Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

Vista Tala

On top of the mountains, tucked away under the beautiful green trees is a place called Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park. A place to relax, enjoy with the family and have a great time! My family and I spent one night here to celebrate my parents silver anniversary and I loved it!


Everywhere you look is a chance for a beautiful photo opt. Which is why this post took so long for me to finish, I had to go through 700+ photos!


Located in Barangay Tala, Orani, Bataan, it’s very accessible for those living in Manila and Central Luzon. About 2 and half hours (depending on the traffic) from Manila and it took us less than 2 hours to drive from Pampanga. It is a very private resort; very secure and safe. If you have booked online be sure to print out a copy of your reservation to show the guard at the entrance gate, he’ll write you a gate pass which you have to show every time you enter. Also I do recommend that you book ahead of time (note: there is a 50% down payment for all reservation).



As soon as we arrived we headed to the information center to check-in. The staff we’re all very polite and accommodating. Checked us in immediately, handed us our room key and breakfast buffet stubs.


We were given a tour of the resort by one of the staff members in one of these golf carts (photo below).


There are 4 types of rooms you can stay in, below are the rates as of February 2016:

  1. Nipa Hut (Good for 2) = P3,860
  2. Row Houses (Good for 4, max of 6*) = P7,459
  3. Villa (standard – Good for 4, max of 8*) = P9,838
  4. Villa (with Jacuzzi – Good for 4, max of 8*) = P12,278

*Extra person charge (when you exceed the standard occupancy) = P1,220

Standard check-in time is 2pm and check-out is 12pm. If you don’t plan on staying over night you can book a day tour (9am to 5pm).

P600 for adults, P360 for kids (12 years old and below). FREE for infants (2 y/o and below) Inclusive of entrance & pool use only.




The photo above is the view from our room! So pretty!


There so much to do here but my favorite place in the whole resort would definitely have to be their infinity pool! The view is just amazingggggggggg.

We had dinner here as well; they have a good variety of food and prices are okay. Take a look at the menu below. Must try are their best seller: Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig with Egg. SO GOOD!

As I mentioned before there’s a lot to do here. They have a gym, spa pool, game room, KTV rooms, you can go off-roading by renting one their UTVs and you can go river trekking! (See photos below). We actually did the river trekking on our first day, during the afternoon so it wasn’t so hot. One of the staff members will guide you to the river, it’s not far, but you’ll be climbing up and down a lot of stairs.







With views like this there is always time for photo ops!



A delicious buffet breakfast is also included in the rooms rates.



Some friendly reminders:

  • Bringing in of food is not allowed (there’s a corkage free and there is also a convenient store in the resort).
  • Bringing in of pets is not allowed.
  • No cooking inside the resort.
  • No littering inside the resort.
  • Cancelled bookings shall forfeit your payment.
  • And also signal is very weak, but you can get like 2 or 3 bars in some areas (hehe!)


I really enjoyed this place! Amazing amenities, amazing views! I definitely recommend this to all. For couples, friends and families who want a quick escape to relax and see nature at its finest, this is this place to go!

For more info you can visit their website here or their FB page here

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  1. First off, LOVELY PHOTOS! The view and facilities look gorgeous too! I want to go here and take a week off from everything (the weak signal would definitely help there). Ugh, it’s been a while since I traveled within Pinas and the traveler in me is itching (dying, to be exact) to take a trip before summer (and during summer, para twice the fun). Thanks for leaving links at the end of the post! Looking at their page right now. 🙂 Glad you had fun!

    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely check it out cause as you know, it’s more fun in the Philippines ??? hehehe!

  2. Magnifique! I like the way you write your travel story. It is calm and eloquent. Also, the pictures are amazing! I prefer taking a vacation in the countryside than in a beach and this is a perfect getaway together with my friends. Although, the rates are quite expensive and it is not conducive for some solo travelers on a tight budget. I think this resort is perfect for family bonding (like what you did) or some barkada adventures. Overall, this is truly a simple yet well-written post. Keep it up!

    1. Thank youuuuu! It really is beautiful and although it is a bit expensive, still worth a visit. Maybe save it for a special occasion hehe ☺

  3. Wow. that’s a very beautiful place. It looks like it’s not here in PH. And I’m inlove with the infinity pool. Yay! It makes me wanna go there soon.

  4. The place looks amazing! Somewhere I’d go with my husband when we just want a hideaway. I’m actually looking for a place to go for our anniversary this April. Bataan is a long drive though from Antipolo but I’ll be checking out the website 🙂

    1. Aww yes it is a bit far from where you are but it’ll be worth it after a long drive to soak in the nature and go for a swim! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband 🙂

  5. I didn’t know there is a place like this in Bataan, I like the infinity pool and the mountain view. Will try this place soon.

  6. I didn’t know there is a place like this in Bataan, I like the infinity pool and the mountain view. Will try this place soon. 🙂

  7. Place is beautiful. At first I thought you were at Tagaytay because of the highlands look. I think the [expensive] rate is just fine for this private resort. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

  8. Oh wow, this is more like a paradise to me.. that infinity pool was really beautiful. i imagine myself relaxing while enjoying that majestic view. I hope I’ll get the chance to visit this place someday! Thanks for sharing your experience here

  9. This is a great place to have a staycation in with friends or even with family! The view from the pool is just beautiful. I can stay there forever and just enjoy and appreciate the nature around it. We need more resort such as this as it will help its customers relax from all the stress from the city life.

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