25 Adventurous Things To Do In The Philippines

Do you love adventure? Do you crave the adrenaline rush? That awesome-heart-pumping-gut-wrenching feeling that makes you feel like you might die?! AHHH!! It’s an awesome feeling!!! Some people hate it, but if you’re like me and crave it, here are some awesome adventurous things to do in the Philippines.

1. Cliff dive in Boracay


Photo Credit: Me-An Clemente

2. Surf the waves of Baler


3. Swim in the Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur

4. Snorkel through the Coral Gardens of Coron


5. Fly through the sky on the longest zip line in Asia in Bukidon

6. Swim with the whale sharks in Oslob


Photo Credit: Jc Dolom

7. Hike up Mt. Pulag


Photo Credit: Michelle Caligan

8. Go sandboarding in Paoay, Ilocos Norte


9. Experience the underground river in Puerto Princesa



Photo Credit: Aci Bornea

10. Climb the Parrot’s Peak at Mt. Pico de Loro


Photo Credit: Hazel Camacho

11. Go trekking to Mt. Pinatubo

12. Go canyoneering in Cebu




Photo Credit: Alyssa Ocampo

13. Fly a plane in Angeles City



Photo Credit: Josephine Makapugay

14. Skydive in Cebu

15. Try Sky Cycling in Davao




Photo Credit: Charlene Carlos

16. Ride the Edge Coaster in Cebu City


Photo Credit: Clarice Lao

17. Take “the plunge” in Bohol



Photo Credit: Hazel Camacho

18. Go diving in the Tubbataha Reef

19. Try wake boarding in Clark

20. Go white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro



Photo Credit: Rocell Gutierrez

21. Experience bird watching at the Masungi Geo Reserve



Photo Credit: Masungi Geo Reserve

22. Go for a 4×4 drive at the Paoay Sand Dunes


23. Go spelunking inside Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave

2015-06-05 15.34.06

Photo Credit: John Penyah

24. Go parasailing in Boracay


25. Take an ATV ride in Legazpi City to see Mt. Mayon



Photo Credit: Michelle Caligan

I’ve only done 4 of these so far but one day I’ll check them all off my list! What about you guys? Have you tried any of these adventurous activities?

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  1. Of all the things you listed, what I really love and what I had done lots of times, countless times, is snorkeling and diving.

    I remember, once, on a dive, I swam with a whaleshark for over an hour. First one to enter the water, last one to leave… because it was shallow and I am extremely efficient on air consumption.

    Snorkeling is something I like to do to, back when I lived in Boracay… I would sometimes asked to be left behind after finishing a dive and I would snorkel all the way back to shore from different dive sites.

      1. Well, if you want to, let me know. I will introduce some people who could train you to become a diver without shortcuts… a practice by many instructors. 🙂

  2. Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of adventure. Did some of them but I found the biking thing amazing but kind a scary as well. I love exploring our country and hope to do all this list that you have.

  3. Is #15 for real? Oh my goodness! I have yet to visit the Philippines but just took up surfing last year so will definitely have to visit Baler!

  4. Wow so many things ! I’ll add all of those to remember when I’ll visit philipines. I’ve done parasailing once already and I loved it. I’ll have to do this one for the S of Superman tho, Haha. Also I love everything that is with a board, so I’ll surely try your waves and I’m curious about trying sandboarding and see how it feels. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable doing the TrySkyCycling though

  5. I am way too timid to really take adventure trips (or do particularly daring things on them), but some of these — like the snorkeling and the 4×4 trip — look too tempting even for me to skip!

  6. The sky cycling looks scary and I don’t know how to ride a bike. I’ll be more willing to try sky diving and parasailing.

  7. I did a lot of exciting activities that you didn’t include I hope you can add more. Canyoneering in Cebu is one of the most exciting adventure I had! And I’d love to try cliff diving in Boracay during my visit. I’ll save your list for reference.

  8. So many fun things to do – I wouldn’t know where to start (although I’m not sure I like the idea of swimming with sharks).

  9. I want to experience all the things which involve heights! ? The experience of flying is always a fantastic one. Flying a plane in Angeles is really one for the books.

