Book Review: Break Free by Don Soriano

A few months ago I was super excited to receive this new book in the mail. I opened the package to an eye-catching yellow cover with “Break Free” written in huge black font. It read, “Don Soriano went from bankrupt with 500,000 debt to business owner and financially free in less than 3 years.” It caught my attention immediately!

Now, both the front cover and back cover say that it can be read in one hour – which is definitely doable BUT, I didn’t! I wanted to read it thoroughly, really absorb the lessons, really understand what the book is trying to teach. And I urge you all to do so as well! It’s a well written book that shouldn’t be rushed through.

If you’re not yet convince that you should read it, I’ll let you guys in on my three reasons why I think you should

1. It’s realistic

No sugar-coating at all. Plain, simple and straight to the point. He will not tell you that you’ll be financially free in a week, instead he’ll teach you the process. The path to sustainable success! Through this book you can learn about how to manage your money and continue to do so throughout your whole life.

2. It’s gives you lots of options

The books main focus is for you to become financial free and there are many ways to get there, not just one set way. In his book, Don mentions one example that I really liked, which is “The Money Jars System”. I’ve started doing this now and it’s really been working out great for me. I feel like I can manage my money a lot better with this system!

3. It’s full of information

It has tons and tons of information. Which is the main reason why I didn’t want to rush through the book. I took it by chapters, starting with #1 and #2, #3 and #4, and so on and so forth. I like to think that t I handle my money quite well, especially since I’v started working. I’ve manage to save some money with my earnings but I’ve definitely learnt a lot after reading “Break Free”.

As said by the author himself, “If you’re at the point of confusion, struggle and unhappiness with your life, learn from this easy to read book specifically written for people who want to Break Free from a life of struggle and live the life of their dreams as Entrepreneurs.”

To buy a copy of this book please order from his Facebook page here >>>

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  1. Break free is interesting. I am a bookworm but self help books are somrthing that I haven’t tried reading. I guess learning from a man who already experience the process he’s describing is something that I would go for. And break free has that criteria. I will look for this book, not sure if fully booked or NBS has this, but i’ll look for it. 🙂

    1. Not currently available at bookstores but if you want to buy a copy you can visit his Facebook page. I have written it in the last part of my post. Thank you Kris! 😀

  2. Got a copy of the book and learned a lot from Mr. Don. Shared it as well to my husband who just resigned from work to give his newly registered business the time. So generous of Mr. Don to share his learnings to others.

  3. Since my blog’s niche is about personal finance, i’m definitely interested in this book. I read some parts through your snapshots and I really think it’s a book I will enjoy. I will checkout the fb page. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I also got the same book and I liked it a lot. After reading the book, I suddenly had the urge to start my own business too and be financially -free. I’m hoping that I can bravely take the next step on financial freedom.

  5. I like how catchy the title and cover are. I’m also happy that it’s about something close to my heart. 🙂 I’d love to have a copy of this book, too. Short reads with practical tips are great for busy people who want to learn right away and implement what they learn.

  6. WOW! Now I want a copy for myself. It’s amazing how these self-help books can really change the lives of those who reads them. This is why whenever I’m at a bookstore, I’d always find time to visit the self-help section. Break free seems like an inspirational book on career perspective change. Nice!

  7. Love the book title and the cover page design. Financial planning is what most of us fail to do before we start our quest to amass wealth or ( spend all that we have). Going by your review, I believe this is one book which everyone should read. I really love the idea of money Jars. I would definitely read this book to discover more.

  8. I love to read books, finding it quite interesting. Will read this one! This one seems to be a book full of life secrets. Will check it out.

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