Discovering Dumaguete

Finally sharing with you guys my family’s quick trip to Dumaguete! Again, a year later hihi. This trip was actually free care of Cebu Pacific because we got bumped off a few hours on our return flight from Cebu. We only stayed for a couple days but we had a great time! There’s so much to do here! Click the link below to read more about my adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

Saw this sign right outside the airport and thought it would be useful for some of you. We took a tricycle to our accommodation; paid P200 (4 people) and it took us about 20 to 30 mins to get there. The vans going to the tourist sites are quite pricey so I do recommend booking elsewhere. At the place we were staying (can’t remember the name, oops), we were able to book a private van for 6 hours and it was only P2,500.


Casaroro Falls
We didn’t have a guide with us but it seemed pretty straight forward. Although we didn’t actually reach Casaroro Falls because the pathway going to it was all broken and there were so many rocks so we just stayed in the nearby mini falls which was still very pretty and relaxing to swim in.

La Verna Resort
We didn’t stay here for long, basically just came to see all the Koi fish and some of the other fish they had but you can choose to swim as they had a few pools there as well. Here’s their number if you want to contact them:ย 09158782993

Entrance Fee
Adult Fee – 50 pesos
5 to 10 years old – 30 pesos

Corkage Fee
Letchon – 100 pesos
Drinks – 10 pesos per bottle

Pulangbato Falls
More waterfalls!!! There were two here – you can’t seem them both in the frame but one is one the right side and the other one on the left you have to cross a small bridge. I didn’t swim here ’cause the water was freezing! But they also had a few tables and also a store selling some refreshments. Their avocado shake was good!

Steam coming out from the rocks! I don’t know where it’s coming from exactly or why, but we saw it on the way to Red Rock Hot Springs and stopped for a pic.

Red Rock Hot Spring
Our last stop on our first touring day in Dumaguete! Super relaxing! Although they didn’t have much food to sell but they let us bring it BBQ that we bought from outside. From what I can remember entrance fee was P50 (adults).

Dolphin Watching in Bais
This was probably one of the highlights of our trip! From Dumaguete City we took a bus going to Bacolod got off in Bais. Met up with our boatmen and we were off to find some dolphins! Didn’t realized we’d be so close to them but it was so awesome when they would jump up! Hehehe. Highly recommend this! (I don’t have any pictures – but watch my video at the end!)

Manjuyod Sandbar
aka the Maldives of the Philippines. It was beautiful! We didn’t see the “sandbar” per se because when we got there it was already high tide and we didn’t want to wait 4-5 hours for the tide to go down but we still had a great time!

Fresh buko!!!

Sans Rival – cakes and pastries
Of course, had to stop by this place and try their famous Sans Rival! Ate here for lunch and also breakfast the next day because it was close to our place and the food is really affordable. Brought home a few of their original and chocolate sans rivals as pasalubong hehe. I also really liked their hot chocolate!

Street food exploring
Tried some of their street food along Rizal Boulevard! Casava chips (sheet? heh), squids rolls and what they call – tempura, tastes kind of like kikiam! Place had a nice vibe too – lots of friends and families gathered, eating, enjoying, and there was also live music hehe.

And that’s it for my Dumaguete blog! We didn’t do a lot but it was a nice family trip. Really enjoyed Dumaguete! And I’m actually coming back in June to see Apo Island and Siquijor – so excited!!! Sharing with you guys also the short video I made of our trip. Check it out below:


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  1. I have not visited Dumaguete yet. Looking at your detailed post, it seems that I have missed a lot. Thanks for sharing these information. I would love to visit the Pulangbato falls someday.

  2. This post is quite timely as I have a trip to Dumaguete on June. I’ll be staying there for 6 days (we might visit nearby destinations like Siquijor) so this post is definitely helpful. You just got me all excited for June. ;))

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that there’s more to see and experience in Dumaguete city. I haven’t heard about the Dolphin watching in Bais, will surely get to go there and experience it myself. The casaroro falls and Pulang bato falls are really stunning. But what makes me excited to visit Dumaguete again? Is their delicious Silvanas ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have not heard of Dumaguete before this. Seems like a beautiful place. Especially the koi fish and the waterfalls. Manjuyod Sandbar is indeed the Maldives of Philippines as it’s blue waters look lovely.Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I had not heard of Dumaguete before but the place looks lovely. The stairs at the falls are really steep. But at the end, I can see how one can expect to be rewarded with an awesome time in the clear waters with the fishes, if one conquers the stairs, isn’t it? The food also looks so yum.

  6. Gosh, is Dumaguete really calling me? For the past few weeks, I have been really thinking about this place. I’ve been having an inner debate on whether I should book a flight because I really wanna go there, but at the same time I know I need to save money so I’m trying not to book any trip. But it looks like I have to get to Dumaguete one way or another. I honestly didn’t know there are lots of places to visit there until this post of yours. My oh my I wanna do the dolphin watching and I wanna visit the Red Rock hot spring too.

  7. Great blog!I love all the photos and how lucky were you to have stumbled upon it! Iโ€™ve pinned your post, if you could have a look at my blog for me that would be amazing! Really well written, canโ€™t wait to see me! (

  8. This is so timely since we’re going to Dumaguete next week. I would love to see the Pulangbato Falls and I will make sure to try their avocado shake. Thank you for the recommendation.

  9. I’ve never heard about Dumaguete before, but it seems like a great place to visit judging from the pictures. Especially the part where we could actually swim in the clean river. I should totally consider Visayas the next time I visit the Philippines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Just recently i saw a seat sale for Dumaguete. I was planning to invite friends to travel, but then i thought there’s nothing much to see there. So we decided not to push through. We thought Iloilo is a better option. But after seeing this i wanna visit Dumaguete too! Love the falls!

  11. I have yet to visit Dumaguete. I’ve read and heard many good stories about this province. I hope to see those places you shared in your post, too. I think the sandbar is what I find most interesting.

  12. this is what I can describe as a perfect adventure as Dumagute is an ideal destination for both mountain lovers and beach bums and I’m happy to see you managed to experience both. That crystal clear water is really tempting me haha
    I have never been to Dumaguete but it has always been on my travel list. I just hope I can visit this place real soon!

  13. I am in love with Dumaguete city after reading this post. So cool to be able to swim with Koi fish. Loving the water falls a lot. And the food option won me over completely.

  14. Dumaguete is really a good place to explore! It has all these hidden treasure just as you mentioned. I really wished that I went with my friends than traveling solo. All the beaches that could be explored, plus the mountains that could be climbed. WAAAH! My feet are already itching!! Silvanas will always win my heart!

  15. I would love to visit Dumaguete sometime. Yes, I heard their sansrival is really delicious. It’s so good that they’re already selling it here in Manila. And what a great experience to see wild dolphins swimming and having fun freely. It’s nice of you as well to try their street food.

  16. Such an amazing sight to behold – water from the side of a highway. And those large cassava sheets seem yummy. It seems like the same one they offer when we toured Camiguin many years ago.

  17. Waaaah you got to go to a LOOOOT of places! I went to Negros Oriental last year and the only places we went to were Lake Balinsasayao, Casaroro Falls, and Cana Retreat Resort! Haha. I have always wanted to go to Manjuyod Sandbar pero we lacked time. Hopefully one day I can finally go there ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Wow! I’d love to go back to Dumaguete. I didn’t know that there’s so many things to do and sights to see there. I stayed there for five days for a business trip last year and I only stayed in Silliman. The only thing that I’m only able to relate to in your post is your Sans Rival experience. I definitely miss eating there and I sure missed out on a lot of experiences in Dumaguete.

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