Planning Your Weekend Away to Devon

This popular holiday destination is famous amongst Brits who like the stunning beaches, serene views, magical villages and post-card worthy towns. If you are choosing to go away to Devon for the weekend, we solute you! There is plenty to be explored and lots to do in this wonderful place.

If you are wondering what you will be doing when you visit, you stumbled across a great article. Here you will find a wealth of information to help you on your journey.

Things to Do When Spending the Weekend in Devon

Even though Devon has been known for being the perfect summer holiday destination, it’s actually great all year round. It’s the ideal place to visit for fantastic beach walks, stunning heritage landmarks and delicious cuisines to feast on. Whether you want to look for North Devon holiday cottages or find a delightful camping spot by the coastline and sleep under the stars this summer, there’s always plenty of options. Great for families or the romantic couple getaway, let’s take a look at some things you can do on your weekend away in Devon.

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Go to the beach

If we are getting another heatwave this summer, Devon is the place you will want to be. Not many other places match this spot when the sun is shining. You can be surfing at Croyde or checking out Woolacombe. Walking along the coastline, you’ll discover a lot of the natural beauty Devon has to offer.

Immerse yourself in nature

Taking walks along the beautiful serene footpaths along the coast of Devon is an absolute must. You will see stunning coves and bays as you walk across the beaches and discover the best of Devon.

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Take a trip to Exeter

This city is alive and buzzing, making a nice contrast to the peaceful walks along the coastline. If you want a variety of eateries, pubs and places to go out at night, you will want to venture to Exeter. The ambience is also delightful, filled with Georgian streets and a stunning Cathedral.

Try the Traditional tea

Cream tea is a big hit and tradition in Devon so it must be tried on your visit. There are lovely cafes offering this along the country when you visit. Make sure you make the most of the charming and enchanting streets by exploring!

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Check out Powderham Castle

This is one of the city’s oldest treasures and was created some 600 years ago. You can take tours around the grounds and explore the medieval setting as you learn more about one of Devon’s most stunning heritage landmarks.

As you can see, with so much to see and do, it’s essential that you plan out your trip. Taking a look at this list and writing your own is a great idea so you can make the most of your weekend trip in Devon.

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