5 Must Have Medicines When Travelling


With just a few more days left before I fly out, I’ve been frantically making sure I have everything ready to pack. Clothes – check,  Shoes – check, Cameras – check, Memory Cards – check, Medicines – errrr BIG CHECK!

Whenever going somewhere for a few days or weeks I always make sure I have the right medicines just in case I start to feel sick but with me being a Pharmacist, I still rarely take medicines for things like headaches, colds, etc. since I know the side effects that come with it. Buuuuuut when worst comes to worst at least I know I’m prepared.

So here I’ve listed for you 5 of the must have medicines to keep handy when traveling:

1. Pain Meds

eg. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin. These of course are a given. I usually like to bring at least 5 to 10 depending on how many days I’ll be gone.

checklist-153371_12802. Cough/Cold/Flu Meds

These medicines are also good to have although I rarely take them and usually just wait it out and drink a lot of water.

3. Stomach Meds

e.g.Anti-Diarrhea (Loperamide), Laxatives. What a horrible nightmare it would be if you were having stomach issues while on a bus with no toilet! :O

4. Anti-Motion Sickness Meds
If you’re like me and get car-sick, sea-sick, plane-sick really really easily better take some anti-motion sickness medicines with you. e.g. Meclizine HCl – one hour before traveling, CHEW the chewable tablet before swallowing, once a day (adult dose) as needed.

5. Vitamins
Travelling can really pull your immune system down and if you’re not getting enough vitamins from the food you’re eating, definitely bring some with you!


Other tips:

  • Keep medicines in one place, labelled (to avoid mix-ups) and in your carry-on luggage/bag.
  • Only take as much as you need since there are restrictions especially if you’re flying internationally.
  • Take them AS NEEDED ONLY! You don’t wanna be popping pills and overdosing alrighttttt.

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  1. I would like to add to, antihistamine because I am susceptible to allergies, not that bad, but still better to be safe on the road.

    I super agree with medicine for cold/fever too.

    As for vitamins… I use supplements so I always have them with me especially on the road.

  2. I would also add some anti-acids and stomach pain relief pills, some ibuprofen gel for after those long walks and some disinfectant wipes and bandages, you never know when you hurt yourself and you need them.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this.The anti motion/sick meds are the ones I always forget when I travel. hahaha. I will make sure I will bring all of these next time I am on the go.

  4. Thankyou for sharing this, it’s better to be ready at all times, me as well I need to have a medicine kit always just in case. Great blog

  5. Thank you for listing these out. Some travelers, including myself, are often too excited to travel to their destination, forgetting this essential. Some even think they can easily buy it from a pharmacy there. But based on experience in Singapore, I got sick for two days and didn’t have any medicine with me. Checked 7-11 but didn’t have the regular medicines I take. It was really hard especially for those who are allergic with medications they are not used to. This is a very helpful post. A good reminder to travelers.

    ♡ Louise

  6. I agree with all of these medicines being a must. We never know what health issue we might encounter during travel, so it pays to be a girl/boy scout all of the time.

  7. oh yes, i have them in my bag every time I travel… i keep them along with my daily meds hehe.. You can never tell what kind situation will occur when traveling so better arm yourself with these meds!

  8. Adding up Antihistamins on your list. 🙂

    One thing that’s almost always been forgotten during travel are medicines which are very important since prevention is better than cure. You never know when sickness would strike so better if you are armed with the said first aid medicines. I’ve written an article just before the holy week regarding some travel essentials and medicine is included in the list – you might want to check it HERE.


  9. On top of the meds, you may include on the list balms or oils like Vicks, Katingko, efficacent oils. Though the smell is attention grabber, but these comes handy when needed.

  10. What a good idea – something people don’t really think about! I found that other countries have much lower regulations on meds (than America). Living in Spain and getting to know the pharmacists, they would look the other way while they gave us tylenol with codeine and whatever else we needed. But this is a great list to keep handy while packing for a short trip where you don’t have time to get to know the pharmacists!

  11. Oh great list and advise! I definitely had needed anti-diarrhea meds at one point and it would not have been easy to get

  12. These are really helpful tips! It’d be nice to think travelling would be smooth sailing but somehow it never seems to be the case. 😛
    lily x

  13. I rarely take meds as well but this is a good idea. Keeping them in my bag just in case.
    This is my travel tip this week

  14. I have a tip I use – put pills in a pill ziplock (by the pill cases in pharmacies) and tear off the label of the bottle. Put the pills and label in the baggie and it takes up so MUCH less space!

  15. Agree with antihistamines, just in case you’re allergic to foreign dust, flowers or bugs you’ve never encountered before! And 100% agree with you on the anti-diarrhea tablets. I learned that one the hard way on my last trip to Laos..!

    Mel x

  16. Short, direct article that gave important info 🙂 Itd be interesting to know which medicines were readily available in other countries and which were not (i.e. birth control!)

  17. This is definitely a great list to have, and I think it is always good to be prepared. We should not assume that every country will have the meds we need available for purchase, and some countries require you to obtain a prescription from a doctor for simple over the counter medication, so I agree fully to take these items. You mentioned you are travelling, where are you headed to?

  18. I agree with this list. But sometimes, I ditch Vitamins. Hehehe. The pain relievers and meda for cough are the most important. I have migraine and too much silaw makes me get headache. And i am asthmatic. Thanks for this list. Awesome!

  19. This is a great list! I know that as I travel I always forget something important medicine wise and am scrambling to find medicine wherever I can. I usually end up paying a premium on it too which makes me mad!

  20. These are a must, better to be prepared than watch your travel experience getting botched. Nice and necessary tips all.

  21. I would not be able to travel (especially when I fly) without my stomach meds. I am very sensitive.

  22. This list is comprehensive, but you can also add some first aid things like cotton, dettol, and antibacterial oinment. And, of course if you are going for adventure and camping..anti mosquito ointment are must.

  23. Good advice. I would like to add throat pastilles, because I always get pain in my throat from flying. I don’t know why.
    For the rest I would like to bring this medical thing to take out ticks. I don’t know the exact word haha. These animals are so scary, so I always bring that. As well as something against mosquito’s.

  24. All these are so handy to have when you need while traveling. For us, we also have to make sure we have the kids versions packed, if available. It is much easier than having to make a trip to a pharmacy in a foreign country.

  25. This is a great list you have. I would also add hyperacidity meds though. I always have these when stressed so I don’t leave home without it. Also, allergy meds would be helpful especially when you’re trying out food you’re not familiar with. Stores here in the PH now sell these “starter 1st aid kits” and they contain the things you mentioned. 🙂

  26. A really helpful post, last year I went away and forgot to take any of my pain medication and I suffered a horrible tooth ache for a week and it meant I didn’t really enjoy my holiday! This year I will be better equipped. I always take antihistamines with me as I suffer terrible allergies all year round!

  27. Super agree with your list. I always have with us meds for dizziness as my boys and most of the time this mama would feel dizzy while on board a car or a ferry. hose meds, after all, do not consume great space so might as well bring them or feel sorry the whole trip. Great list you have here.

  28. Good suggestions! I travel a lot but I never thought of making a list like this. Every woman needs to have Advil with her on a trip, that’s just a given. I think for my next trip I will take some cold medicine with me. Having a cold on a trip is no fun! Lucky for me, I don’t get motion sickness, though!

  29. Now I definitely agree on these meds you should be having whenever you go anywhere particularly when it comes to traveling. Glad you come up with this kind of post. At least those who forget to carry meds with them will keep in their minds that it is really necessary to have it.

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