Alibijaban Island

Alibijaban Island

Welcome to Alibijaban Island! Part 1 of my 3 part series for my Quezon and Masbate adventure. Click the read more button below to see more photos of this beautiful remote island. One that most people have never heard of!


Last Christmas, my family and I ventured on a 10 hour road trip (turned out to be 14 hours – traffic in Sariaya!!!) to San Andres – located at the very tip of Quezon province. From there we took a boat to Alibijaban Island.

Alibijaban Island

When we arrived at San Andres port it was already dark. Good thing my Dad had already contacted someone before we went. He was already waiting for us at the port when we arrived. 

Before we got onto the boat to head to Alibijaban Island, we bought our dinner and water. It was about a 15 minute ride. It was pitch black! A little scary, but we made it! Hehe.

Exploring the Island

It was wonderful to spend our Christmas here!

Alibijaban Island

Views of Alibijaban Island!

It was only my family and I plus two other people who were tourists on the island! The son of our boatman was also touring us around the area 🙂 

Alibijaban Island
Alibijaban Island

Where we stayed:

Below is a picture of where we stayed, it was a Kubo (Nipa Hut). It was P500 per night – for four people. As you can see it open, no air con. Toilet and shower area is downstairs, shared with the family.

Be sure to bring power banks! Electricity is very limited on the island so be sure to bring power banks. You can also charge your gadgets/powers banks at the local store – I think it was about P20??? I can’t remember haha!

Have you been to Alibijaban Island before? Or did you just read about it now? Would you put this place on your travel bucket list? Let me know in the description box below!

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Alibijaban Island

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