5 Reasons to Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

Our first morning in London was freezing cold, windy and rainy but that wasn’t stopping us from exploring London! So we layered up, put our warmest clothes on and braved the rain looking for some breakfast! We headed to the closest food place that was open (it was Easter Monday so there were a lot of stores that were closed – random tip: always be sure to check if there are local holidays wherever you’re going! Don’t want to be stuck in place when all stores are closed!) which was McDonald’s! After breakfast we went to go look for a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, there’ll be a separate blog post on that so let’s just fast forward a bit. Found our bus, hopped on and headed to our first stop, St. Paul’s Cathedral.


The beautiful English baroque design by Sir Christopher Wren on St. Paul’s Cathedral is just so beautiful! And I can tell you now, the pictures will comvince you to come here butttt for those who are swayed yet, here are five reasons why I think you should visit St. Paul’s Cathedral:


1. It’s part of London’s History

Built some time during 1675-1708, it’s been around for a while and it has so much history revolving it. Including being destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666, followed by restoration, some war damage, and more!


2. You’ll learn a lot!

I recommend getting a free audio guide at the entrance (we didn’t know about this until the very end, but we still had a good time looking around). The guides are easy to use and there are a lot of staff around to help you if you can’t figure it out. There are certain points (they are usually numbered) and you just click the button and the guide will tell you all about it. If listen is not your thing, there are also maps with some information about the Cathedral too!

Random fact: This is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married on July 29, 1981.

Nave-of-St-Paul's-Cathedral-with-visitors*Disclaimer: No photography or videography allowed inside the Cathedral. Photo of the Nave (above) and the Dome (below) were from https://www.stpauls.co.uk*

3. The Crypt

Yes, the crypt is a little creepy but it’s another must see! It’s the largest in the whole of Europe with over 200 monuments and memorials. James Barry, John Donne, Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington), Christopher Wren (Architect of St. Paul’s) and Alexander Fleming (penicillin :p) are just some of the famous people buried here!

Looking into the dome

4. Climbing the Dome will give you an awesome view of London

Standing at 111 meters tall, you’ll sure have an epic epic epicccc view of London! Just show your ticket to the entrance of the stairs and climb your way up!

There are three galleries of the Dome to explore, the Whispering Gallery which is 257 steps up; the Stone Gallery which is 376 steps up and last is the Golden Gallery which is 528 steps or 85 meters above the Cathedral Floor! Wahhhhhh!

Unforntanely we only made it to the Stone Gallery (yes it’s a bit tiring, but still made it. Phew!) because as I said early it was raining and so windy, and the Golden gallery was closed off for safety. Looking down at the Cathedral below from the Stone Gallery was still breath taking! Also, trying “whispering” at the Whispering Gallery! Hehe. It can be heard from the other side which is 112 meters away!


5. It’s just beautiful!

One of the most beautiful churches in the UK! It’s definitely worth a visit, even if you just spend maybe an hour or two. You won’t regret it! 😀


Other information:

Opening Hours (Monday to Saturday, Cathedral is only open for worship on Sunday).
8:30 am = Doors open for sightseeing
9:30 am = Galleries open for access
4:00 pm = Last tickets issued
4:15 pm = Last entry to galleries
4:30 pm =  Cathedral closes for sightseeing

Ticket prices
Individual / Group (10+) and Online Rates
Adults (18 yrs+) = £18.00 / £16.00
Students and Seniors (60 yrs+) = £16 / £14
Children (6-7 yrs old) = £8 / £7
Family Ticket (2 Adults and 2 Children) = £44 / £39


5 Reasons to Visit



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  1. Wow, the altar, if ever I’ll be there, will leave me in awe!!! Even if I am just looking at the pictures you have here, it’s truly fascinating! How much more if I was there. I’ll surely won’t get tired of taking pictures of it…. with me. lol

  2. Great choice! I also love St. Paul’s Cathedral! I was last there three years ago and I was entertained by a group of college boys who stood outside singing “Feed the Birds” from the movie Mary Poppins. (It’s the Cathedral from that scene in the movie.) It was so exciting climbing the dome! I just wish they’d let you take pictures!

  3. I don’t need more reasons to make me decide to visit this Cathedral, it was so undeniably beautiful. You are so lucky to visit such place like this.

  4. I have to agree. The photos you posted shows a majestic church. Everything is big isn’t it? The door, wow, that looks like it is at least 30 feet tall? If I were there, I could spend hours at the crypt and learn who those people are.

      1. You don’t feel too small when standing to such grand structures? Hahaha. I feel that is how I would feel… when I am right there!