  10. I just skipped a heartbeat on your Sky cycling pic. Wow! You’re really brave 🙂
    Lovely experience shared!

  11. Sky cycling is what I really would love to experience! Though, I noticed Legaspi. It’s spelled Legazpi. 🙂

  12. WOW! i HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD DO SO MANY ADVENTUROUS THINGS HERE! I always pictures it as a beach destination .. now I need to move it up my Bucket – list! Great post

  13. Amazing post! My friend is touring southeast Asia now so I will be forwarding her this post 🙂 Also, we use the same theme!

  14. SKY CYCLING!?!?! Wtf, when I first saw that, my brain couldnt wrap itself around the visual of you floating lol! WOW though….talk about amazing experiences! I’d love to go canyoneering and swim with the whale sharks. Did canyoning in Bali and it was rad!

  15. I would love to try sky cycling. I have never heard about it before and it looks like there is a lot of adrenaline involved. Philippines have some amazing scenery, both mountains and seaside.

  16. The introduction of your article already pumped me up! I’m going to bookmark this so I can at least have a goal where to get that adrenaline and see to those lovely views

    1. As you can see, there really is a lot of things to do in the Philippines, and there is so much beautiful places to go to. 7107 islands… so expect some of the best beaches in the world to be here, both discovered and those not yet discovered.

  17. Wow! With this, I’ve got my bucket list longer again. Haha. I’ve tried sand boarding in Paoay and it was a blast! (raftermanguiat.com)

  18. Have done almost everything on this list. Can’t wait to finish it. Thank you for sharing <3 It really is more fun in the Philippines. Will forward this to my co-blogger so we can try to do everything together 🙂

  19. This is a great list! Although I have visited most places here, I haven’t really done some of the activities you’ve listed. I can just count a few. It would be good if you have some links for each activity (although some of the photo credits have links to the blogs) so we would know how we can also do such. 🙂

  20. Just makes me more realised how beautfiful the Philippines is. I did the cycling in Davao and would do it again in September, but in Bohol. Yay! I would love to try the Edge Coaster when I visit Cebu by end of August. Exciting activities indeed.

  21. I have a long way completing this list!But, I think I don’t have the courage to do the cliff dive plus I can’t swim! Lol! So far, from the list, I’ve only done parasailing in Bora and ATV. Hopefully, I can gain more courage to do the rest.

  22. What an amazing list and what a great country ! Brilliant photos to get an idea about the possibilities your country offers. I love that there are that many outdoor activities to explore.

  23. I hope to visit the Philippines one day! The underground river in Puerto Princesalooks very nice. Sky Cycling looks so scary!! I’m not sure if I’d dare this. I had no clue this existed. I have done paragliding: In Sicily last year. That was amazing. Snorkiling is awesome as well. I’ve done that in Key West.

  24. You may want to include the zipline in lake Sebu. If I’m not mistaken, it connects two mountains, and crosses a water falls.

    It’s one of the rare and crazy things I did.

  25. oh wow, you are so lucky to experience this all… as much as I want to do the same, i am still on the process of overcoming my fears to do such extreme activities but I hope I will be able to do these things soon! It must be very rewarding to accomplish them all!

  26. I have tried a few activities like surfing in Baler, mountain climbing, spelunking in Sagada, sky cycling in Bohol and other treetop activities, and sky walk in Cebu. I hope i get to try more soon! 🙂

  27. Indeed, Philippines is such a beautiful country. Tried a number of activities from your list and looking forward to try others like the sky cycling in Davao and parasailing in Boracay.

  28. That was a list of badges and trophies there! Some people are just really born to do crazy adventure stuff. As an introvert, I’ve always just loved staying at home, be with friends, have a coffee and sometimes read. My favorite part is taking care of my daughter. Now that’s a different kind of adventure there.

    But seriously, If I’ll look for a bucket list, I’d check this blogpost again.

  29. Okay, I had a mental checklist of the adventures that I’ve done while reading this haha.. I have so much to try but so far I’ve done 2, 4, 9, 10, 23, 24, so that’s 6! What do you know. The number 10 has a little glitch though, I did climb Pico but I wasn’t able to reach the summit because it was too damn slippery.

  30. This list will become my bucket list!
    I am totally into the sky cycling idea. Even if I have a fear of heights!

  31. Ok, so this is the first time I’ve heard of sand-boarding in the country! I must see this with my own eyes, Ilocos Norte it is!

