3 Places in the Philippines to Visit in 2016


Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. –

Ibn Battuta

7,107 islands – 81 provinces – and infinite places to see. I’ve been living back in the Philippines for around 7 years now and through the years I’ve explored so many beautiful places, but as time goes by my list of places to visit just keeps getting longer and longer, as should yours! Sooooooooooooo, today I have listed 3 places in the Philippines where I’ve been that should be on your 2016 travel bucket list plus 3 reasons why or what you should do there:

1. Baler, Aurora

Try surfing

Everyone, young or old, male or female has to try surfing one day! Although it is a bit tiring from getting thrashed by the waves and drinking liters and liters of sea water, it’s a great experience! Don’t miss out hehe.


See the 600 year old Balete Tree

You’re all probably thinking, “So you want me to go here just to see a tree???”. Yeah, it doesn’t sound promising but it’s a SIX HUNDRED YEAR OLD TREE. It’s old and its huge and it’s pretty amazing. You can even walk through the roots!\


This place is chill

I don’t know if it’s the people or the beach vibe or the food but this place is just so CHILL. If you need a little breather away from the city, need a good old nature hug, you’ll feel at peace here.


Read more about my adventure in Baler here

2. Sagada, Mountain Province

Perfect for soul searching

Yeah, for all the Filipinos reading, you’ve probably watched That Thing Called Tadhana. And since then, Sagada has been flocked with tourists (leaving trash too, which is a big no no no) BUT the view is stunning. When my family and I went we didn’t get to see Mt. Kiltepan during sunrise (which is the best time to see it), still pretty awesome.


It’s cold

I’m not really sure if this a reason to go but for those trying to escape the boiling, burning, butt-clenching (what? haha) heat then get yourself on a bus/in a car and go here NOW.



Uhm what? By definition: The hobby or practice of exploring caves. DO IT. I didn’t get to do it while I was visiting, but I’ll definitely have to come back soon because it looks like a lot of fun and a little dangerous (which is always exciting!).


Read more about my adventure in Sagada here

3. Coron, Palawan


The coral gardens = JUST WOW. All the colorful fish and beautiful corals, it’s just too beautiful for words. It was my favorite part of the whole trip and one day  I hope be a PADI license scuba diver to explore more and more of the ocean! I mean 72% of the Earth is covered in water, there’s so much more to see!


Island Hopping

Coron has so many islands to see, each one unique and just as amazing as the other. Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake, Banul Beach, and the list goes on and on. But, if you’re not into Island Hopping or anything water related there’s still so much to do on land!


It’s just beautiful!

I can’t say this enough, or have a I said it too much already? Haha, I guess you’ll have to go and see this place for yourself to really get me. Book a ticket, pack a bag and go exploring, you won’t regret it!


Read more about my adventure in Coron here (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Have you been to any or all of these places? Where’s your favorite place in the Philippines to visit? Where do you suggest my next Philippine adventure be? Leave your comments and suggestions below! I’d love to hear from you all 🙂

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  1. Wow! I love it. I’m really going to add the Philippines to my bucket list. Especially surfing in Baler, Aurora and snorkeling in Coron, Palawan. 🙂 thank you for this brilliant sharing.

  2. I say those places are on my list! I want to go to Baler this April but Costa Pacifica is already fully-booked. I’m not too eager with Sagada and I’m awaiting confirmation from PAL for a possible Puerto Princesa trip 🙂

    1. so exciting!! Do send me a link if you ever do a post for Puerto Princesa. I haven’t been but have heard so many great things about it! ☺

  3. I have been around the Philippines so much that I do not know how many places I have been to. One place I should visit, obviously, I have not visited, is Baler.

    Whenever I see photos of Baler, I have this urge to do so.

  4. I love the photos! Huhu been really wanting to visit all three places this year especially Sagada. How were the caves though? I heard that they were really tight and not for the claustrophobic but I still want to give it a go. 🙂

    1. Definitely go and see these places this year!!! Unfortunately, when we went we didn’t get to go into the caves. But I also heard they were small and do not recommend for the claustrophobic hehe.

  5. Sagada is on my to visit list for several years now, but can’t find the time and motivation to do it. Perhaps it’s because its another 6-8 hours drive from Baguio (if I’m not mistaken).

    I’ve been to San Juan, La Union and I did enjoy the surfing waves. Have you been there? How would you compare the waves with that of Baler?

    1. Yes! It is a length and quite dangerous route to Sagada ? I’ve never been to La Union but I heard it’s also good for surfing! I’ll have to go there sometime this year to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion! ?

  6. I’ve been to all three. Each one has something unique to offer. But my favorite, without a question, is Coron. The cleanest lake in the country, Kayangan is such a magnificent sight. I truly believe it should be on anyone’s bucket list.

  7. I agree Coron should be in this list, but I wouldn’t include Sagada. When we went there it was just too crowded that there was even a queue during trekking to see the hanging coffins. Haven’t been inside Sumaguing Cave but I’ve been told the situation is the same. Tourists are better off to other parts of Mountain Province instead, such as as Maligcong.

    1. Yes sad to say it’s been flocked with tourist lately especially leaving their trash! But still a great time if you ask me 😀

  8. Philippines has so many beautiful places to explore and the good thing is many of these are relatively untouched paradises. Would love to visit some day. Lovely post with some amazing pictures.

  9. I have been to different places in the Philippines but these three are yet to be crossed out in my list. Would love to surf in Baler and go spelunking in Sagada. Coron is just too picturesque <3

  10. What a treasure trove of nature Philippines is, 7000 + islands and maybe an equal number of beaches, what to see and what not to see, the variety is truly mind boggling.

  11. There are many places to visit here in the Philippines indeed and your top picks are also one of the best in the country. People should give a try of visiting our country. Aside from the 3 beautiful places, there are more places to visit and see that surely they won’t regret.

  12. I’ve already visited Coron! And I always wanted to visit Sagada and Baler soon, my partner and I are saving so we can travel the Philippines together soon! Thank you for this post, lovely pictures! So excited to travel!

  13. Tbh, the places here are also the travel destinations that I want to visit in the future. I just hope time and budget would permit. Haha!

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