islands Skywalk.

Oryukdo Islands
FULL BLOG: http://johnapgnt.com/oryukdo-islands-and-skywalk/

Stop 8: Yonghoman Bay Cruise Ship Terminal – enjoy Busan’s great tourist attration with a cruise ship.

Stop 9: Pyeonghwa Park – United Nationals Memorial Cemetery in Korea

Stop 10: Songdo Beach – first bathing beach in Korea!

Stop 10-1: Cloud Walkway in Songdo – the longest marine walkway in Korea.

Stop 11: BIFF Plaza / BIFF Square / Gukje Market – the most representative film street in Korea.

BIFF Square
FULL BLOG: http://johnapgnt.com/biff-square/

Stop 12: Jagalchi Market – the biggest marine products market in Korea. The slogan of this market is, “Come, see and buy!”

FULL BLOG: http://johnapgnt.com/jagalchi-market/

How much does it cost? / Fare Information (all in KRW)

Child & Youth (5 yrs to 19 yrs)8,000
Group (10 persons or more)
Child & Youth6,000

Where to buy tickets?

1st option: Busan Station Plaza in front of Arirang Tourist Hotel

  • Subway 1st Line: Exit No. 8 at Busan Subway Station
  • Train: Exit No.1 at Busan Station

2nd option: at Busan Station Bus Stop (this where we bought ours!)

  • First bus: 9am
  • Last bus: 6pm
  • Buses run every 25 to 30 mins
  • Total duration: 2 hours and 10 minuts

NOTE: Closed on Mondays (except if Monday is a national holiday)


Simply show the following to get a 2,000 KRW discount:

  • KTX, SRT, Rail-ro, Air Busan, International Cruise, Airport Limousine tickets
  • Culture NURI Card
  • Receipt of Commodore Hotel, Corwn Harbour Hotel, or Guesthour SUM

Contact Information

Telephone: 051-714-3799
Website: http://jumbobus.kr

Final Verdict? My thoughts?

I loved it! I never really do guided tours or groups and I always find that hop-on hop-off buses are the best way to get around. Super convenient and a lot less stressful than trying to figure out public transport especially when you don’t speak the language.

Have you tried this bus tour before? Or have you tried something similar in a different city/country? Let me know what you think in the comments section below! 

Also, if you’ve missed my last few blogs check the links below or click here (for Seoul blogs) and here (for Busan blogs).  ♥


Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus

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  1. I usually don’t like tours like this either, but it seems like a great way to see a new place. Thanks for the tips!

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