  32. OMG! that is a whole lot of activities, all equally exciting and ones that guarantee an adrenalin rush. I would try to do the Sky cycling one 🙂

  33. I didn’t realize the breadth of adventures that can be had at the Philippines! Great list. I would like to try most of them. The one I am hesitant about is the biking one- too scary for me 🙂

  34. i actually always associate Philippines with adventure somehow though I had never been there, I imagined the beaches and mountains and seas, all the must do things there

  35. I’ve done only 3 activities out of this list but since I’ll be in Bohol and Cebu this October and in Puerto Princesa by March of next year, I can feel I’ll be ticking out some more soon. hihi

  36. I live in Philippines and most of the things you listed here are those I haven’t tried yet and I definitely agree on the things one can do while staying the country. I will be fulfilling it too, soon!

  37. Philippines looks like an amazing country to explore and adventure. I hope I get the chance to visit it soon (even though I might melt in there, I have no tolerance to the heat! hehe)

  38. Of all the things in the list, I think I only did 3 so far! huhu! The underground river, Spelunking and snorkeling, all in Puerto Princesa when we were there back in 2013. I wish we can do more in the future. ♥

  39. what a great list of things that you should do in our country… I’m so ashamed that I haven’t tried any of these.. there were attempts but they didn’t pushed thru.. I will definitely put them all in my bucket list! Thanks for this wonderful recommendations

  40. Ohmy! If this list is an examination, i failed! lol. I’m a scaredy cat so this list is actually not something that i’m gonna wish for, but that was before, because now, i wanna try all of these adventures!
    i tried surfing Baler’s waves, and rode a 4×4 in Laoag Sand dunes (Paoay was closed during our visit) and I enjoyed them all. I’m just glad I dont own an action camera or else, i might die laughing on how i looked like while doing those stuffs. ?

  41. Hi! So whilst reading your post, I can’t help but cry. Hahaha! Weird, right? Because I envy your adventures. How I wish I could trade life w/ you even just for a day! Hahaha. And you know what, I’ve been to Boracay for 9 times already (literally!) And it’s sad because not even once have I experienced the cliff diving! Sad life haha. But I’m still hoping ? This entry is already bookmarked! I shall do all of them before I die hahaha!

  42. There are definitely plenty of things to do in the philippines! I would love to try all of these before I die. Plano kong libutin muna ang buong pilipinas pagtapos international naman! Haha. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  43. I am not an adventurous person. I think I’ve lost my taste for adventure since I had kids because I always err on the side of caution. Despite my hesitation for adventure I would like to try before I die skydiving and parasailing. Maybe I’ll get the courage when my kids are all grown up!

  44. Love the list you have here. Most ive already experienced and a few yet to try. Funny that after having three kids, my confidence to try extreme sports was there. But when our little one arrived last year, i again have second thoughts. Though i would want to feel that adrenaline rush once more, i am afraid as well that it might cause my life and leave my precious little one behind.

    1. That’s amazing! Yes I definitely think you “less cautious” when you do have kids hehe. Maybe you can try some of these activities with them! 😀

  45. the tubbataha reef is to die for!!!! that’s an ultimate dream of mine… and to think, I’m still not a scuba diver hahahaha.. These are amazing adventures in thePhilippines, although, I’ve done a lot from this list, yet, tubbataha reef really captures my attention.

  46. great list! the Philippines looks like an awesome place to go visit if you like a little adventure. I’d love to try some of those things, esp the sandboarding (never done that before!) love the pix by the way : )

  47. I am so jealous that you’re able to do these things! I don’t think I have the guts to cliff dive, it’s just too scary! Try cycling I think is something I can do. But I am so scared of heights so I might pass out, lol.Parasailing in Bora looks exciting as well!

  48. I’m saving up for parasailing soon by december, and hopefully I can make it! I’ll be doing it in Balai isabel though, plane tickets to bora are still a bit pricey for me at the moment hehhehe.. 😀

  49. The Philippines is beautiful isnt it? Aside from 7000 plus gorgeous islands, there are a lot to do! I may not be as adventurous as you, but I was able to try some in this list. Haha! 🙂 I also want to try the one in Masungi soon 🙂

  50. Truly, there’s so much to see and experience in the Philippines. I love how you were able to filled this post with great adventures and things to do in the Philippines with your stunning photos to proved it. I haven’t done some of these in the Philippines, but If i get the chance, I would love to try the sky diving, it must be really fun and scary.

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