4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel Now

Israel, or the Holy Land is often misconstrued as being “dangerous” but tourists continue to flock the country and prove that it’s the total opposite. Usually skipped out on most people’s bucket list, there are so many reasons why Israel should be on top of your list! Read more to find out why I think you should go there NOW.

1. There is so much to see and experience here

From visiting the churches, to taking a pilgrim walk to the Stations of the Cross, visiting the Western Wall, swimming in the Dead Sea, and food tripping in Jerusalem. These are only a few of the many many many things that you can do in Israel!

View of Jerusalem from Mount Olives
View from up high in Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see for all! More about this place in another post!
Camel ride!

2. The Dead Sea may soon be gone

The lowest point on Earth! We visited the Dead Sea on our first day around Israel and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Butttt research shows that it’s been receding over the years and may soon be gone for good! Which is definitely a good reason to visit!



3. It’s safe



As I said early, Israel is often misconstrued about being “dangerous” and “war-stricken” but it’s generally safe for visitors. Of course, anywhere you are in the world there are certain risks; it’s all about being street smart.

Yes, there are still tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians which has been a long on-going struggle since the mid-20th century. And although the two countries haven’t come to a final peace agreement, it’s definitely a lot safer for tourists now compared to before.

4. The churches are beautiful

Beautiful! I cant remember which Church this was. Will find out!


We visited a couple of churches when we went to see the Stations of the Cross and they were beautiful! Intricate wall and ceiling details and beautiful structures!Β I’ll be writing a separate and more detailed post about the places we visited but this is a photo (sorry, it’s blurry) inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the entrance to the Tomb of Jesus. We waited around 30 minutes to go inside and spent probably less than a minute inside. But for me, it was definitely worth the wait.

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  1. The Dead Sea is the very reason why Israel is in my bucket list!!! Hopefully I can really achieve it one day!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you. My mom did a Holy Land Tour around 7 years ago and it was really amazing. I heard they also have the most delicious dates. If only my parents would allow me to travel alone, I would have gone there πŸ™

    1. Yes!!! Their dates are the best! I’m craving for some right now hehe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Aww hope you get to visit there soooooon!

  3. Oh I wish I can magically travel to Israel NOW! If only travelling is that easy, I would’ve visited so many wonderful places already, lol. BUT – first things first – I need a passport! lol. If there’s anything I wish to visit in Israel, it’s definitely the dead sea! #1!

  4. Whoah! dead Sea! I always wanted to go there, I am just curious on how it looks and how it feels to float there

  5. I hope I’ll be able to go there before the Dead Sea bids goodbye. But aside from that,I have always wanted to see Israel for ancient reasons. Hopefully soon πŸ™‚

  6. Visiting Israel for a pilgrimage is on my bucket list. It’s one of my childhood dreams. I really wish I could go there soon. As you said, before the Dead Sea dries up completely.

  7. Oh, Israel. One of the places I want to visit. You make me want it more haha I just hope it is not as hot as it ought to be when I visit. By the way, the lady soldier you had a picture with looks really pretty.

  8. Israel is another place where to take picture and collect more memories,. I also want to go there when the time comes. Thank you for some parts of Israel

  9. Brilliant post about a ‘forgotten’ country. I have heard so often how beautiful Israel is , but as we as well get to hear and see about the problems in the Gaza zone , I think people are too scared to visit Israel. Nevertheless , your pics are amazing ! Thanks for sharing this great insight !

  10. One of the places I love to visit in my life is Israel. Not because of its peaceful ambiance but I am curious about the life of Jesus. Well, I certainly agree on the reasons you have here too. πŸ˜€

  11. Nice to know that it is safe to visit Israel. Love the churches as well and I bet the people there are accommodating and amiable. Surely you had a great stay and time touring the place.

  12. I do want to visit Israel because of their magnificent churches and of course, the Dead Sea! πŸ™‚ hopefully we get to check it off our bucket list too, not so sure about that camel ride though. πŸ˜›

  13. Dead Sea — yes!! Though haha I thought talaga scary pa siya, it’s good to know that it’s safer to visit Israel now. The church windows you took a photo of is gorgeous too!

  14. I love the ambient of the place in your photos andI have a thing about lil brownish-vintagee look! I love it !!!

  15. Loved this! So brave of you to commend and promote Israel! Amazing poses! Especially the one with the camel looking back, so hilarious! Had fun reading as if I were part of the trip!

  16. Thank you for showing us the beauty of Israel, personally I really wanted to visit there someday but there’s part of me which is a bit afraid of that place, as you know what’s happening in there, but you’re post shows assurance that it’s one of the best

  17. The first thought the pops up upon hearing Israel is Jesus’ birthplace, the holy land. Having been able to go there is already a sign that you are really blessed. I would want to go there someday to be blessed as well. Keep travelling. πŸ˜€

  18. Reading your post on Israel filled the picture in my head of what was on the other side of River Jordan where soldiers stood at the barrier. I remember the ridiculous stone throw distance between both countries. Dead Sea mud bath was fun. Visiting Israel sounds really adventurous.

