Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle

First of many posts from my family’s trip to Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Dubai! From Manila, we flew with Philippine Airlines to Bangkok (3 hrs), had a short layover and from their we flew to Amman, Jordan (9 hrs) with Royal Jordanian. Our flights were all booked directly from the RJ website 🙂

We arrived in Amman at around 5/6am. Waited for our car service and went straight to touring! Didn’t want to waste a day, hehe. Our first stop, Ajloun Castle (or Ajlun Castle).

Entrance Fee

Entrance is free if you have the Jordan Pass (highly recommended to get one, I’ll write a separate post about this soon!). If you don’t have a Jordan Pass, entrance is 3 JD per person.

Inside Ajloun Castle

Ajlun Castle / Ajloun Castle or more formally known as Qal’at Ar-Rabad, is a Muslim castle standing 1,250 above sea level, on the hilltop of the Mount Auf’. Back in the day it was used a military watch post. From Amman, the drive is around 1.5 hours.

View as you walk up to the entrance of the Castle. On the left are some souvenir shops.

As I mentioned before, we were arrived quite early so we basically had the whole castle to ourselves. We only saw one other tourist while we were there.

Beautiful corridors!

It was nice to wander around the castle, looking at the views, looking at the artifacts. We spent around an hour exploring Ajlun Castle, I think that is a good amount of time to see it.

The kitchen area!
Look at the details!

Stunning views of the rolling hills of the Jordan Valley!

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Ajloun Castle

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