5 Must Have Travel Apps

First time travellers, every-once-in-a-while travellers, avid travellers. Whichever category you fall into I guarantee that those of you with smartphones have all of these (or some) apps downloaded on your phones. When I’m travelling somewhere far or even just to the next town, I always find myself reaching for my phone to use these apps. They are incredibly useful! Here are the 5 must have travels apps:

1. Google Maps


Google Maps is by far the best travel app to download. Speaks for itself, google maps is a life saver. It’s best to download the offline maps of the places you’re going to as it does require you to have internet when searching for new places.


2. XE Currency

Because we all need to keep track of how much we’re spending!

3. Google Translate

Breaking the language barrier one translation at a time. Haha! Great when asking for directions, ordering food, etc. I find it best to learn or keep note of the following phrases in the local language whenever traveling somewhere: Hello. Thank you. Please. Goodbye.


4. Trip Advisor

The app I use for researching about a place! First hand reviews from people all over the globe, it has great tips and tricks and is organized well with categories like Restaurants, Things to do, Landmarks, Flights and Travel Guides (these I find extremely useful).


5. Waze

Because who has time for traffic! If you’re stretched for time and need everything to be on schedule then this app will definitely help you.

*Photo by Samuel Zeller

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  1. I totally agree with Google Maps. There are other maps that are very important to me. Because the cities I had visited all had metro/subway trains, a map is incredibly useful so I would know which one to take and where the stations are.

  2. I got Google Maps too! It’s quite useful especially when you’re trying to explore an unknown city. I have a converter too but not Xe, does the job as well.

  3. I totally agree with you. These are 5 must have apps of travelers. The apps that we usually use abroad are the following:

    1) Google Maps are very helpful whenever we travel especially in a non-speaking country since we don’t need to ask people anymore and it prevents miscommunication too from wrong translations.

    2) Waze whenever we ride a cab so taxi drivers can’t prolong our trip or don’t get lost in bringing us to our destination.

    3) TripAdvisor for checking out what we can do in a place and where to eat.

    Overall, these are essential things for us that makes our travel smoother.

  4. Google Maps is a must! It helped us when we travelled to General Santos last February. I also love using Waze when I’m lost. Haha

  5. We recently went on a 10-day trip to Manila and then Dakak and the one app that helped us most in navigating the capital was Waze! So useful! And my kids got entertained with the voice prompts. Helped ease their boredom amidst Manila traffic! haha

  6. Trip Advisor is a site that I have used rather frequently. I have referred to it often when traveling in search of restaurants, accommodations or local sites and attractions to visit. I have written several reviews on Trip Advisor, as well.

  7. This is definitely a good list. But much of these apps are heavily reliant on the internet. Hope they make offline versions. Not everyone has internet access all the time especially when you’re travelling. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Google maps and Trip Advisor is always a must! I use gooogle maps when travelling to places even its just around manila, where there are some places and streets that i am not familiar with. And tripadvisor is a go to resource for destinations especially when im looking for hotels locally and abroad..

  9. Im using 3 out of 5. I don’t have waze and Google translator on my phone. Hahaah . Google map is a must. I’m fan of using it and its indeed helpful. The currency exchange is also important. And of course the bible of travelers – Tripadvisor. Thanks for sharing the google translate. I would give it a try 🙂

  10. Yup, as a constant traveler, I totally agree that all these apps are a must have. I honestly don’t know what I would do without google maps sometimes. Google translate I can do without, but my sense of direction is not as strong as my love for languages. great post!

  11. I can’t live without google maps! I also use rome 2 rio to help me find connections plus google flights and sky scanner for last minute flights! Thank you for these.

  12. I have used all of these apps except Waze. I would love to know more about it or maybe I can just download and try it out.

  13. Google Maps and Waze are the ones that I’ve been using if I am new to a place. It helps me to locate the locations and knows the traffic on going to a certain place.

  14. I love Google Maps too! I’m lucky that I have international internet usage so I can access Google Maps no matter where I go. And I would like to try that currency app. I usually just try to calculate in my head!

  15. I use Google Maps too and Trip Advisor. Havent use the currency app because i havent been overseas yet. Good list! 🙂

  16. Ooh I need to download XE currency, we are just about to go away and need to check two lots of currency as were driving over Europe. I use google maps constantly and even the google translate a lot! Brilliant post and handy apps

  17. I don’t know waze but agree with all the others! Google maps is great: I usually cross check that and TripAdvisor to find restaurants and bars nearby 🙂

  18. Wow! I am not a traveler but I think I will be needing this in the future plan travels. It is so basic yet it is a must. Agree with every app you suggested. Thank you for this!

  19. Very helpful guide! As for me, I can’t live without my offline Philippine maps. It helps me not just with travel but in the everyday. When I upgrade my phone, I’ll be sure to have what you listed!

  20. Google Maps is definitely a must. When travelling alone, I literally enjoy the solitude so I want to keep things to myself. So having a map accessible is a must. As for my budget, I make sure that I have done the necessary bookings and reservations so that I would not have to worry about paying for big amounts while travelling. I try to stick on a budget when travelling alone.

  21. HERE Maps is a good alternative to Google Maps; HERE drive for Waze; and HERE City Lens for Trip advisor.

  22. I’ve just downloaded all the apps I didn’t have! As a savvy traveler I find this stuff very helpful. So thank you for that and your blog looks great! The only thing that’s a bit problematic is that it takes it a really long time to upload. You would probably want to check that.

    1. Thank you so much! Yesss I’ve been having trouble for a while now and I have removed all my plugins to see if it would help. Need to look into this futher though! Thanks for letting me know! ?

  23. yes, these apps get handy when travelling.. especially google maps… I always and never fail to use in when I am traveling an “uncharted region”… Good thing we have technology like this to make our travels more convenient and hassle free

  24. All very useful apps when traveling. I’d add a language app because you could find yourself in a place where you won’t understand a single word! I’ve been wanting to travel more often and hopefully I get to this year.

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