6 Ways Travelling Changes You

Hi guys! I’m pretty sure you’ve all noticed that my posts aren’t consistent. Sometimes I post every week, other times every month, it varies. It’s hard to keep up while also having a full-time job! So I’ve decided to feature some guest posts every now and then. Today, I’m sharing with you guys a collaborative post written by Ivy Oliver. Enjoy! 🙂

You’ll have heard people say it before, but travelling really does change you. When you go away for a long time to explore the world, you come home with new experiences and having learnt some tough lessons. Travelling is full of adventures and challenges. You’ll have a great time, but also learn a lot by doing so. Here are six ways travelling changes you for the better:

  1. You’ll grow in confidence

 Setting off on such an adventure can be daunting. But you’ll be impressed at what you can achieve, as travelling encourages independence in a way few other things do. Whether it’s working out your travel connections, organising a BBQ for new friends, or doing a sky dive, every day will bring you a new challenge when you’re travelling. As such, your confidence will come on leaps and bounds.


  1. Your decision-making will improve

 Similarly, you’ll learn to trust yourself a lot more. A surprising amount of people struggle when it comes to making even the simplest of decisions. But travelling teaches you, instead of leaning on other people, to trust your instincts. As Buzzfeed explains, anyone who has travelled alone before will tell you it’s empowering. What’s more, making your own decisions means that you do whatever you want on your terms, and you don’t have to compromise on anything.

  1. You gain more patience

 Travelling doesn’t always go the way you want it to. As one blogger on Thought Catalog says, you’ll deal with missed flights, slow buses, wrong turns, unavoidable delays, bad street food, and much, much more. It won’t take you long to realise that the worst thing you can do in these situations is get angry and upset. Instead, you’ve got to adapt.

  1. You learn new skills

 Some things you have to learn the hard way. And once you’ve been ripped off, you’ll soon realise the importance of haggling. According to this great infographic, vendors inflate their prices by a staggering amount – up to 300% in Beijing. You’ll soon get your poker face on, and learn when to walk away and seek a better deal elsewhere. After all, the more money you save, the longer you can travel for.


 You’ll get better at reading people

 In normal working life, you don’t often get the chance to meet new people. All that changes when you go travelling, where you’ll be constantly meeting people from all over the world. Not all of them will speak the same language as you, and you’ll rely on non-verbal communication from time to time. But learning how to read signals from other people teaches you a lot about body language.

  1. You’ll always be waiting until your next trip

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to travelling. Once you’ve experienced the different cultures, climates and people around the world, you’ll never be the same. You’ll have awakened a need to see and explore that perhaps wasn’t there before. That means you’ll always be planning when you can next get away.

Have you been travelling? Share your experiences with us.



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  1. True!!! I can really relate specially on the decision making skills. You need to think fast when you are travelling! You become more efficient in the long run!

  2. I’ve learned so much from traveling. It’s nice to see the ways you learned from traveling. It definitely grew my confidence. But also my knowledge and understanding! Can’t wait for next trip. I’ll go to New York. But first a weekend to Amsterdam in July.

  3. I love your observations. And I agree. Travelling helps us understand and somehow read people. That beyond learning new culture, tasting new food, and meeting new acquaintances, its the confidence that travelling brings which make it all worthwhile.

  4. I agree that one becomes more patient through traveling. There are many unpredictable things that can happen. Like trips can be delayed because of airline problems or it takes a while before you get your baggage. But it’s nice that it helps one grow in confidence like what happened to me when I traveled solo frequently when I was still single.

  5. I also can’t maintain my blog too and I have guest posts to keep my blog alive. This is a nice post and I agree with all the points. I also believe that we can learn a lot while travelling.

  6. you know what, traveling helped me in so many ways.. it helped me discover more surprising things about my self … that i can do things that are beyond my expectations.. traveling helped me step out of my comfort zone and it gives me that sense of adventure too

  7. Number 6 is soooo true. I think I just became a travel junkie, and I wanna get out more. But life is here, and as a mom I have to stay at home more cause of schooldays so even if there’s opportunities for travel I had to decline cause responsibilities. hahahaha

  8. I couldnt agree more!!! Travelling improves us in many ways… to add to that, travelling has made me become more appreciative and grateful 🙂

  9. You also learn to develop alternate perspectives. In the past 3 months, I have learned to understand things from the other angle. I recognize that Imay not be right all the time; this is what travel teaches you. What do you think?

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