        Alam mo, the cathedral, it is grand and exquisite at the same time. Truly a magnificent work of art if I may say so.

  5. That is so beautiful. I imagine the history and memories it holds. I’ve always wanted to go to England since I’m obsessed with English writers and Philosophers.

  6. Ah! Another of my dream countries to visit! It seems like everything in UK is fantastic, and I’m pretty sure your photos are proof of that! St. Paul’s looks majestic! You are one lucky girl to have visited this place. I have yet to find the time and money to go on a little adventure like this one. Have fun on your future travels!

  7. Really amazing blogpost, from this amazing church. I always love the historical vibes. This cathedral is really impressive. I can imagine that you learn a lot. Must be great to take pictures in such impressive building!

  8. The photos are wow. I dono if I will ever visit this place, but its definitely a type I will love to. I like places where there is lots to learn. Also, thanks for the timings and entry information. Helps the tourists a lot.

  9. Oh wow , how majestic and pompous is this cathedral ! The ceiling is breath taking , very impressive . I love visiting and watching cathedrals . Seen St.Pauls on tv many times , Lady Di and Charles got married in there and if I am not completely wrong now , William and Kate as well . Beautiful photos !!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes Princess Diana and Prince Charles did get married here! Prince William and Princess Kate got married at Westminster which I’ll also be writing about soon! 😀

  10. Two years ago I was really Excited to visit London beauty, thanks for reminding me. My impression about it besides colorful murals and pretty interior are:
    Pretty busy spot, so many people sitting on the stairs outside the cathedral what can be annoying for those who don’t like crowd.
    Cathedral also offers Adrenalin rush by climbing up the narrow stairway up to the top of the cathedral….. hundreds of steps. View is absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Impressive place. Such a beautiful place of worship worthy of anybody’s time. It seems kneeling and praying wouldnt at all be boring with all the majestic views and sights.

  12. I don’t know whether to compliment your beauty or your pictures here, seriously. But, I am always surprised when authorities do not let some monuments being photographed.

  13. I love St Paul’s cathedral but it took me ages to actually go visit: I somehow convinced myself the location was awkward and didn’t make the effort until at least my third trip to the UK. I was silly because as your photos show, it’s really beautiful and now I definitely recommend it to anyone going to London!

  14. That’s one massive grandiose cathedral. And wow, the architectural design is really impressive. I would love to see it for myself. I love exploring churches actually and St. Paul Cathedral definitely interests me.

  15. This looks and sounds like a must-see stop. The whispering gallery sounds interesting! We’ve experienced something like that before and it was so much fun.

  16. UK! One of my dream places and I’m definitely coming to see St. Paul’s Cathedral! Nice photos dear ! xx

  17. ohhhh! This is great! I always want to see catholic churches and cathedrals. And that i climb to the dome, i wnat to try it!

  18. The Cathedral is magnificent and the art work exquisite, reminds me of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

  19. Awesome photos! I’ve always wanted to go to London because of the royalty and Harry Potter. That’s why St. Paul’s is on my list too. My gosh that ceiling is magnificent! Would def want to see the crypt!

    1. Thank you so much! Yesss I wanted to see the Harry Potter studio too! But we didnt have enough time 🙁 hopefully I’ll come back and be able to see it!

  20. I am fascinated with churches and St.Paul with be a nice church to visit in London. Hopefully when the budget permits, I can get to visit beautiful churches around the world. I would also want to visit churches in Greece, specifically Santorini.

  21. I actually had this goal in life to explore different Cathrolic churches here in our country but if there is really one church that I would love to visit one day, it would be the St Paul’s Cathedral.
    The structure alone is really breathtaking.. those intricate details on the ceilings and impressive carvings will surely put me in awe if ever i witness them personally..
    thanks for sharing

  22. Stunning pictures. I’ve been to London so many times but never thought of visiting the Cathedral. Thanks for the inspiration cause I’m def visiting it next time

  23. I am an art student, I have studied art and architecture in detail and all the columns, the coffers and scroll decorations are just love

  24. I’ve been and enjoyed every moment of it if anyone is thinking of going you 100% should it’s well worth it. Its one of the most beautiful places.

  25. It a huuuuuuuuge church!! I really wish they would allow capturing photos while being inside. 🙁 So in love with the details and interior of the church! <3

  26. It was worth to fight the bad UK weather. Wow these pictures are absolutely beautiful. I am so curious to visit it now, I guess your 5 reasons have convinced me 🙂

  27. I’ve always wanted to go here to know and discover more about the religion I have faith with. The architecture of it is so nice and got goosebumps while staring on it.

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