2020 So Far, Reflections


Wow, it’s only the 3rd month of the year but so much has happened. As you probably know by now our President in the Philippines has placed the entire Luzon on an “enhanced community quarantine” due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I work in Manila and I left yesterday in the afternoon before they completely stopped bus operations. I already had a weird feeling in my stomach that morning, I guess was the anxiety and just the overflowing thought in my mind about what could happen. I’m an overthinker and most of the time it drives me insane. Anyway, thankfully my bosses let me go home early and I left straight away, booked a grab (I thought I wasn’t going to book one!), and I was on my way to the bus terminal. Turns out I had booked the wrong terminal, my drop off location was on the South bound when I should’ve been in the North bound. Nevertheless, I hurried my way across the foot bridge and when I got to the Victory Liner Terminal, where I normally take a bus home to Pampanga, it was completely closed, no buses and no personnel at all. I started freaking out some more but I rushed to the next bus station, Genesis. When I arrived, I was able to take a deep breath.


There was a bus that had just arrived and there were only about 15 people in the queue. I expected it to be traffic so I made sure to use the bathroom before I go on. I waited patiently for my turn. Each passenger had to fill up two forms with details of name, address, contact number, etc. I filled mine up and made my way on to the bus. Everyone had to sit one seat apart which meant that there were only 25 passengers allowed on + driver + conductor. I sat down in the second to last row, placed my bags on my chair and took another deep breath. I started praying the rosary (download it on your phone! I only use when I travel back to Manila). I was just so thankful to be sitting on the bus and so happy that I was on my way home. However, I was still a little nervous about the check point. Surprisingly, when we made the exit to NLEX in Balintawak, I spotted some armed men but they didn’t stop the bus. We continued to make our way and finally reached San Fernando. I got off and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Got on a jeep and made my way home.

I guess I just wanted to write this down for my own memories sake. So when I look back one day and reminder myself to just keep praying. It’s also to keep my mind occupied with other things rather than worrying.

The “enhanced community quarantine” will last until April 13, 2020. That is 28 days away. I will be working from home so most of my week will consist of me in front of my laptop sending emails. No everyone thought, has the luxury to do so. As I read news articles, see social media posts and listen to horror commuting stories from colleagues, I feel sad but some quiet proud. Proud everyone who NEEDS to work during times like this to provide basic needs to people. And not just the front liners like the doctors, nurses, etc. (although they are all amazing), but everyone! From people from the companies, rushing to make medicines, food, people delivering these goods, people selling these goods; I could go on and on.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, let us abide by the rules and stay at home. Everyone is panicking and we need to stand together. As they have said many times before, this is a hard battle for all of us because the enemy cannot be seen. We need to be cautious and we need to stay vigilant. This too shall pass. In the meantime, let’s continue to pray and stay positive.

Also, in light of this, I just wanted to make a list of some things I am able to do during this quarantine period:

  • Of course, number 1 would be more time with family. Because I do work in Manila I don’t get to spend much time with my family. I go home Friday’s usually arriving at 8 or 9 pm depending on the traffic and leave on Sunday at around 3pm.
  • More sleep
    No need to wake up early to take a shower, I can just turn on my laptop and start working, hehe.
  • Save money
    A lot of my money goes towards food so being at home I can save quiet a lot
  • Sewing projects
    I have always loved sewing! It was my favorite subject during Year 9 and 10. And after so many years I decided to buy a cute small one from Shopee. Not exactly the best one but it will do for now. Still saving up for a really nice one. And, since I live in a condo I can’t exactly bring my sewing machine there so I only get to sew during weekends. But now I can do it during the weekdays! So far, I’ve made a skirt 🙂 My next projects will be to turn damaged pants to shorts and turn two vests in a bag. Hehe.
  • More time with my dogs!
    They always help to relief stress
  • Blogging!
    Exactly what I’m doing now. Maybe this is the answer to my writers block. It’s been a while since I’m been able to write like this; as if the words are just flowing out. It feels great! And since I will probably not be travelling any time soon I can finish off all my backlogs and also write about my recent travels to the Middle East
  • In line with the previous, I can finish uploading photos and videos from my family’s recent trip. We travel in December/January and I’m still uploading photos. Hahaha!
  • Netflix and Youtube!
    I love watching TV series and maybe I can finally start watching all these KDrama’s that are on my list. And also catch up on the videos from my favorite Vloggers. Here’s a few that I love so far.
    • Knorpp and South – they are a huge family, 9 kids, they used to travel the world in an RV then traveled all over Europe, now they live in a house and I just love watching their videos. If you want to start watching them definitely start watching when they were living in their RV!
    • Mr. Kate – Kate and her Husband (plus their little baby Moon) do home makeovers. I don’t think there has ever been a room I didn’t like!
    • Mel Datugan – another family vlogger that I just enjoy watching
    • Coolirpa and With Wendy – loving their videos because they do a lot of sewing videos (like I mentioned, love sewing lately)
    • Safia Nygaard – her videos are always just so interesting, you could get stuck in a wormhole
    • Beauty Within – all things skincare – I love!
    • Other vloggers that I like to watch, Anna Cay, Tippy Dos Santos, Thea Sy Bautista, David Guison, Mae Layug, Rei Germar, Bretman Rock
  • Reading! I have so many books on my reading list this year and so far I’ve only finished one. Next on my list is a book by Matthew Walker PhD. called, Why We Sleep. Speaking of, if you haven’t yet, have a listen to a podcast he did with Joe Rogan – also about sleep. It’s quite interesting, which I why I want to read his book hehe.
  • Linked to that is podcasts and audio books
    I listen on the Dom, Meg and Randell show from The Edge – I’ve been listening to the breakfast of The Edge since 2007, so almost 13 years. It’s not the same people but I just enjoy listening to their chats. I’ve also bought some audio books lately from Audible, currently I’m listening to a book by Dolly Alderton called Everything I Know About Love – so far, so good.
  • Scrapbooking and crafting
    I love doing all things diy, crafting and making scrapbooks and I just have more time to do it now

I’m sure I can go on and on about more things I can do at home but I realized that I’ve rambling on a lot. So, just to end my “speech” as you will, I repeat: Stay at home, follow the rules, continue to pray, stay positive.

This too shall pass.

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