A Guide to a Solo Holiday in Bali

The tropical paradise of Bali has drawn western tourists for decades, with its picture perfect landscapes and premier beaches, and the colourful culture of the Balinese people adds to the experience. If you are planning a solo visit to Bali, you will be happy to learn that this unique island caters for singles in many respects, and here are a few tips to make your holiday a dream experience.

You Are Not Alone

As soon as you arrive on the island, you will meet likeminded solo travellers who are looking for a unique experience, so you will never feel like you’re alone. While there are many families who love to spend their downtime in Bali, it is still regarded as a great place for the solo traveller, and by booking Seminyak villas online, you are set for the trip of a lifetime. You will probably make some lifelong friendships as a result of meeting fellow travellers, and you can always agree to meet up next year to repeat the experience.

Premier Nightlife

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If you stay in Seminyak, then you are only a short distance from Kuta, which is the island’s premier night time venue, where you can literally dance the night away. If you are a bit of a party animal, then Kuta is the place for you, while there are also world-class nightclubs in Seminyak, along with great spas and restaurants, where you can enjoy the famous Bali sunsets in style.

Use the Tours

If you are travelling alone, getting around can be a little expensive, and while you could rent a motorcycle, this is not for the faint of heart. If you are not a competent rider, you are better off joining group tours on a daily basis. This is cheap and also a great way of meeting people, as many solo travellers have the same idea to join group tours. That way you get to see all the best local attractions without paying too much. If you love temples, Bali has much to offer, with literally hundreds of beautiful temples hidden away, and make sure that you have ample memory for the endless images and video that will surely take.

Time for Some Adventure

If you get to know a local guide, they can point you in the right direction, which would be off the main tourist route, and Bali has some real gems tucked away in almost every corner. If group touring isn’t your thing, you could always start hiking and see where it takes you, and the locals know of some of the best attractions and are always happy to share their local knowledge. There are unlimited solo hiking possibilities for those who like adventure, and with the help of a local tour guide, you can plan some cool routes that pass through rice paddies and terraces.

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Spend a little time doing some online research, and when you are ready, book your Seminyak resort accommodation through a reputable online agency, and be prepared for a unique holiday experience that Bali always delivers.

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