  19. Thanks for sharing this. Israel is also in my bucket list. Any recommendation on the flight to and fro from Manila?

  20. As a Christian, who doesn’t want to visit and see the holy land. I believe that Israel is still a safe place to visit. I can’t wait to experience the holiness of this place. Ohhh please red sea wait for me πŸ™‚

  21. Israel is on our bucket list. We thought about extending our time in Jordan so that we could spend a few days in Israel but we just couldn’t make it work. We also went to the Dead Sea. One of our favorite experiences for sure.

  22. Having studied in Catholic schools for most of my life, I’m so fascinated with religious history as well as the history of civilization. Israel is definitely one of those places I want to visit because of its history. And swimming in the dead sea too is on my bucket list!

  23. I think Israel is a must visit for all the reasons you have mentioned and much more. For me the churches and the Dead Sea are enough to draw me there. What a pity that the dead sea is receding and may not be there in the future.

  24. The dead sea might be gone? Holy f*cks then I really have to be there the soonest! Seeing the Dead Sea is one my lifelong dreams! Well, Israel is on my bucket list but really my main point of concern is the dead sea, been wanting to see it ever since I saw it on an encyclopaedia when I was a kid.

  25. I would love to visit Israel one day. I had no idea the dead sea might soon be gone – just means I need to visit sooner.

  26. It looks stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Tel Aviv but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Great post πŸ™‚ !

  27. I visited Israel in 2012 and also went to Masada (amazing) and the Dead Sea. Didn’t slather on any mud though:) As one who has studied the Bible, it was really interesting to see the sights and imagine what they would have looked like then.

  28. Great photos! It’s almost like you got the camel to pose perfectly for you! I think it will be quite a while before I can get to Israel though.

  29. Israel is truly beautiful! I think the general rule is that we need to be aware of our surroundings EVERYWHERE in the world — even the most safest places. We need to use our common sense and our street smarts, as well as our intuition when we know something isn’t right. Thanks for posting!

  30. for someone like me who really adore visiting different churches, visitin Israel would be a dream come true… as you know, the place has been mentioned in the bible multiple times and the churches here are really worth visiting.. I just hope I will be given a chance to visit this place

  31. I dont know much about Israel and for now I’m more of a beaches and pina coladas gal hahahah…I plan to do ‘desert’ someday soon so I’ll remember your tips! πŸ˜‰

  32. Ooh really interesting post! I met someone who just came from Israel to do their Masters and he said there was a lot of nice stuff there as well. I didn’t know the Dead Sea may soon be gone. That’s so sad! Definitely a reason for me to go!!

  33. I’ve always, always been fascinated with Israel. I wanted to see all of those significant places that have been big in terms of history and religion. I’m not entirely something like a religious person, however I’m tremendously fascinated with history and antiquities. I hope that someday I could take a personal look into Jerusalem. πŸ™‚

  34. Hi, that is so nice, to go to Israel. I still have friends, Israelis, whom I have kept in touch all these years through Facebook. They were once my students in scuba diving when they visited the Philippines, specifically Boracay.

    I hear about the problems there, but just like you said, it is kept in check, the tension. Although one could say that there are probably hundreds of nuclear warheads targeting the small state, I am pretty sure war is not erupting at any moment soon. LOL!

  35. Thank you for these tips! I would love to visit Israel and I am glad to know you didn’t think it was dangerous. Floating on the Dead Sea looks like fun. And I love the photo of you with the camel!

  36. Loved to read this. I wouldn’t think of Israel that quickly when picking a holiday destination. But this sounds really great. Love the pictures. And now I really hope to visit one day.

  37. I’ve never been to Israel before. Those were all valid reasons for me to give a try! Also the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe I’ll add Israel to my never-ending destination list πŸ™‚

  38. I totally agree with you but there are so many reasons to visit Israel!
    If you’re still there then you should definitely go to see Florentin neighborhood!
    It’s a neighborhood of young people, nightlife and graffiti art.
    A personal tip: go to the Hudna pub in Abarbanel street, you will love it!

  39. I didn’t knew you could have so much fun in Israel. I just loved the view of Jerusalem. The view is so marvellous. And in one of the pictures above, you look like a happy mermaid floating in water.

  40. Visiting Israel is in my bucketlist. I want to get water baptized in Jordan river, and I would like to follow the steps of Jesus from the time of his arrest to his crucifixion.

    I would like to see the place where Jesus ascend to heaven, and the place where the battle of Armageddon will take place

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